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Str 581 capstone exam part 1 answers order

Str 581 capstone exam part 1 answers order do my internet of things ideas letter writing introductions ´╗┐well that was a terrible loss and basically and I don't care what anyone said on the radio and I think we did a pretty good job moving the ball here and there and great defense two fumbles one loss and that's the game you were there in laughs another day in the friggin rain and the cold let me tell you something you've got to learn how to win and they just not learn how to do it you know you said it fumbles two fumbles the one on the goal line we're up twenty two three if we score there then the next drive we get the ball back at the two we should be up twenty seven to three instead it's a game you know it's it's still ten to three they get a field goal here and they're next you know it's a game it's only one play makes a difference and of course that play came on a punt it was a kill they all denied and fumble I mean I know what do you is it coaching I was walking out of it is the coaching is a play calling is it a combination of all of them is it that Orton is just a backup quarterback he couldn't hit Hogan at the end and I think there was three plays during the game where we had the ball in the in the in the red zone where he had guys I mean that wide open but capable to hit I mean you just didn't put your arms well isn't it like you say you've said it before you've got to have enough positives outweigh those negatives every quarterback has those I've watched them you know everyone gets to watch Aaron Rodgers and and Peyton Manning they all have some crap throws that they screw up but they have enough great guns it makes up for it I don't know what happened I know the the Denver game was a close game was 13 to 10 against you know the worst team in the league they least were 13 I'll date you know figure out how win the game with 13 points please get a 13-3 be in the fourth quarter and they didn't figure out how to win it well you used to win those types of games you know we would get them the fumble we would we you know we would get that fourth and one for a touchdown well at 10 to 3 we were in the red zone in fact we were inside the 10 yard line correct when you were there mrs. I still think it's kind of an odd angle to hit Chandler in the shallow corner of the end zone there excuse me and I think Watkins was also open but you got to get in I don't care what play there is another play in the end zone it was not here's a picture I'll show you right now I took and you could see the ball it's way that however everybody said here's the defender trying to get to the ball and it's going down Robert Woods in the end zone I mean I don't know if he's open enough but he certainly didn't get a chance to call to make that make that pass I mean like you said all of them make bad place but those guys figure out a way to make a good place somehow at the end of the game trail to win it like he did against Minnesota like we did against Detroit you figure out how to win you got to make those passes and you know at the end of the game it's first and goal no not first in the goal first and ten from the 14 so we could go for a first down I don't know why they've even trying that on this pass right here you'll see they have Chandler underneath for a first out he tries to force it in and then on fourth down it's not even anywhere near anybody to catch it I think on fourth down I've been saying this all along and we shift to many fourth down trying to win the game at the end sure but you forced the ball into triple coverage you meet you give your receiver a chance to catch it even if it's gonna be intercepted it doesn't matter it's fourth down yeah an incompletion in the dirt he has no way of getting that it's not a good in completely I don't know again I I would imagine he was trying for some sort of what do they call it the back shoulder yeah no yes maybe is Sammy Watkins I saw him a couple times coming off corner oh that was on me I made a bit made a bad move you know he was supposed to go someplace else and and you saw that during the game he threw a bunch of them into the dirt unpossible I purpose you know so so maybe the play is broken you know dad is kind of like they tried that trick play against us against the Jets and and and the guy and the guy ran out of the endzone for 1 yard he was going to throw it to Graham he saw it was covered so he just ate the ball sometimes you just have to eat it but I'm for thin goldish laughs you gotta force it in well and the worst part about it is as I'm sure many of the fans out there watched it on television and obviously everyone in the stadium when Chiefs go up 17 to 13 even though they've got the momentum hey it's eight minutes it was eight minutes held and the score didn't change so yeah I want to say certainly we got the ball three times after that and our defense is doing the job I know that they let Charles the best maybe one of the top five players in the league maybe top two three outside of all the outside of the quarterbacks you're not gonna stop them every time sure fourth and one that is a big boner right there but my play wasn't the fourth and one so much and it was a little bit you know they we're doing a little bit of the Chinese fire drill trying to get players on and off the field at their time yeah and they're not ready for it you know you know they're gonna run the ball so that somebody's got to cover you know contain the edges somebody's got to be there those you know I don't know is it the defensive coordinator but the play before that and you were just saying sometimes they make plays even show up on the way there he doesn't have a problem with that third and 16 that we gave him 15 yards on the play right before that and I looked at it again it was a three-man rush the play before that we had a six or seven guy who rushed and we staked him for six yards just just rush the hell out of the guy here's a guy that doesn't really throw a good long ball and I noticed it every time you try to throw it really long that was probably the longest paths of the day yeah he couldn't do it you know it was all these quick hitters over the middle and if you give him time he can do that and the same thing third and seven and we get the ball with two minutes instead of 14 seconds left if we get them we only rushed three or four guys and and he's got all day to just sit there and make a pretty pass and he could either eat it or make a pass if it's wide open but he wasn't rushed he wasn't challenged and we did that a few times against Brady and Brady I'll eat you alive Brady you and triple coverage threw a touchdown you know 40 yards because he sit there and throw those are professional athletes that can throw the ball or you know did it did it make the place when he Hannah he can't blame him for the you know the gaming he said we could have been up twenty two to three if price doesn't sure and who knows and again you don't hate to play those what if games but if it's twenty two three something about everyone gets the fire in their belly and then next thing you know I'm just going to twenty one the same thing I said against against New England we lost that game instead of a 40 yard touchdown pass if if the defensive bag turns around and makes an interception in the end zone now we think we get a turnover we get