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Some ideas for a capstone project order

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could he not could he not closer look let's see good pick off right there let's see if he gets out of the baseline missed him only then he's safe yeah I thought he was out of the baseline I think they said that Goldschmidt came off the bag and that Rosario made the tag he missed him the first time that he was on then came off and then Rosario tagged him I think that's what the second base umpire Vic carapazza is saying you'd think he was out of the baseline they could have called him for that yep and we're gonna get a challenge he I think he did he's safe they didn't call him out them out of the baseline he's safe and there's Mickey Callaway coming out saying he's out of the baseline well that's what Mickey wants to know he wants to know what the ruling was on the field was the ruling that he was tagged out or that he ran out of the baseline yes he saying the baseline is out that is not what Kyra Pazza indicated he never indicated that Goldschmidt was out of the baseline so let me see and now no uphold the call or at least they didn't have enough so that is big for the Mets to - coming struck him out syndergaard with his sixth strikeout of the day takes advantage of the caught stealing as he picks Goldschmidt off first base and then strikes out to scow so still one nothing Arizona in the sixth that's hit in the air to deep left field back goes Peralta looking off it's out of here [Applause] first home run of the year for Ahmed Rosario Rosario ties the game with a leadoff blast on the six that's one to one [Music] his hundred thirty first at-bat of the season and Rosario breaks his drought curveballs hanging inside and he lifted it I like the fact that he just put his batter but right down the ground and got around those bases and that might be all for Buchholz really had the lefty going in the bullpen the Mets have left-hand hitters coming up right in the wheelhouse where as REO ties it and that'll be the last pitch Buchholz throws today Wow so a terrific return to the big leaves for Buchholz ends with a bang that's tie the game there goes Dyson ground ball near the bag only played a first fergie or may and he gets the second out Dyson running on the pitch he's at second with two out chopper off the mound is syndergaard got Amaya stride side retired seven strong innings for Noah syndergaard seventh-inning stretch tied at one seventh pitch in the Advanta min to his dribble and he hits one in the air to deep left centerfield back those pro Walton on the track at the wall it's a hair as triple Cabrera two run pinch-hit home run and the Mets go in front three to one in the seventh that'll get a smile on syndergaard face and a few others well he mentioned his success as a pensioner he had a pinch-hit home run for the manson 16a pinch-hit home run last year and now a 2-1 pinch-hit home run to put the Matson syndergaard in front of the settle oh boy hang her right on it he is living the bad good from the right side was struggling a bit from the left but this is out of the old ballpark oh and our Rosario plots one out to scenter chasing Dyson back there in the wall and that's out of here Rosario second home run of the day Cabrera and Rosario go back-to-back four to one New York he went 200 and bats without a home run dating back to last year and now he hits two on consecutive pitches oh boy fastball down right down the middle hustling out of the box and that is out fantastic only the second time this year the Mets have gone back-to-back and Cabrera and Rosario do it on consecutive pitches three to bottom looking one man down will be looking for fastball on the black Goldschmidt is struck out for the sixth time in this series thought he was gonna get a slider to to coming struck him out slider now someone with back-to-back strikeouts to start the night coming of age skipper showing confidence in him peace him up and the ballgame is over Robert does ailment with his first career save five up and five down strikes on the side of the night to save it for Noah syndergaard I'm and Rosario his first career two home run game Asdrubal Cabrera big blow a two run pinch-hit home run and the Mets with their first whole three-game sweep since 2016 win three straight from the Diamondbacks taking today's game four to one write for me capstone project research questions for money SUNY Comprehensive Colleges.

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