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Sample of dnp capstone project

Sample of dnp capstone project sample reflection paper on internship for money guehenno report shoes ´╗┐hi guys what is up welcome back to my channel thank you so much for stopping back for another video or if you are new here then hello in today's video as you can tell by the title it is going to be my what I got for Christmas video I have filmed one of these videos on my channel the past 3 years so I really wanted to get one up for you if you did not follow me on any of my social medias you probably don't know what has been going on but I have been really sick the past week and a half leading up to Christmas and it's just been kind of hectic a lots been going on so I didn't upload any of my vlogmas videos I did vlog on Christmas so if you guys would like to see that still let me know in the comments down below I hope that you guys had an amazing Christmas if you guys do celebrate this will probably be the last video that all of my Christmas decorations are in the back but without further ado if you would like to see what I got for Christmas and just go ahead and keep on watching so getting this video started the first two things that I got are pretty large items that I didn't want to bring upstairs to my beauty room to film so I'm going to insert some pictures for you guys the first thing that I got I am so excited about it's like my main a big gift that my parents got for me it is actually for my dogs and I know a lot of people are probably gonna give me crap but I can't explain before you guys jump to conclusions so this is what my parents got me they got me a stroller for my dogs and before anyone jumps to conclusions I will still be taking my dog for walks of course but I do really like to take my dogs places with me and we do have like a little outdoor mall area where I live and you can actually take dogs like into most of the stores so I really want to take my dogs with me in the stroller both of my dogs bark a lot especially at my Pomeranian if my puppy is by herself she usually doesn't bark at all but I really just wanted it especially for when I take them out with me and stuff like that I've always wanted one and it's a very nice big dog stroller so I'm really excited I'm super grateful that my parents got it for me and my dogs absolutely love it already so I'm so excited to use it and then the second thing that I got I'm not gonna insert a picture but my parents got me a printer which I'm also really excited about because I'm always having to go over to their house to print out the shipping labels for Poshmark if you guys don't know what Poshmark is it is the app where you can sell everything from your closet so I am selling a ton of stuff on there if you guys want to follow me and shop my clothes in my closet and I also almost forgot my brother and sister-in-law actually got me a power washer as well which is out in my garage I do have artificial grass outside so I do power wash it every so often and I also can use it for my car obviously so I got a lot of bigger gifts that are more like adult gifts I guess which I actually really like because obviously I need these things not the stroller but like the printer and the power washer so I do appreciate my family getting those bigger gifts for me so the next thing I got my mom got for me from a store called altered state I have held some of their stuff in a few of my pack stalls it is one of my favorite stores ever they were having an buy one get one free I believe I was with her when she bought this but she's still wrapped it for me so this is what it looks like it's his family is everything and I just absolutely love this I know exactly where I'm gonna put it already I'm gonna put it right above my couch area in my living room there's like a spot where it will fit perfectly I really really love that saying because family is everything to me my family is my number one in my whole entire world so when I saw that I knew it that I really wanted it and my mom was nice enough to get it for me for Christmas like I said they were doing buy one get one free so I did also get another one so this is what it looks like it's another little plaque it says what if I fall oh but my darling what if you fly this is one of my favorite quotes I absolutely love it I just love the meaning behind it and it's so so true you just never know what's gonna happen I did also want to mention this because I did get this from pixie I actually opened this up on Christmas because I have all my packages delivered to my parents house still but I'm so excited about this this is the cutest thing ever I absolutely love pixie Beauty so much if you guys have never heard of them definitely check them out they are such a sweet company so this is what it looks like it comes in this really pretty gold rose gold box and then you open it up and this is what is inside it is their glow tonic exfoliating toner and this bottle is huge it's actually personalized it says my name right here in the center so this thing like I said is ginormous I've never seen one this big it does also come with a pump right here in the back as well so I just thought this was so sweet and I've never really had a company send me something like personalized so I just wanted to mention it in this video because I absolutely love it so much so thank you pixie Beauty it you guys are so awesome so the next thing that I got is from the Patrick Starr Mac collection out one of the lipsticks in the shape she betta work and I'm actually wearing it on my lips right now so this is what the packaging looks like and then the color is a really pretty nude the next thing that I got is this really cute little trinket dish it says aisle on you and it has a little bomber right here and then it has the little writing I absolutely love llamas I don't know why but I feel like they're becoming so popular some of our family friends also got me this a really cute little Bowl it says la la la la la on the inside and then it has this really cute plaid design and look how cute this little guy is I hope Sully love this I can't wait to put it out especially next year the next thing that I got is is really pretty plaque it says love you to the moon and back which is me and my mom staying and it actually lights up so as you can see the little lights come on in the back like the little stars I just think this is the cutest thing ever the next thing that I got is from my niece and nephew they picked out a necklace for me which I absolutely love so this is what it looks like you guys probably can't tell what it is but it's actually a panda bear which pandas are my favorite animal if you guys didn't know I thought that was so cute and they picked it out all by themselves my sister-in-law said they saw it and knew it that they wanted to get it for me next thing that I got is another little plaque it says you're the daughter everyone wishes they had just looks like this I love little plaques like this as you can tell I got a ton of them and the last thing that I got is another little plaque that you can put a picture on and it says love you lots and it has a little llama on it I just thought this was very cute and again I can't wait to put like a picture of me and my parents or me and my mom on it sometimes although I got this Chris I hope that you guys enjoyed this video again Christmas is not about to be gifts obviously but I do like filming these videos and I loved watching them so I hope that you guys enjoyed it if you did please give it a thumbs up and make sure to subscribe to my channel down below and again I wanted to apologize for being m.i.a I hope that you get back to making videos very soon and giving back on my schedule once everything kind of calms down a little bit but thank you guys so much for watching and sticking around I will see you guys in my next one bye steam herbalist write for me ideas for a capstone project State University of New York at New Paltz.

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