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Senior capstone project ideas high school

Senior capstone project ideas high school do my sample phd research topics in management jags report aegis amrn quote ´╗┐cast an extremely wide net do not be afraid to be rejected and when I say cast a wide net I don't just mean in terms of you know applying for as many things as you can but being creative about who might be interested in you ok so I'm a historian but my primary appointment is an education school I'm not the only one oh you historians out there I know not everyone's historian but you know I a lot of us mentors have been working on the fallacy that our students are all going to get jobs teaching in the history department in amherst college that ain't happenin and it's not because our students aren't brilliant because they are it's because Amber's college is not big enough to hire all of them okay but you know who you know who does who will communication schools education schools journalism schools business schools medical schools all these places do hire historians and sometimes literary scholars if you must the Journal of American history did a round table that history in the professional schools maybe five years ago and they had one person from each of those professional schools who teaches in them do their rap and I was the edge school guy but again there was somebody from a J school there's someone from business school just just because you work in a discipline don't think that that discipline is the only place a where you can ask for money or be where you can get a job if you do that you're really limiting yourself it's a mistake so look at look at all those other places the other thing is don't be afraid to play what Michael Lewis describing the Oakland A's called small ball that is if something's really little apply anyway you know when I was in grad school a five-hundred-dollar travel grant was gold it was awesome all right and I got a lot of them okay even in this dark day okay I went and actually listed them I'm not trying to brag because I again I have not been a huge success in getting big grants I've got a lot of small ones you know the Kennedy Library in Boston the Billy Graham center at wheaton the session her library in Cambridge Indiana Historical Society Bentley Historical Society all these places they have these little travel grants and not that many people know about them not that many people apply for them but that's the good stuff you know I so cast a wide net in that in that sense to you know don't just think about the big boys although of course think about the big boys and the big girls all right but look at these little ones too because good begets good you know you'll go there you'll meet other people right and and when you get something into print and don't forget this you'll send it to them I'm sort of amazed how people don't do that and that's really not smart right if somebody gives you money and you get something into print even something really small you send them a copy right and you don't email it either right you put her in the mail with a cover letter on your letterhead wherever it is and you say gracias all right so much because they're gonna remember that okay the other thing is you know they want to look good and this is the only other thing I'd add to the comments here you know that that the basic theme of any proposal is I am awesome right okay that's of course the theme of everything right I am awesome okay but with a grant proposal you have to add a twist which is you are awesome that is I am going to make you look awesome through my awesomeness okay um because that's what people want to hear so you know I'm going to bring attention to this new collection or new resource that you have you know I'm going to connect your institution to this like hot new topic of inquiry you know I'm gonna I'm gonna help you develop a you know a strength in an area that you're already developing and that's where you go when you look at who else has gotten the awards right and you say you know you've already funded a couple people in this area well I'm gonna I'm gonna piggyback on that you know I'm gonna make you rock you know because people want us they want to hear that they don't just want to hear about how great you are although of course they do right they want to you're about how great they are and how you're going to help them advance that greatness so you know although i haven't had huge success in getting massive grants i do read a lot of them you know because people ask me you know the nth summer grants and the Spencer foundation small grants and the Lord grants and also Fulbright thanks to Kathy I've been I in Lord yeah yeah yeahs not not forced yeah yeah the cajoled exactly a right that's that's the right word and you know it's really interesting and I i don't i don't think i'm breaking any confidences here we get we get absolutely brilliant proposals that satisfy all of the conditions that the previous gentleman alluded to but what they don't do is say how they're going to advance the cause of Fulbright some of them do but I wish they'd do it more it's wise right you don't have to be a historian to know that J William Fulbright right he had he had this money set aside so that well Americans could learn about the rest of the world and the rest of the world could learn about Americans right so in addition to you know saying how this is going to advance the field and you know contribute to your own growth and add new knowledge right you also want to say how and this is going to fulfill the vision of J William Fulbright that's what he wanted to do you know so you have to explain how this is going to inform Americans about some other part of the world that they really need to know about and vice versa I so the only the only other thing that that I'd say actually I'd say two things is you know part of getting rejected is remembering how much luck is involved in the process you know the other things that my grad students have heard me say over and over again is make good odds for yourself but always remember that their odds okay so you know if you apply for one of these and you get rejected as you will right if you have you will all write your friends or your lovers if they actually love you they'll say look John don't take it personally right you know you don't know what's going on behind the curtain you don't know who the other applicants were you know the judges were you know how much money there was all that's true okay and remember it but also please remember it when you do hit the number all right and pleased we are at the humanities initiative be humble be humane because surely if luck and contingency operated when you got dinged let me tell you something it operated when you hit the number okay it really did but when you do everyone's like Mazel Tov you earned it okay this is a contradiction that an elementary school could see through it makes no sense at all right so don't go in for that I mean every so often at the academy you'll meet people out of graduate students or professors that really think that they were better than the thousand other people who wanted their job okay when you meet those people turn on your heel very quickly and run away okay they're monsters okay they are there's no other way to describe it because again it just doesn't it doesn't withstand scrutiny right it cannot be true okay they're extremely accomplished they've done a great deal to make good odds but they were ons okay and they always are okay and then finally you know I know some of you I shook hands with others please remember as far as I'm concerned this is the most important thing that we do as a community as professors as mentors as friends so this is the beginning of the conversation it's not the end of one and if in the course of your work if you ever think that I could do anything to improve your odds um let me know and I will do thanks a lot you do my project writers websites order Wagner College, Staten Island.

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