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School papers for sale online

School papers for sale online write for me capstone in human biology 5 filipino authors and their biography I feel like I look really weird thank I don't know maybe it's just the lighting or like maybe it's because I have like mascara juice in my I felt like I don't know so hello today we are going to be talking about some Denver Airport conspiracies doo doo doo no it's supposed to sound scary but it didn't so yeah that's what we're gonna be doing so we should probably just get right into it right now let's start with the main fact like whole reason like you're just like why did you even build this Airport okay so there was an airport in Denver because that's where most people fly into if you're going to Colorado you know um and it was a perfectly fine Airport it was a smaller Airport but no one ever had any problems there everyone could get in and get out around the holidays just fine no problems okay so then they decided let's build the new Denver Airport why and I'm pretty sure people were angry about this because the other Airport was already paid for why do you need another Airport you know so there's one so the next one is we're going to talk about the horse I've kind of just picked a bunch of like things that just aren't right and I'm just gonna talk about those briefly I'm not gonna really go into depth about anything because I don't have time and there's just so many things and I didn't even get all this stuff down so yeah so in the front of the airport there is this very welcoming statue it totally makes you want to go to the airport so it is a gigantic blue metal horse with red fiery eyes like Satan so if that doesn't make you want to just like feel good warm and cozy inside I don't know what will but this horse actually fell on its owner right after it was finished and killed him and they still put it out in front of the airport so people say it's cursed so there's that and the next thing are the murals so I will include photos because some of them have been taken out of the airport because they are mentally disturbing to guests so there I should I even explain them like I'll just put pictures in like there's like not see people wearing gas masks and like killing people and watching people die children die there you're killing of the peace bird you know like that little white dub it's called like a peace dub or something I don't know but they killed it and what else there's like kids laying and tiny coffins and like what what who approve of this I think if you think about how many people this had to go through to be approved and they still approved it that's because there's something wrong here there's no way that it could have get approved by everybody working on the airport and like no one was like oh hey Bob this is kind of mentally disturbing maybe we shouldn't put it in the airport the next thing is on their dedication stone well first as the Freemason symbol right in the smack middle of it which I will also include a picture of because like there's gonna be a lot of pictures and it also says that it is I have notes here the new paid like supported by or paid for or like something by the New World Airport Commission which does not exist there there's no such thing that there's no files of any money like they've never they don't exist so there's that and it is said to be built by Nazis from the New World Order which is why it is called New World Airport Commission so maybe just a bad choice awards or you know I don't I don't know but not good man there's nothing good about that and then the next thing oh the tunnels how can we not talk about the tunnels um under the airport they say that they have all these tunnels for strictly baggage related moving things like moving baggage to places but um no it's definitely not for that there's there was no way it just can't be for that so um if we want to get into my beliefs I could tell you what I think it's going on here but I feel like that's a separate video so you know and speaking of the tunnels there was five buildings that they liked how do you screw up building building it's like I guess they were either like just they weren't supposed to build them or they were in the wrong spot which both ways you should have had a construction map that says where to build and where to put buildings how to build buildings like you know like you don't screw up building a building like you don't build a building in the wrong spot like that doesn't happen so instead of demolishing them like normal people would they buried them under the airport I don't know man it's like they wanted people to know and then the next thing this is like the main reason people were like what are you doing at the airport like what is going on there because I took like four times the time to build the airport and they went to billion dollars over budget so there's that that's intense there's people that think that's haunted there there's people that think that the Illuminati is headquarters are under the airport I don't know why they would need that much space for headquarters though so that doesn't make sense there is people that think that that's where all the rich people are gonna go when they kill us all off and like an apocalypse thing and what else some people think that like entire civilizations are like trapped down there and they're like doing testing on them or something and if they just like snatch people from the airport and like test on them and these like underground soundproof bunkers which is horrifying people that think that this Airport links to the military base that it is a safe house like I said for like int apocalypse haptens which makes the most sense because it is located smack-dab in the middle of the United States so if no matter where you are you are halfway there which makes sense a lot of sense actually so say that it is being grounds under the airport where everyone's gonna go after the nuclear war because it's all safe down there the runway is shaped like a swastika so there's that too I mean how how could you like once again you have plans when you're building and these plans okay so like here's your building script here's a building here's a building here's a building here's a building and here's our runway like does no one look at this and be like what okay um Bob like we can't build this runway it looks like a swastika like how yeah that's pretty much all of them that I can think of right now I'm sure there's like so many more and like drop them in the comments if you know because I feel like this is a pretty well known topic I'm pretty into like conspiracy theories I think they're really interesting I'm also into like when people like pick up art movies and like they're like Willy Wonka took all the kids in the factory but he only picked like he picked like four bratty ones and one nice one because like he knew that the four bratty ones would fail and he needed an excuse to pick Charlie because Charlie's his son like yes stuff like that I'm into that too I feel like I should just film a part 2 right now because now I'm just like so like into it and I really just needed to tell you what I actually think is going on there because obviously I don't agree with all these and I'll see if I can like explain it so I'll see you in my next video which will be that what I just said so bye reflection on emotional intelligence Hunter College, Upper East Side.

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