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Title page for a capstone project wgu order

Title page for a capstone project wgu order write for me capstone property management gastonia nc synoptic reporting radiology regional ´╗┐Tigger's is me it's Casey and welcome to another Gil deal and these symptoms to have doubts we've got three nerds just like me Gary Benjamin and Doug these three characters have been wanted in the game for such a long time I just remember reading different comments and going to different sites and stuff and people be like okay well what are different characters do you want of the game and these characters were the characters that I wanted in the game forever now I kind of would have liked it if this was part of like a university update for example but I guess they decided to turn it into a Gil deal without further ado let's jump into this let's see what good old Gil is gonna say I like forbode hey can I interest you in three computer nerds who are faster than fibre optic optic more powerful than China's ching-he two supercomputer enables illipe 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dead is a fantastic deal is in fact three separate characters I can't no speaking I'm going to go for it let's do this Dobbs excited one of me one of me woohoo on a bonafide broker I make the deal and those nerds do the work and after signing bonuses and service fees I take over sweet oh boy item $36 never let computer Kitsch drop the contract does the 50% chance I'm going to get tapped by a real live girl I'm going to need to double up on the asthma puffers it Doug hey hi Benjamin know who that is and sometimes we show it's mandroid at least then I wouldn't get someone he knows bleeds I like the calculator by the way well so you going to get to fix your computer when you forget your springface password it's Gary and that is it University nerds let's complete a Zed that's so cool though these three server characters are you just screwing me over I who cares I don't care what the price is I want these characters damn it I don't see if I can find him I should be in the general vicinity of the area oh hey I do and Doug Doug no way Gary how you doing Gary do you have a voice I [Music] think he does man I think he does that's just amazing okay I'll look at the claws out Joyce what's this touches up intruder alert intruder alert so he's got a voice as well I stupid calculus professor gave me an A which would have been an A+ if he followed to calculate pi to more than 32 places your GPA just dropped to a three point nine nine nine not you it can hang out together anymore why you got to be like that man but my first lady won't change the grade so that leaves us with only one recourse gentlemen will going rogue okay let's not go too late I have an orthodontist appointment this afternoon make Benjamin hack University test scores are right two of the characters have a voice but what about the third and Benjamin I need the outlet for our right tumblr did I see the other voice is so Benjamin heck University test score maybe a light for our rock tumbler that is going to be a for our quest okay so what I'm going to do is I'm not going to show you the entire walk do for this but what I will do is I will show you some of the animated quests that we've got with this just to give you kind of an idea of what you got to work with so Tech University test goes ok let's check this out gotta be so awesome man what are you doing you just like staring I mean I know nature is awesome and so am I but you really are confusing the hell out of me the only thing I can think I was there gonna be going to him maybe huh yep that's Gary oh my god they're hacking not by the Springfield subatomic super collider that right up their alley chris angel' I don't think you know much about dead stuff all the scientists kind of magic isn't it apparently That Bird is interested in science as well let's see let's check Oh Gary oh sorry I'm Doug intruder alert intruder alert so he's got steal Intel HEC University testicles which we've seen learning new scripting language pack the Ashley med insights pack a movie studio build an unsanctioned rocket which I which was animated Cranford nuclear physics exam using asthma puffer and role play as an alpha lion - those are locked so we can now save to continue on in the my quest line let's go on with a heck the Ashley man in sight alright so are they going to do the same thing again well they're just going around their computers because they're going in different directions so they'll also go in the Benjamin that that's just very clear Benjamin run is this place man he's a leader he's in charge where the hell is bending another way over here right Benjamin what the hell is he although yards over there right there you could see his head but it's kind of hold on this in the way through second also doing the same thing are doing the hacking thing again okay I got a look at this it's the same thing but different in terms of a quest and finally let's look at Geary to steal Intel HEC University test scores play a card battle game that's a little different hack a stream an insight movie studio unsanctioned rocket setup a LAN party use ear jobs for two can see in the roleplay as a dwarf frontline so the only character Evan really actually looked at is Benjamin I know we've clicked about ready but I don't think I really looked at his quests I forgot to do that and not all days are they okay Ben maybe I lied for our rock tumbler so heck univision test scores steal Intel play with the rock tumbler on sanctions locket play MMO RPGs all day get it random nose played and we'll play it halfling online so they've got the same question terms of what we could do in terms of animated quest right now and we go through the quest line then they each have a separate one hour quest as well which is really awesome but it seems so far the quest that we do have they're animated they're together so I'm fortunate I won't be able to show you each particular quest for them but you get an idea exactly kind of how they are they all have a voice and it is extremely affordable at least in terms of three characters for 195 doughnuts if I can do the math out the top of my head it would be 60 60 something I don't know in the 60s anyway each four character brand new with the voice if I'm going to say anything you scrape and you claw for like nine days or ever how long this is going to be on for to try to get to HUD 95 donors because I don't think you can ever find a deal that's good again for a brand new character three of them at that price what I'm trying to say is I would try to not pass on this if possible because this is a fantastic deal so that is Benjamin Gary and Doug they are the University nerds computer nerds whatever II want to Cal them and testing freaking deal so thank you for putting so much for watching if you guys have enjoyed this video please remember to Like comment and share thanks for watching - give you phenomenal scenic views on the neck Baba [Music] Oh Oh Oh capstone project ideas for nurse anesthesia online Rochester Institute of Technology.

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