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Strategic management research topics pdf

Strategic management research topics pdf the impact of enterprise risk management on the internal audit function ladies writing desk brisbane ´╗┐Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] try on a bunch of clothes you [Music] hey everyone welcome to deed levine if you're new welcome I'd love for you to hit that subscribe button also make sure you get that bow that way YouTube will notify you every single time I put on a new video today I have a Nordstrom shop with me video I had some clips of me shopping and going through Nordstrom and now I am going to share everything is that I got in this bag and I also have a Valentino reveal for you guys so give us a thumbs up if you're excited let's get started if you didn't know now you know um although this video is coming out a little late so you guys should probably know already but if you didn't this is why I wanted to get this video out to Nordstrom is having their mid-year sale and they have some great deals they have like a lot of designer things up to 40% off like fashion that includes your clothes your accessories your handbags your shoes I mean they have basically almost every category on sale up to 40% off it's such a large selection I oughta nallacheruvu I'm constrained so I didn't have time to really like go through everything it was like the same day as a date night with my husband and I didn't want to go into our date night time so I wanted to get back at a decent hour so I may go back for a few more things I don't know but let's get started the first thing that I got are these Jaime petite what are they called ankle grazer let me move the Nordstrom stickers okay so it's the Jaime high waist ankle grazer from Topshop and I got it in the petite size and I did try these jeans on in the dressing room and they fit amazing I love how these fit and of course they were on sale so the original price is 75 US dollars or 55 pounds and I got it for $36.99 I believe actually the receipt said something even cheaper than not so I think I got it actually cheaper love these jeans love the color the shade I have a lot of like lighter wash jeans so I really needed a pair of jeans in this color denim first sizing reference you guys this is a size 25 it's a USA - I'm usually a double zero or zero but for some reason and Topshop jeans I'm always a - let me know down below are you guys do you guys usually go a size or two up as well on top shop I wonder if I'm the only one but they're things tend to run pretty small as far as the jeans go so usually zero but these are size two and they were snug they were they definitely I couldn't go down our size that's for sure the next item I got from Nordstrom is this really cute top by lush it's just a basic but not so basic in my opinion black tea with a little pocket detail right here and it is v-neck and I love that it has like a slit if you guys I'll show you guys a close-up and there's like a slit on the sides and the back seems to be slightly longer than the front of the shirt so I really love this brand blush I have a few tops by them already and I just think they have such great basic tees they're very very comfortable very high-quality a lot of them I have like so many in different colors but yeah I needed another black one so I went with a black and I highly recommend their tees I know a lot of people think like oh it's just a basic tee but I really like my basics to be kind of like high-quality because I do wear them a lot so when I find a basic tee that fits me great I it's hard for me to like go towards another base of tea so I plenty of these in my wardrobe but I wanted to add another black one to my collection why don't I say collection I'm so used to talking about handbags I'm like collection but to my wardrobe okay the next top I got okay is kind of different um but you know I tried it on and I kind of liked it so I'm gonna share it with you guys I got this Ivy Park t-shirt and yes it looks huge because it is oversized this is an extra small and it fits me like a dress which is how I intend to wear it although it is like a very versatile top I could do a lot with it I could wear it with leggings or jeans and like tie it up and I'm not or I could wear like slouchy with sweatpants or I could wear it just as it is as a t-shirt dress because it is very very long on me and love the material and I love the color it's like a salmony color and it was on sale for only $20 you guys the original well let me see 2398 is what I paid and that's the sale price and then extra small and again love the material and this is my first ivy park top and yeah I'm like really excited about it next up is a earrings and I saw these and thought they were so adorable and perfect for the spring and summer and they're these really cute earrings love the bold detail with like the little stud in the middle and then the feathers like the dangly feathers I just thought was really cute and I just love the color of the feathers like I don't know it just screamed spring summer earring and I love the fact that if you couldn't boil you can't feel it right now because you're watching me but um I just also love how light the earring is as well where it's still like kind of like a baked earring but it's very very light and I believe I mentioned this in a previous video but I love like big earrings but it's hard for me to find ones that fit perfectly for me I don't like heavy earrings it just freaks me out so I love that these are light and I just I didn't love everything about them I think they're really really cute and on sale just FYI I'll find everything for you guys and I'll link it all down below if you guys are interested in shopping any of the items I picked up and now for my Valentino reveal which was also on sale and I'm super excited about these because I was really thinking about getting these and I just I don't know I never got to purchasing and so when I saw them on sale I was like uh gotta get these here is the dust bag it comes with these army green Valentino slides love them love them love them and for the price you guys I couldn't beat it it's actually a very very great price for designer slides compared to all the other designer slides out there you're paying like almost double or actually not almost double you're paying double or more the price of these I'm super excited about this find I will link it down below for you guys and any of you guys are interested they also have it in like this bubblegum like pink color I think it's called shadow pink but I like this one because I feel like I could obviously wear it with a lot more than if I were to get the pink ones but I do believe the pink ones were even more on sale I think they were like 40 dollars or 30 something dollars cheaper than these so I'll link those down below as well if you guys are looking for like a pop of color in a shoe in this particular shoe but I'm super happy about this and it actually came right on time because I am going on a trip soon so I'll be taking these babies with me and there you have it you guys I hope you guys enjoyed my Nordstrom shot with me slash haul and also enjoyed my Valentino reveal comment down below was the favorite thing that I shared with you guys in this video let me know if you guys have shot the North's room sale sack sale or Neiman Marcus there's like all sorts of sales going on Memorial Day weekend and a few days after I already know like Bath & Body Works also has a sale coming up they're saying my annual sale I'm really excited about that so yeah let me know down below what do you guys have been buying if you guys have been shopping the sales and make sure you subscribe if you haven't already give this video a thumbs up I love you guys and I'll see you in my next video [Music] extended enterprise risk management deloitte for money York College, City University of New York.

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