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The cash account for capstone medical co order

The cash account for capstone medical co order write for me capstone homes athens ohio a grande reportagem pdf to jpg ´╗┐we're in Jessamine County today at Nick peels place Nick makes some really cool knives and you got in your hand obviously the beginnings of a knife you would see kind of shape coming to is kind of warm I can feel yeah still a little hot let's talk about knives in general now I buy lots of knives I like of course you have to have them for different things get in and cooking and all that kind of stuff what makes a good knife to keep an edge I hate I got so many nice that came keeping edge what is the deal with a knife that won't keep an edge well uh number one I've got to have a carpeted that's what makes them hard to keep their little knife attached be tempered right now for the beginner what's that mean we mean well tampering number one you would harden the blade you haven't heated up in the Forge quenching when it cooled down really fast it hardens it makes brittle hard too hard to even use so Nydia temperate you draw that back take a little bit of that hardness out after you just bring a little heat to it and draw it back well when a knife gets dull is going to do to one of two things either that little bitty fine edge it's going to break fracture earth going bends over I'll do a test with a little brass rod and I can put the chordates brass rod in my vise and I can buy pressure on the knife when I'm done and that edge will actually flex and then come back now if it flip if it bends it stays bent I know that edge is too soft if it breaks out I know it's too hard so I've got adjust my heat go back so it's that fun oh it really is and you can get even you know you can get really really fine with it but my knives are continually got a dear fulfilled rested deer and when I skinned out their work that they're up and put it in the freezer and never have to sharp well I will step out of the way I won't see what you do with this thing and all right even once you get it cranked up over here all right I'm trying to draw taper out of this plate this bar here come on then this on down well Nayarit down and send it down will draw a point on it stick it into fours one thing about 4d blades is you don't want to overheat them you get them like you see on TV enzyme the movie they pull it out of the fire and it sparks just go everywhere where they're burning the carpet not everything that you don't want to do that now did you learn by trial and error did you talk a lot of folks or combination of both I started out with trial there Network - good there's mostly ire so I started working with a guy with prank flick John Waite Walter he he made some really nice nice first nice Irish scene that was really good and I was about to say that's about hard I want that so he started telling us stuff about it I sing here stuff but she tell me just a little bit to keep me hooked I'd go home mess something up he said well you do it like it I waited tell me nope never he gave me a bar steal he really started me he gave me a bar steal something like this and it was about six foot long I took it home I got one night by a whole bar cuz I miss the other hook another thing I learned to do is I'm gonna stay away from that point once you get it kind of shape you'll have a tendency and you'll get that tooth in way too quick it's hard to put it back okay you can't put it back laughs done I'm drawing this out I want to put a taper from spine here this is the spine back here toward the ricasso where you hand it will start I will taper this out so I'm drawing a taper in the blade by the way I'm also drawing this away give us all the parts of a knife well when I've done that now is the time where you handle gold yeah I've already got hammered out go back in your handle that's the tank this area right in here call them across old course then you got your blade I call it this taper is the stale taper don't come here to learn from back here to your point I've got this blade hammered out so that's see it on the forging process where you go from there well grinding will be my next step that belts pretty wore but it's getting all this bad stuff so I don't destroy my new belt I'll do that on both sides and then up straighten up profile that's just the first stop going off I put my new belt old and I'll toss it in there and grind right straight down and drag it out steadily a knife try to lock enough and you ground that all horse pulling the taper knees check for everything been straight just as you go you try to keep that very edge Center you know sometimes I'll look at it after I 40 I think I got it straight I get it in a good lot they hang any strikes okay but we know what it's soft that's not what's a male then you can go ahead and you can have it back straight nearly so that's pretty much it on wet this is what I start out with I get roughed in everything and that's where I go to the fourth taper so I start out with the 50 grit belt and then I go to 120 and then I go into 20 and I'm tampering and then before I put the hand on everything I'll finish up there's a lot of hands saying and take all the marks now going up to 320 behind puts at finishing clip a stamp in it now and it's got my initials in the cross put the cross on earth because I believe Jesus Christ and what he did for me and put him before me then I'm gonna try stamp this straight and I always say a little prayer I want to do this I say lord help me get this straight because if you don't it's there run our ears from that nope I'm happy so I am pretty good on that by these up on your time after I put the guard on whatever and he stack these up with particular style so that's what this is right here leather Wow yeah and it looks good too stack always look how get it in a vise or the pipes and push it all together which I epoxy everything push it up great put a pin through these knives right here any one of these knives be a great knife for just about anything yeah yeah bout any 9s and here's you know it's really good for catching stuff or whatever but see I put he's got the flakes you know is it's one thing I thought about the taper that makes it really good it's three sixteenths here and it goes all 810 and this one here I'll carry all the time.i that's when I pack it with all time okay let's rough look long knife hey looks like tomato sauce another job here I want to hear this from a guy who makes names now he's nice I want to see you sharpen a knife alright wait and tell us why you sharpen that particularly we sharpen a knife I'll just hold it here that's Jamie what I do you need only limb down but if you hold that blade down bring it up just a little bit and you can fill that thing drag and you want like you try to shave the top of that stone is what you want to keep your good stiff as one of the mains you don't go out there wobbling it easily keep your arm to the still make you feel look like that and back that away like that and keep a little only stones you have one of these old stones you need to take you some dish detergent whatever alcohol like that and wash it out get these pores cleaned out and the so it still cook so you because you actually cut you know you taking off steel well I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy day you can do a lot of thanks for hanging out we can take you feel well I appreciate y'all coming down here I've had a good time showing up I've talked nyvold a it's good thanks so much appreciate write for me enterprise risk management activities Lincoln Center campus, Manhattan.

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