Str 581 Week 2 Capstone Final Examination Part One Order
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Str 581 week 2 capstone final examination part one order

Str 581 week 2 capstone final examination part one order write for me capstone turbine 2018 fall examples of compliance audit reports ´╗┐you know what's happening guys come at you today with a little bit of knowledge that I've gained over the years and being in car audio I have people hit me up all the time and they're asking me or they don't even tell me I'm gonna put it and say I'm just so used for example 8zv found son LZ b v sub rated in 2000 watts RMS i'll say how much power can I put on this sub oh I want to put ten thousand watts on this one so then it's funny to me that they say that and where they get it from a lot of times they read on the internet that these people are putting so much power on these subs and they can't take a ton of power but this is some things to look into when you see things like this on the Internet so one you don't know how long these people are playing it for maybe they're just doing competitions and they only want to play it for 3 to 5 seconds to do a burp to get their maximum score so if they are then that's fine the soap can handle that but these people get the wrong impressions about reading this and they're like oh this sub can take 10,000 watts forever I can daily this mo 10,000 watts which is not true so when you're looking at putting power on a sub yes they can handle more than the 2,000 watts RMS rating but it comes down to the power is going to be running around this little bitty piece of wire this running around the voice coil so no matter how big and bad even if even if the sub is rated at 10,000 watts RMS how long can you how long do you think you can really take 10,000 watts RMS before that small piece of wire turns into a fuse and it just blows yes some subs can take more power than others the more they're built out the bigger motors they have and everything like that but a lot of people want about a say a 2000 watt RMS sub and they want to run 8000 watts RMS and the things that I've learned in my past in car audio and I went through the same thing because you get all this information from the internet but anyway so back when I had four 15s in my time for psi 15s I thought I had to do the same things I wanted to a wire to 0.35 wiring that's a whole nother story wiring amps to super low ohm loads for daily applications is not generally that's more but anyway so I was like I have to wire to a low online I read it on the internet I have to do that so I told David at PS I was like I want to run each one of my five K's I was running like are do do at the time I was like I want to run each one in half ohm sorry 0.35 to get the most power out of it and that's that's my mindset and that's what I want to do is that I can do it for you but I don't think you're gonna be really happy with it then I was like nah don't tell me don't tell me that I'm like I've already read it on the internet I know what I'm talking about I see these other people doing it so anyway he built the subs for 0.35 only for the ants to run at 0.35 and I got them all installed and everything like that and it was Jam for probably three minutes and I can start smelling the subs I'm like why am i smelling the subs one because it's so much power and I did not have a setup properly I didn't have a DD one that didn't like back then my nobody had it I don't think DD ones were out at that time so distortion detectors or anything like that people were just tuning stuff to ear and they thought it was right anyway so I was clipping and clipping will make your subs heat up very fast as well but anyway so I'm jamming all this power down one voice coil and it makes the sub he got really fast within one song it was loud but I can only play one song and they would be so hot I couldn't play them anymore or I would blow them up so this time when all my guys having issues blowing up selves because I was clipping it I was overheating them just because of lack of experience so I had my belong to cells when I went to his show and he was like let's try something different let's try REO like recoding them with where you will have a 1 ohm load so that way you'll raise the home load but he said I promise you you probably won't even be able to tell the difference but you'll get more play like longevity out of them later okay so I did why we do that and sure enough light I couldn't play it and no I couldn't - the ear really tell a difference from going from 0.35 to 1 ohm with that system I couldn't really tell the difference I didn't meet her but and it may have been just a little bit quieter but in the downtown I couldn't tell the difference so but my playability went way up so with my playability going up it became a more pleasurable experience and a lot of times when the reason why I tell you that story is because a lot of times old customers don't ask me they're like well they're like I want to put this power like so much power on this sub and granted a lot of times like say with the Sundown subs the CV files like they can take two times the rms power for a very long time if you keep it clean as in keeping it clean means using a distortion detector or sillas or a i'll silla scope so you can make sure the sound wave going to it is not distorted or clipped so that's very important on the longevity of a system and a sub lasting a very long time another thing that can help is a very easy indicator is if you ever start smelling yourself turn it down that's that's the top to me that's the top indicator it's you're about to blow yourself so if you're playing your sub and say you usually play it at volume 30 and you start smelling it within a song the next time you play the same song just playing it 29 see how much longer you can't play it may it may be just a little bit quieter but see how much more playability you get out of your system it'll be drastically increased just coming down like one or two percent of being wide of it so anyway with you playing the sub at a little bit quieter volume you'll have a lot more playability and a lot better experience out of the whole deal so I just want to drop some of that knowledge with you on some stuff that I've gained over the years of doing this and it is Tim to help a lot of people that I've explained this to the the smelling of the sub is like one of the biggest things so if you ever smell yourself just turn it down on obviously you can blow any sub you can any sub out there can be blown and you can even blow us up from under powering it like a cell can be rated at 5000 watts RMS you can take a 1500 watt amp and turn it wide open full clip you'll end up blowing this up because like I said it's gonna come down to sending that dirty signal there's very small piece of wire around the voice coil and you'll blow it'll take a little bit longer than a 300 watt RMS so obviously but it's you know you're still able to blow it anyway so I just wanted to put that out there because I've explained it a bunch of times own down for sound and my facebook page and Instagram stuff like that but I don't think I've ever said anything really about it on youtube so gonna put this video up on youtube for you guys if you have any other questions like my opinion only for audio questions I guess you have any other questions on poor audio just drop them in the comment section below and I'll try to answer them as best that I can I don't know everything but I do know a decent amount so and if I don't know the answer I was trying to figure it out and then help you guys know sorry appreciate you guys joining me thank you for your support and now for Spanish opcom hope you like my new sound - what do you think about my new son I just got another probably gonna I don't know a few weeks ago but I really like it anyway we'll see you on the next video later internet of things sensor technologies for money SUNY Farmingdale.

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