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Term paper on information technology order

Term paper on information technology order write for me capstone hindi meaning i have a dream writing template for kindergarten ´╗┐out front now Van Jones former special advisor to President Obama Jeffrey Lourdes former Reagan White House political director first I want to go to Mark Preston his here with me our senior political analyst so you know this was important to the president this executive order right he had said he was going to do this and he did he blow he was blocking the funding to the sanctuary cities how big of a blow is this to him tonight where they going to do well it is a big blow because again it's another major loss I mean it's not something that's final I mean we know that the judge didn't call it unconstitutional but said in fact that these cities could be a reparable armed that this money is withheld so it is a big blow especially seeing what we saw in the first few weeks month of his administration Aaron when he tried to block people of Muslim faith from coming here to the United States not very good at all right and so far he hasn't said anything in common and the judge made from San Francisco nothing no comments as of yet but Jeffrey look this was a key component of the president's campaign to rid the u.s. of what we all know he dubbed bad hombres right that was all part of this the sanctuary city push pirius administration will cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities and we will cancel all funding for sanctuary cities I'm going to cut off federal funding to sanctuary cities first the travel ban now this Jeffrey this is a pretty tough blow from the legal system well there's no question that's a setback Aaron but I have to say you know we're going to be spending a lot of time this week here and elsewhere in the media talking about is first hundred days by definition when we talk about a president's first hundred days that means by my count president Trump has 1341 days left that's a long time to be able to know we're going to setbacks like this and correct them so that's number one number two it's very interesting that to hear my liberal friends think that this is a victory this apparently means that a mayor of any city could declare let's say they're pro-life they could declare their city to be a abortion free zone an abortion free sanctuary I mean on and on and on we could go with a list of policies that mayor's might disagree with and apparently they're thinking this is all right I find that very interesting man well that's not a good example to everything may be others but there's a constitutionally protected right of that a woman has so whereas there's no the Constitution's not involved here let me just say a couple of things though I think that for ordinary people if you don't live in a city where you've got a lot of immigration this might just seem weird like why would a mayor not want to cooperate with the federal government in the first place on some of this stuff and so I think it for those of us who live on the coast where you know thirty forty percent of the city are immigrants the reason that mayor's don't want to have to be turned into arms and an agent of the federal government in every case is because you have whole communities that would just stop cooperating with law enforcement or may not be willing to come forward if you have that you have a very big country here and you've got to let mayor's make their own decisions and law enforcement locally make their own decisions about what they're going to prioritize them what they're not going to prioritize to maintain public safety if you create a situation where essentially the federal government could deputize and turn every single law enforcement agent into an extension of federal government that would be a loss of Liberty and it also would reduce public safety wouldn't clear band so van where were you when the Justice Department went into Ferguson Missouri will let you mean where was I was right there in Ferguson getting tear gas with everybody else's CNN what do ya and you wanted the federal government to come in and stop yes yes because of the conservation all right with your squash when there's a cause you favor you want the federal government to clamp down when there's a cause that you don't favor you want the federal government to butt out that's really all this is about no in fact I love that you raised this Jeffrey because it's actually not true but there are you have a constitutional right as an American citizen to for instance choose abortion that's actually been litigated so you raise that as an issue you have a constitutional right Humphrey value I'm by you you also have a constitutional right in this can t be free from unlawful search and seizure from the police and all the other sorts of things that we're going on in Ferguson and so yes the federal government should defend a civil and constitutional right that's a part of its role but it should not deputize every single law enforcement agent in the country to do its bidding that's not in our Constitution Jeffrey why do you think this is the same well well because I mean my friend van is being selected as my liberal friends often are they want the federal government involved at the local level when it's a policy that suits their beliefs when it's a policy that does not suit their beliefs they want them out of it totally and the fact of the matter is the federal government by election has changed hands this Halloween is presented was presented by candidate Trump as opposed to candidate clinton and candidate Trump is now the president of the United States the American people voted knowingly for this and they want to see it done and I might add politically speaking this is another argument about Supreme Court appointments and the rest and and the federal judiciary is getting conservatives who are going to be original as on the cut on the bench instead of letting people who are regarded judges who are going to decide that they are going to make immigration policy or foreign policy or whatever and have a very expansive attitude about the role of a federal judge okay valuated look Erin the number of things that are happening here the president united states can run for office saying he wants to do whatever he wants to do when he or she gets there there has to be a legal basis for that person to act the reality is there is no legal basis for the president united states to withhold completely arbitrary funds that have nothing to do with immigration away from these cities now if you want to pass a law that gifts in that power and then use it you got a Republican Congress but the problem was as president he thinks that if he ran for office and said that the sky is plaid now he's president this guy is plaid you can't you don't change the law you don't change the constitution just by winning an election all right and quickly before we go mark do we expect and where we are the last eight years then respect okay well by having that flowered look right now we don't know we haven't seen anything yet which is certainly uncharacteristic of him but you know just one point here Aaron the fact of the matter is withholding this money from local law enforcement agencies who are supposed to be protecting these communities in some ways doesn't make a whole lot of sense in fact Kevin day Leon the Senate Democratic president a leader out in California and fighting the Trump administration is making that point tonight all right thank you all I appreciate it msn education capstone project ideas New York Theological Seminary at The Interchurch Center and Union Theological Seminary.

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