the ball of 20 you know it's still a 0-0 game the momentum sure is you know you just don't know what's gonna happen you know it is those you know you can pinpoint those plays and for us again I don't care what the scheme we played good enough defense to win and we played good enough offense to win well look at the stats oh yeah we held though to the film here we tailed Smith for 17 to 29 for us some 177 yards we sect him six times Darius had three sacks Mario Williams had one in this kid Hughes he's an unrestricted free agent what does he have total nobody it to more today he's got a himself and let him walk a lot of Defense's is playing really well Cal Orton 29 for 48 knee probably at least 6 or 7 them threw away on purpose you know you know so idiot 259 yards for one touchdown we only had the one touchdown first drive of the game you know if you were in the red zone a bunch of times you take more shots at the end zone then at the end when we could have got our first down you know that Chandler was open for a first down and you know they're throwing it in the end zone I don't know I marli be used to say if you know what works I'm a genius when it doesn't become not you know last week they're saying they run the ball run the ball now they're saying they threw the ball threw the ball you know whatever it is the other guy's gonna call and say that's the you know if it doesn't work the coach's fault but is it the coaches fault that they fumble on a punt return with me Kelvin saying look once once you know you're getting dragged down just hang on to the ball don't try to get the extra half a yard it's not gonna make you hill of beans if you don't hold onto the ball I mean that that really lost the game for us that one you know irrespective if we don't get the fumble earlier I mean with eight minutes left we have the ball at the 26 and we start driving down who knows if we kick a field goal or something we go up you know they don't get that touchdown and we we can take some momentum we can make a decent Drive and punt it to the you know again you know make them I mean the length of the field instead they get the ball at the 20 I mean McElveen fumble was I mean it was brutal but again you don't go into a play like that thinking you're gonna fumble obviously I mean I don't know no I'm just saying once you're hit by the first guy and he's dragging you down just go with it and just hang on to the ball with two hands you know well the second guy comes in and makes it is that coaching is that you know didn't you do that against New England a year ago well three or four years I mean I don't know you know the coaches that can only do so much and I always keeps Evan keep saying I've been arguing with plenty of people online about the offensive coordinator and people call me every name in the book about how much of a jerk off I am but you know the point is the players are out there playing the line did enough to keep the quarterback upright if if Brown doesn't have butterfingers right there on the goal line even though the guy punches out if you see on the rim with no long Chandler's like just sitting there oh and just can he had it tested it's like yeah was just he tried to fall on it you know it must be so hard though with that thing but it's like do you think these big guys and they get they come home and they go into their bedroom and then they just like rip apart their bedrooms like beat the out because I saw me he lay on the floor after he knew he had a touchdown you know it's like I play tennis and you know you they've all just floats it's like you have too much time to think about it and then you miss it real easy one yeah well we're just sitting there well you're just the defense played and not good enough Holden just even with the turnover held in the 17 you want to hold them to under 20 you want to score twenty year old that's that's football this playoff and actually neither team I mean these are the two of the best defenses in the league and they're very equal like they said in the beginning and when you're two teams are equal the things that differentiate our turnovers we lost it penalties weren't even that bad I know we had the offside oh well the offsites you did flinch a little bit when you looked at it again yeah I thought but this is my missus my issue right and I and I'm always a homer and I'm always going to talk about it from vantage point of the bills but here's um Smith who doing his slide in the guy misses them just you know he hit his shoulder hit immediate him so but it was like a ticky tack he he didn't really hit him just kind of glanced off of them and then that play before the fourth down when we talk about the flinch it looks like Cogan gets hit way out of bounds oh yeah way out of bounds and then and then um the the Chandler push off a little tick I mean instead of a first and tenth and we're driving it's a first and 20 and we're way back right and I still have to make that long long completion which we almost did we still overcame that you know and that's the difference they went third and 16 and we had 15 and on fourth and one they went and the score touched we went third and 16 we got we missed it was fourth and one and we punted the ball to the three well which is the game fourth and six yeah well cuz but I don't think he was ever gonna snap that ball do you think yeah yeah he was people turned round oh you don't think so just trying to draw a mom oh I thought we were I think he was going to they just trying to draw my and everybody's just standing perfectly still they were trying to drama they should have just went for it they get to get the one yard and go for it just like like Kansas City did Thursday night against Miami yeah well I could almost make a separate video to preview but hey Thursday I guess Miami luckily Miami lost as well even though you know so my second favorite team in football wins you know my second favorite team is so the Detroit Lions today they beat him with the less I get less second at home so that means that Dolphins are still playing at a good leather high level as Detroit is one of the best teams in the league good defensive team yeah good defensive team and their offenses they have that Calvin Johnson caught a nice touchdown today for ladies you can't stop right okay San Diego kills us here we kill Miami there and then Miami beats up on San Diego 37 to nothing so we all beat each other and now what's the real oh and I think Kansas City destroyed Miami yeah and so now we're going to Miami though remember it's yeah we have to go there Thursday night I I like it because I think Jackson is a little bit healthier and I think he's ready to play and I think everyone's gonna feel a lot nicer that it's not 40 degrees and raining yeah even though it's like that for them to but Miami they're just used to it so for us it's more like you're energized by it perhaps maybe I ought to fly down to Miami watch the game my wife's out there she's got a she's not Minea she's got a hotel right on the ocean I was gonna go with her at the last minute I said I know yeah so no no to where she's coming back Wednesday oh come on Wednesday when she leaves and going through all right squish the fish see you guys next week go bills international conference on artificial intelligence 2016 Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Morris Park, Bronx.

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