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Sutd capstone programme

Sutd capstone programme liberal arts capstone project topics medical literature review online [Music] what's going on YouTube welcome back to the video blog one more time the Hoxton true that our men to know what if it's been been absolutely ages since I've done a review for you guys it's been three months that I've set up on a video I've got a whole bunch of new equipment whole bunch of new stuff and I'm ready to get into it okay so ya know that February yes begins less what for for me let's move straight into okay so what I'll do this time round is gets you Tommy Hilfiger stuffing because I've really been feeling some of this Tommy Hilfiger stuff that's been coming in and they've been getting a lot of the old school print that you can see there now I think Tommy Hilfiger had a bit of a moment when they probably weren't doing too well there was some rumors going around as well that Tommy Hilfiger was racist and he didn't like that people wearing its clothes and I did some research into that and I found out that actually it wasn't true that it was kind of a rumor that was going around a big Tommy Hilfiger really kind of suffered from that event but what I'm really happy to see that they've come back and it did a lot of old-school vintage looking drops and remember thing is really in right now so a lot of people going for a lot of the old-school type of prints Tommy Lee stuff like that and also just to talk about it at all small prints I picked up this am my top right here from eighteen one rows it was 169 pounds and it weighed down to 58 pounds I think this one was which is wicked but yeah I'll be doing a review on this but this is like a classic top of blow cream as you see embassage we do back in the day and a lot of brand black Moschino would do a lot of this type of stuff and you can see these types of prints coming back and I've kind of caught on to it so I'm looking at that type of stuff now but anyway what I've actually got here we've got these two Tommy Hilfiger tops now what is fake one is real which one is it let's have a look in more detail and have a look to see what's one you think is real and which one you think is fake that's one there have a look at the other one I mean it's really close month that's both of them they're right again what do you think it is the real one is actually this one right here this is the real top right here that I've got in from oh that's it it's a shop called the land and that's their German store they're quite big you like Germans version of Amazon they're really huge huge retailer so 100% that they are genuine they've got a lot of items on there lots of trains and things like that so I do recommend you check them out and see what is saying okay so the first thing we're going to look at is the tags right here you can see the tags if we look at those you can see there are some differences this now clearly you can see that the original one says large there and this actually types out in in letters it so it's spelled out fully whereas we look at the fake one we can see it just says M okay so that's one of the immediate differences that we can notice straight away the second thing to notice as well is on the the neckband you can see that there's a red and white strip that goes along the neckband and if you look at the fake one you can see there's no strip there are tools that it's just plain so that's another way as well that you can tell if the tommy hilfiger top is fake or real okay the other thing that we can look at as long as if you look at the materials of the actual Tommy design what I've noticed is if you look on here very carefully this is actually a felt material okay so it's a felt material whereas if we look at the Tommy Hilfiger the fake one you can see it's more of a it's a screen printer actually using eight this one and even felt okay just going to see if I can just zoom in a little bit so you can see what you can see it the path or bottom - all right there okay and again you can see on the Fate one day it's just using a screen printer smack so you're using the felt case that's devil eight you can tell I'm interviewing you looking at and straight off it's going to be really difficult for you to see it look it's not that easy to tell the other thing is well we looked at the tags unfortunately they've got the tags really really close so you can see they is quite difficult to tell the differences between these two - that's that's the same one that they seem to have got the tag right I mean if you look at the back I mean I know it's see going on stuff like that but I think you can see there's a bit of a size difference between these two circles you're never really going to see that in more detail okay so looking inside the items now the Tommy Hilfiger should have a lot more labels on on the inner sides so it's a little bit disappointing to see that they're using very simple labels it would have been nice if Tommy Hilfiger use some nice flashy labels inside I mean it's only so that it can be more difficult for counterfeiters to make if they use slightly more better labels on the inside because if you see you can see here look this they've kind of got it not too far off I guess one of the ways that we can spot here as well as a bit is that the the fake one have used a different stitching system as you can see there the stitching's a little bit different but if you see the Tommy Hilfiger you can see it's a lot more neat as well also the tag on the fake ones wider whilst the ones on the genuine one is a lot more slimmer okay and also you can see there's more tags on the Tommy Hilfiger one there's actually one here one here little flap on that side it's just one column of tags okay so that's it man our car remember how much the genuine one was I will put it on the link that you can see remember if you check the links box below in the description I also have some links leading to some genuine Tommy Hilfiger tops and obviously I'm not going to give any links for the fake one so many people keep asking me for the fakes man and as you know Hoxton don't do fakes okay in terms of quality this is using a really nice brushed cotton and Phil I know if you look at the two items it doesn't seem like there's much difference why this does feel a lot more on my site I mean the fake one is not too far off the buying on this is probably going to fade a lot faster than it would on the original one and also this is Thorpe it is really nice as well on line it's got a really nice fuel in Texas with where this was just a bit of a boring screens / definitely wouldn't be getting the genuine and what if you are going to go for a Tommy mine I mean this entire sustainable grain with the fake lands what are space so I mean you better off just getting a plain tea from like H&M or from whichever one Urban Outfitters just get yourself a plain tees you got want to go for anything designer you can always get a nice plain tea and all I got some plain tees from hating video a lot firepower and sell and that's what I've been running around mostly it mostly in summertime safety if you don't want to spend big money on that what alternative is whoa okay so this is a man that's it I've got much more reviews coming I'm going to be getting some stone Island in I'm going to be looking at Maharishi stuff as well I'm about to get some ions in from them and I'm going to be showing them to you okay so that's it man listen tons more videos come in lots happening a big thanks for all the support I put a video out yesterday and I have so many people saying they're happy to see you back and I'm so happy to be back doing videos for you guys yeah all right man listen I'm a video catch a little a bit Pisa [Music] capstone realty la union philippines for money Webb Institute, Glen Cove.

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