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Senior capstone hilliard bradley

Senior capstone hilliard bradley capstone turbine corporation stagg street los angeles ca bochk annual report 2018 pdf ´╗┐okay so this is my post game Penn state-ohio State recap am I like dreaming or something cuz in a million years I would have never thought that Penn State would be Ohio State that was a crazy game on a crazy day I'm just really and I'm just really happy for this team because they they showed so much heart so much passion you know and they really deserve you can say what you want okay you can say Ohio State got a hundred more yards than penn state they did this day did that what overall Penn State's defense did enough to win they held them up they did a good they did a well enough job to only hold oh ha they held Ohio State to 21 points I told you if Penn State's defense couldn't hold Ohio State's offense this game wouldn't be closed because n state's offense has a hard time in games against good teams what they can score 30 plus points on Marilyn temple Kent State they can score 30 on pit their 39 but when you get into a game where you're playing the top 10 team Penn State's offense doesn't show up they didn't really even get 24 points they got like they they got the kick return touchdown and then they got the block pump which gave him three basically so they got four they all like 17 earn points ok we'll just say that but it was a good win and this team showed a lot of heart and I like it you know last year they would have lost this game and they would have lost a minnesota game too um I never thought that Penn State would beat ohio state i I had a gut feeling the day up I'm like this might be the day that Penn State wins but did I ever actually think Penn State was gonna win the game no not until Penn State was actually winning the game and Penn State was down all game they they only had the lead and with four minutes left and I'm thinking okay this will be a good story i'm like yeah Penn State's got the momentum but Ohio State still it GT Barrett's a great QB and he can easily lead this team down they got a couple they converted twice on third downs and then Penn State got two sacks to end the game and win it and that was the game right there just such a weird game I post this video last night I wanted to go to bed it was like 1230 by the time I went to bed I was just so I just can't believe it I've been looking every game every year I look at Pencey and I try to see them beat ohio state but it never happens like 2014 they were so close and I'm like okay this will be a good one where everybody can be Oh swell and happy but we still lose so it's a moral victory and Franklin doesn't get a signature win but this was just I still feel like I'm in a dream and I'm going to wake up tomorrow and they're like what you thought penn state would win are you crazy in a something like that but it it's just crazy because you go penn state's 5 and 2 does it really matter yeah it does it does matter because Penn State just knocked off a high of state and it sure doesn't matter is what seemed like a very bumpy road this this team people when they lost to michigan they were saying that penn state could i'll probably end up being two and five easily and guess what now we're five and two um so Penn State look pretty good today um I mean like if they played this wet like like if they played like this against any other team I wouldn't be that happy but since it was Ohio State you gotta be happy about it you now if they fight like this against like if they play like how to get tonight durban al and pencil he doesn't have a real tough schedule for the rest of the year they got Purdue and Rutgers um Michigan State who they lost to Marilyn badly well not badly but like 11 points Purdue isn't real great Purdue will hang with you same Rutgers though um Rutgers should be a win um and then Indiana and mish and Iowa or games that are Penn State's got to work for I think a little more than others where it'll be a little bit more of a toss-up game but I think they can get one of them I think Penn State might go to get it nine when season now because they beat ohio state i was saying it's seven to eight now i'm thinking they're they're going to go eight to nine and there's a possibility that this team can win out but I just don't think they will um but this is what this was a big win cuz then you go oh well you know this team they gonna be six and one and be number like 17 but this team's want some close games and I say you learn from your mistakes that pit game they said Oh make sure Leo remember that pass and he won't make that mistake guess what it's helped him cuz against Minnesota he led Penn State down to tie that game up and he was in controlling over time and tonight well last night against ohio state he didn't make any mistakes he was far from perfect he was 84 23 but that's because the receiving game though the receivers were where they had a hard time getting open it was a rainy wet night make sure he did a good job getting out of it the offensive line um you can say it was good but I don't think it was very good maturely was under a good amount of pressure but that's because Ohio State has one of the best defensive lines in the nation and Penn State's offensive lines not the best we'll just say that still there they're about average to a little bit below still but they've done their job and maturely can scramble out he had more carries than Barkley did I don't know what was up with that because this team should have built it on Barkley but maturely was under a lot of life plays where he would go back in the pocket and then he would just scramble out and that would turn out to be he would have to go run it too he would have to run it to get any yardage and there were times with that he did he looked pretty poised there and there were like five six throws where he just threw it out of bounds cuz nobody was open he had to eat some balls um but the fences that he made then he had some deep passes Godwin even though God went only had 40 yards I know Godwin hasn't had the year that he wanted to so far um but Penn State you have to realize that last year Penn State you know God was like their only real receiver deandre Tompkins was a freshman he was more of like a like a darren sproles kind of guy a little bit now he's more of a receiver um and um it was basically Godwin in Hamilton because you would have Gina Lewis a little bit who wasn't that great more of a possession receiver then use him too much and blacknall you would occasionally throw to him now they got Thompkins you got get sicky Hamilton Godwin and black know so you got a bigger option and guess what guess what they're all coming back next year so that's the good news about Penn State they're a young team and they look pretty good um but I don't know how much to make of this because Penn State's gotta show up against Purdue Purdue plays teams pretty close they only lost in Nebraska by 13 and Nebraska those have to put teams away that that badly but it's an away game and Purdue will want to win one I think and Purdue's not a bad team they have one conference when they beat illinois by three they got murdered by maryland a team that got murdered by penn state so if you go by that relative score Penn State wins by like 85 but now I think Penn State will probably be able to handle Purdue 1014 with like about a 10 14 point favorite I think that'll probably be a good prediction for me but I don't I'm not gonna make a prediction yet I want to see I want to see what Purdue's strengths and weaknesses are and what people are thinking but it's pretty weak Penn State can clinch bowl eligibility and I hope they can so that's a wrap for this video what a win for Penn State you gotta love it peace out capstone logistics address phoenix az for money Lander College for Men, Kew Gardens Hills, Queens.

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