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Senior capstone project ideas information technology

Senior capstone project ideas information technology do my human resource management topics for research paper picture of credit report ´╗┐but the elite private boarding schools have refined the mechanism of producing leadership and it's not by memorizing a lot of principles if you look at the American election that produce George Bush George Bush went to one of these twenty inner circle boarding schools and over and so did his opponent Al Gore I think it was st. I think st. Andrews in Washington DC but more than that of the other candidates for Primerica presidency in the inner circle ring the one that came off best as a man of the people the guy from Arizona I would say McCain in fact went to one of these 20 elite private boarding schools one so elite that unlike and over almost no one's ever heard of it it's called a piss couple high and it's down in Virginia and then if we go to Steve Forbes who certainly was a familiar voice and face in the election even though his chances of being elected were probably zero Forbes went to Kent a boarding school that was underwritten by JP Morgan the odd thing is the exception of Exeter and Andover most Americans have never heard of these places John F Kennedy went to one of them Choate both Roosevelt presidents went to the the greatest one of all Groton and we're dealing here with a with a flim-flam game that's so grotesque and so surface that only a national mind incapable of critical thinking could see the oddity of what I'm saying to you how many Canadian newspapers have pointed out the George Bush will be the Republican candidate for presidency as a Yale graduate and that it's certain that one of his Democratic opponents the one that goes up against it will be yo graduate to why certain well simply because carries a Yale graduate Dean's a Yale graduate Lieberman ZL graduate what are we talking about here and if you go before the Bush presidency the previous president Bill Clinton had a Yale degree and if we go before him the previous president had a Yale degree Weimer God man we have three thousand colleges and universities could you ask a Canadian mathematician to calculate what the probability of this I'm talking about is I mean there is a system in place that that hardly tries to conceal its existence any longer that's that's what makes me very funny it makes me laugh it tickles my sense of humor and none of the press except the the kook conspiracy press ever mentions these things you would think just as statistical oddities this would be common knowledge well that's fascinating what would you say you know we've talked in great detail about who has been going to these elite institutions and you've talked about what separates the education that's receiving one of these institutions compared to a public one sure I wondering if you could perhaps elaborate on some of those key cures topic sentence I would say the these elite boarding institutions and the boarding aspect is fairly important because now you have people isolated in a compound and and really unusual pressures both direct and indirect can be put on those people in in the boarding situation oddly enough my my granddaughter just interviewed at Deerfield which is fun of the 20 I hope this won't put the kibosh on and sure the the study of leadership is written in the public record for thousands of years I mean Plato and in the Republican the laws is about leadership Aristotle's politics is about leadership there's a continuous strain a theme that runs through I'll say Western civilization but undoubtedly it runs through Eastern civilization too about how a leader becomes a leader thinks like a leader behaves like a leader one thing that you have to eliminate from your makeup is sentimentality isn't it because when it becomes necessary to to assassinate somebody with a bomb you can't really care very much about the people who are around that bomb and I'm speaking about the United States now yeah anybody on everybody I'm saying and undoubtedly before too much more time passes for crops um bombs on Canada I mean we tried twice before right in the CC but you own the time I think we did try twice before I'm sorry I am sorry got carried away I ran into a tree in Borneo two weeks ago and knocked out all my front teeth yes so that accounts for the is a lisp ear hearing and and probably for my my dizzy attitude is most the time I'm overwhelmed with rage when I talk about these things okay the the elite private boarding schools in no particular order stress the active literacies I've never seen a school in Canada or the United States a public school that stressed the active literacies the term itself is virtually unknown to people even though a century and a half ago it was a commonly used term in Canada in the United States the active literacies are the key the leadership then it's not reading it's the ability to speak effectively to any kind of group and the ability to write effectively to any kind of reader that was at the heart of upper class education for thousands of years those two things the the term itself has been eliminated in North America you're not supposed to think of that and if you ask a decent Canadian school man why the school doesn't concentrate on that to the disadvantage of every other thing the school does and tell you why we simply don't have enough time look I have a hundred kids a day if I had and my periods are forty two minutes long each so if I had each kid just speak once a week for a minute I would have eliminated the whole week's curriculum other than that yeah to which I would say well then do it please do that yeah okay so so all these elite private boarding schools stress both the the secret to becoming a very very powerful writer is simply to write 300 words a day but most kids hearing that and in fact most adults hearing that would say oh my god you can't do that well 300 words is what you speak in three minutes and you can't organize your thoughts on any subject under the Sun and lay down 300 words to reach the postgraduate level you don't have to write books you have to be able to organize a thousand words at the drop of a hat you shouldn't think of what stress that is it's just three lousy typewritten page at least the way I type and by three and a half the way other people type their Harvard in the 1940s required a thousand word paper every single day in its liberal arts faculty well here's the interesting part of it from the post-war years through the 60s I must have run into a hundred references to the Magnificent writers that Harvard had produced by its theme a day practice and that that clearly was the reason you know the Harvard overseeing these themes however in the early 1960s somebody blew the whistle on the program here's how it work you wrote the thousand words you dropped it into a box in front of the Liberal Arts Building and you never heard about it again there were rumors among the students that these were being used to plot your you know your future career and whether you're gonna be allowed to run for office and all the rest what actually was done with them is they were immediately taken out and burned nobody read any of them not a single word of any of them and then this generation of great writers was around well habits I owe a to an awful lot of our accomplishment good habits and habits of good writing are one thing and habits of obedient habits of jumping to attention at the ringing of a bell and moving somewhere else even though you're in the middle of you know some profound thought about mathematics or who knows what those habits those don't wear off either for a lifetime once you've conditioned the population that way obviously that's not the way they're conditioned in the elite private boarding school you do my sample of capstone paper Long Island University.

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