The Impact Of Enterprise Risk Management On The Internal Audit Function For Money
The Impact Of Enterprise Risk Management On The Internal Audit Function For Money 2nd Avenue zip 10029
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The impact of enterprise risk management on the internal audit function for money

The impact of enterprise risk management on the internal audit function for money write for me capstone culmination paper money or business a case study of christian virtue ethics in corporate work good morning Urbanists thank you Sam thanks for inviting me to speak today so um today I would like to traverse a set of ideas regarding cities and their relationship to violence and peace to understand the city in relation to questions of violence and peace it is useful to consider how military cultures typically think of the city to quote a writer named Bill Maillard warrior castes and guerrilla movements in nation after nation have defined themselves in terms of rustic purity in contrast to the heterogeneity and hedonism found in urban centers so for instance the Wahhabi nomads Nazi Judea foe and malice cadre all share a tendency to view cities and their residents as decadent polluted effeminate and probably in need of some cleansing fire geographers and historians geographers historians and architects increasingly use the term herbicide to describe acts of violence that are specifically aimed at the physical structures of the city and its social milieu an example of herbicide is the Khmer Rouge is treatment of all Cambodian cities but most famously or sorry infamously ponine pen here you can see pen on pen in the early 1970s as a bustling metropolis in 1975 the Khmer Rouge forcibly removed all residents leading the site leaving the entire city deserted under Pol Pot's regime Cambodians were divided into two classes of people what were called old people and new people old people were the more trusted rural inhabitants and new people the former City inhabitants they're very City pneus qualifying them for extra suspicions scrutiny and ultimately disposability in what could be called the tragic poster child beside is Sarajevo at the hands of militant in the net Serbian nationalists despite the clichés of balkanization Sarajevo functioned as an exceptionally pluralistic City for centuries its physical form that of ethnic enclaves radiating around a central collective shared market space has been described by numerous scholars as an embodiment of intercultural exchange but from 1992 1996 it was systematically destroyed in the longest siege of any capital city in modern history locations that served as mixing chambers for different ethnicities places such as cafes markets and lab and libraries were specifically targeted and often in very perverse and nefarious ways for example secret clandestine elevator shafts put into buildings to systematically remove evidence of different ethnic groups working together peacefully harmoniously so not only would people be murdered buildings would be destroyed but you would remove any remaining physical evidence of kind of ethnic successful interactions the 911 attacks were orchestrated at least mythically from the absolute physical other of the city that of the cave but they were also orchestrated or also involved professional city makers turn City destroyers Mohamed Atta for instance was an architect and also held a master's degree in urban planning this is the cover page from his thesis and in this thesis at argues against the transformative effects of modern urbanization and it's damaged to traditional Islamic neighborhoods the high-rise tower is specifically targeted in his academic work and it is tempting to see within his role in 911 at least some literal architectural and urban 'used agenda at work various scholars have also described the United States military as distinctly rural both in its geographic locations end ideology for instance the US military tends to be populated by people from non urban environments these are the 15 states with the highest inscription levels and they happen to be very low in urbanization quite simply city dwellers tend to enroll in the United States military less and we often think that has a lot to do with socioeconomic or economic class but there's many studies out that demonstrate that the the belief that people from poorer backgrounds tend to go in the military is actually not not accurate urban theorist stephen graham has identified the anti urban rhetoric that increasingly pervades US military training and doctrine and the ways it's surprisingly approximate some of Al Qaeda's views on the city now if a consideration of warrior culture ideology conveys its anti urban isms it also suggests its inverse and this is the critical point that cities themselves may function as engines of peace so what to make of this in relation to the fact that we are currently living in the urban age that in 2007 for the first time in human history more people are living in cities than in rural settings with a dramatic worldwide acceleration of dense urbanity from Shanghai to Vancouver well through the work of a range of institutions and individual researchers it is now coming into focus that we were not only living in an age of unprecedented urbanity but also of impress identities fulness for example the psychologist Steven Pinker in his recent book that meticulously describes the decline over centuries in violence of all types murder rape genocide and war this is a graph from his book showing the decline in battle deaths from both interstate and civil wars from 1946 to 2008 this is another graph from the book that describes the the the decline in genocide deaths covering the same period and I could go on and on and on with examples from this book showing other numerical measurement spanning different periods of time categories on different types of types of violence and then you can grab from various kind of non-governmental institutions from around the world that conveys similar sorts of data so while the reasons for this historically unprecedented peacefulness are of course complex and numerous but I would like to suggest that it might not be a coincidence that as the number of people living in cities has increased violence of all types has gone down so much so that we might be able to begin to talk about not Pax Romana Pax Britannica or even Pax Americana but through the proliferation of cities throughout the world that we can talk about a pax metropolitana or the metropolitan piece now of course this is not to say that all is well in the city the story of the urban age is also a story or also a tale of the proliferation of slums the decline of truly public space and the ongoing uptick in the slippery avatars of disciplinary society but to see clearly the liberating potential of cities as empathic peace enhancing devices that can facilitate intercultural exchange between different subject identities be the ethnic sexual or class-based can influence our decisions on how to design and construct the cities of the future from this vantage point and to return to the here and now of Vancouver a city whose recent urbanism is celebrated worldwide as an example of livability we should ask ourselves to what degree this livable urban form enables the proliferation of profound differences and there by necessity vital but messy exchanges it is from this vantage point that being livable seems like an awfully low ambition for a city and one that favors a comfortable homogeneous social life we might instead shift our view to ask how Vancouver can occupy a positive productive position within packs metropolitana and here I will conclude paradoxically this is probably a Vancouver that more enthusiastically embraces conflict and antagonism as a necessary component of democratic urban life as the architect Rem Koolhaas declares in his reflection on urban form that celebrates a proliferation of difference each city blog is an architectural city-state each so ideologically different that they are not at war but productive liguria Slee and peacefully potentially so thank you capstone turbine tesla order Union Theological Seminary.

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