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Senior capstone hilliard darby for money

Senior capstone hilliard darby for money write for me 12v capstan winch uk design to cost presentation template [Music] - Kelly are the creations crafting on a budget today's video is my first Dollar Tree haul for November there are quite a few Christmas items in this haul for upcoming DIYs that I am really excited to bring to you and I'm gonna be bringing you some of those Christmas DIYs starting this week I wanted to get a start on them now so that way if you like these DIYs you still have time to go out and get these items because you know how it is with the Dollar Tree they're there one minute and then they're gone the next so let's get to it let me show you some of the great Christmas items that I picked up in this haul let's start this haul off with this stinking adorable snowman plaque isn't that stinking adorable Dollar Tree has really stepped it up this year as far as their Christmas products and decor is concerned I love this and I gotta tell you you will notice through my decor this year that I absolutely love love love snowmen they are one of my favorite Christmas decor pieces to make and to have throughout my house and so this guy is gonna make an adorable addition to my Christmas decor this year and we couldn't get frosty without getting Santa Claus to totally loving this vintage snowman sign lately I've really been into the vintage look and this sign hits that nail on the head I also picked up two of these signed two core pieces one of them I will be repurposing for a Christmas DIY saw these bows not quite sure what I'm gonna do with them but I picked him up because I hadn't seen him before and I love these a pack of these blue snowflakes that have adhesive on the back of them and the clear three more packs of the LED Christmas lights in blue red and this warm white one of these paper lanterns which is also for an upcoming DIY these were a super cool fine I'm not why probably one of my favorite finds this trip are these ornament markers they come in white gold and silver these are pretty cool and I can't wait to try these out on some of the plastic ornament balls that I've picked up from the Dollar Tree an eleven by fourteen frame for it upcoming DIY four of these gift boxes two of these smaller square ones with the white lid and two of these bigger square ones with the burgundy lid these are also for an upcoming DIY six of dollar trees clear glass plates two more sets of salt and pepper shakers I called the Santa Claus and mrs. Claus before I think this was the haul that Kayla did this set is for an upcoming DIY along with this Frosty the Snowman set these were an awesome find this is a new item I believe I have never seen these halls before these tin coffee cups and they have seasoning shakers they also had bowls I didn't need those they also had barbecue tools the spatula and the barbecue tongs these will be a great addition to our motorhome and oh my word is Ally ever going to be so excited when she sees these in her stocking Dollar Tree is carrying these amazing bath bombs would you look at this doughnut this heart eye emoji a unicorn the seahorse and just a regular rainbow bath bomb three packs of the window cleans some snowflakes this hohoho and this snowman picked up a Christmas edition of the Wacka pack and how stinking cute are these these elf socks and Santa socks this was a super fun find these elves that the Dollar Tree is carrying it is a plush elf and I think that these make a great alternative to the elf on the shelf if you want an elf to come visit your little one for the Christmas season I think this cute little fella here would bring some fun adventures to your little one over the Christmas season this is the first time I've seen a brush on nail glue at my Dollar Tree buy sassy and chic we'll see how this works I love that the Dollar Tree is now carrying these packages of buggy wipes I used to get these at Costco all the time somewhat like a wipe but not as wet as a wipe and so Alli really likes to use these so I picked up several packs of these some emoji hand sanitizer for Ally's backpack for school can't forget a can of shaving cream for that fluffy slime that Ali likes me to make all the time picked up this clear tooth brush and soap caddy for my shower that has the suction cups on it a bottle brush for all those sport water bottles that we use that Ali takes to school a box of tissue I will also be recycling this box to use it in an upcoming DIY as well this was another fun fine these two moisturizing lipsticks by elf and the colors of razzle dazzle red and flirty flamingos not sure what they look like let's open them up and see okay so this is the razzle dazzle red let's see it looks like a nice dark color oh it's got some pink in it this might be a good color for Kayla and let's see what the flirty flamingo looks like it's kind of a corally pink let's see oh that's not bad that's kind of a fun color this is the flirty flamingo and this is the red razzle dazzle I also picked up one of their lip stains in the color of nude nectar I really liked this color can't wait to try this out and see how this one looks more along the elf line haven't quite seen this packaging before it's called aqua beauty it is a liquid eyeshadow in the color of brushed copper which is a color that I think I'm gonna absolutely love this is a color that I use frequently as my base eyeshadow or something similar anyway and so I picked up two of these this is another elf product that I use daily this brow liner in the color of medium brown I think I paid three or four dollars for this at Walmart and so to see that Dollar Tree is now carrying these I love this brow liner it works amazing and the fact that Dollar Tree is carrying more and more elf products just makes me so excited because buying my makeup for a dollar is amazing and the last of my elf products for this haul is this elf hydrating gel melt cleanser this says new on it it says that it's a cleanser with purified water this argan oil and Rose extract so we'll have to see how this works and Dollar Tree officially carries hoggin dogs ice cream in my area this was a really cool fine they have these three point six ounce containers of Haagen dogs ice cream so I picked up six of these in the milk chocolate flavor for Ally because I think these are the perfect portion size for her when she wants ice cream and as I was checking out look when I ran across these elf Lin Dora milk chocolate sticks how stinking cute are those well everybody that's all I have for you for today for this first Dollar Tree haul of November I'm sure there will be others please give this video a thumbs up and if you're new to my channel stick around awhile by clicking that red button for more crafting on a budget more everything on a budget videos to come and if you click it again when the bell appears YouTube will notify you when I'm uploading a new video you can also follow me on Facebook Pinterest Instagram and Google+ you can find those links in the description box below just click on those links click follow and you'll also be notified through social media when I'm uploading a new video or just doing something fun you can also find my p.o box in the description box below as well if you're interested in sending me mail and watching me open it up in a video until next time everybody I hope you have a fantastic day stay tuned for some of these Christmas DIYs to come in this week and bye for now [Music] [Applause] capstone realty company Crane School of Music.

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