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Term paper on multiple intelligence order

Term paper on multiple intelligence order write for me capstone mental health omaha birther report facebook threat ´╗┐this is big for the Wildcats they forfeited this weight on Friday night against University of Michigan coming out against the star a permission State Spartans lineup copier Gasca Vaska 16 of four on the season for the Spartans Jamison toasted AT&T on the season for the Wildcats and you have to think that here at gasket he's in in desperate need of bonus points there's no other way to go about it because you look at this match and you say Xavier needs bonus points because coming up next at 149 pounds fourth ranked 2014 NCAA champion Jason searches wrestling a one-in-ten Caitlin Richards so you have to expect bonus points for the Northwestern Wildcats they're at 149 pounds but let's get back to 141 one thing I want to point out in this match is something we we complimented below and on and 133 pounds Xavier Gasca does a great job of moving his hands and simultaneously getting his opponents to react to that and very good in the top position lastly look in the past that arm with his left arm Javier Acosta recipient of the team's most excited referee of the Year award last year compiled a 15 and 8 overall record he leads the team with 16 wins on the season started the season at 133 pounds and boost up to 141 at the center 10 6 and 1 and big tank duels on the season and one has won five straight big 10 matches Gospels you mentioned that in and out movement very fluid from Javier Gaskin now easing in on that knee pull single to that left side comes up through the middle doing a good job of hiding that left ankle on that bottom position and now has to find a way to hook the equal of Jameson toaster toaster of 2015 NCAA qualifier 141 pounds after placing seventh the big tank tournament so Javier Gaston looking for the head now Jameson oh sure is close to the two here does have this could be dangerous for oser as Bosco good job of fighting off for Jamison toaster looking to come back and Xavier Gasca again to move the middle looking to hook that ankle and now we've seen it in two matches so if you're these Michigan State Spartan coaches you immediately have to address this don't look for six get the two points for the takedown stop going for the six if you don't even have the two points you the take them we seen it in mich Road Liners match it could have potentially cost him late in that match and now Xavier Gasca looking to sit to get the six instead of getting the takedown so you have to slow the match down worry about locking up with two points for the takedown before you hit the six for the team and then that scramble there what you're looking for is the wrestler to get height get their head high and that's usually the wrestler who's gonna win this grant but neither wrestler was able to do do that and referee Matt saw a chance key calls a stalemate starts him back fresh with 17 seconds in the first period it's a good first period a lot of action shots mainly coming from Xavier guest but Jameson Oates are doing a great job of scrambling fighting off multiple takedown opportunities Oh stirs gonna defer choice to Gasca Gosk I'm gonna pick bottom to start the second period Oh stir plays fourth of the Michigan State open earlier in this season Gasca was the champion at 133 pounds look at this very interesting has the ankle has the leg in but has the arm to the outside very unconventional you don't see I don't I've never seen that before there is a very unique ride Oh sir had the wrist pin to the outside hip and ended up coming through the leg and grabbing the wrist interesting has to have very long arms to be able to do something like that so Javier gasket looking for the one for the escape most are still in control in the top position here so one point is the escape poster compiled 31 seconds of riding time and a sweep dump as the mercury and I think I give it to as well has that Merkel in I don't know what the referee is looking for what does a good job no call that's all we don't get paid for this the guys wearing the stripes or the ones making the big money great job that's our chance we did not award that two point takedown Hasmukh Javier Gasca in position to score now comes up through the middle again so let's see how successful he is here so does have that bottom leg milked I mean it's the look can we'll take down not the fall great job nor having a gas but adjusting great wrestlers we mentioned scored late in great wrestlers adjust to situations in match time and Javier Gasca just did that yeah he was away that we missed the takedown in the first period most are doing a great job moving on bottom looking to score late in this period and he's got a cradle locked up and this is huge leather she's going to get the fall and once again the Spartans Saved by the Bell and the Wildcats are gonna challenge that they want for their fall install northwestern challenging this they want to see if so what is being challenged is the four point for the near fall for Jamison hoster so Matt so arch in ski coming to take a look at the four points for the near fall so wolf referees discussing when they should have started counting the near fall great job for Joseph continued to wrestle the situation had the played a lot this is going to be huge decided to pick their in this match because you can take it and you go from potentially four two three four six two three in the sixty three though vasquez gonna have a lot of ground to make up and coach Tom Minkel his last home dueled here in Jennison Fieldhouse 25 years the head coach a michigan state second longest tenure in program history amazing statistics here 38 all-americans 13 Big Ten champions in two and two double A champions he was a coach of the Olympic team back in 1992 coach comical done great things for the Spartan program we're very we have to be excited here in East Lansing that coach Roger Chandler taking over the program next season which light blue seasons coach Pinkel success so for for the near fall wow that's huge a mismatch so Roger Chandler not happy with the call but that's what you want to see referee and this is what it is right like he made a mistake he knew then he did they came over got together changed the call that's what you want to see that is what a great wrestler excuse me a great referees not a free to point out a mistake and get the match right and that's what we saw here in East Lansing great call so Jamison Oh sir awarded the four points for the near fall Gasca is a great wrestler on top so do not count him out being down three points early in this third period because he rides him for a minute he's already got 15 seconds of riding time most are looking for a reversal here it's not where Gasca wants to be he's scrambling now he comes up mostly with the reversal gonna make the match 8 to 3 she's got that ankle trap so see the referees potentially called stalling if he holds it for too long so we're still doing a good job writing that chloride looking for potential near fall here so a great job for Jameson Oh sir continuing to wrestle after that dramatic four point near fall and this is a huge win for Jameson Oh sir this potential win excuse me eight and two on the season this will put him 99 and three on the season as allstate has to keep moving down here and now you start thinking about six if you're Javier Gasca you have to go big for these seconds remaining about Tosca is not gonna stop attacking him he's got the arsenal to score here referee is gonna call stalemate of grabbing the fingers next one's gonna be a stall call on Osler so oh so doing a good job of posting that left hand down to the mat and Javier gasket going to be looking for either a mixer and the two point take down at the end of the bout not gonna be enough for Tosca and that challenge by the northwestern coaching staff that gives Jim samosa the victory here excel 2018 capstone project 8 for money The New School.

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