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Royal rangers capstone project order

Royal rangers capstone project order capstone outbound interview the meeting report ´╗┐it's really nice to win the delegates with the votes you know it's really nice and even though we're leading by a lot and we can't be caught it's impossible to catch us nobody should take delegates and claim victory unless they get those delegates with voters and voting and that's what's going to happen and you watch because the people aren't going to stand for it and as we've talked about so many times on this show I think this issue is a catapulting Donald Trump at this point and joining us now to talk about this you wrote a great piece for news max calm Randy Levine president of the New York Yankees also former New York City deputy mayor under Rudy Giuliani he also served at the Department of Justice under Ronald Reagan and not bad bona fide he's my friend how are you see you thanks for coming up i really appreciate it's good to be like you your piece was written as all this i guess this is existed for a long time and and maybe I've been ignorant and the folks out there have been ignorant but it's coming to the fore the light has been shed upon it and when you could win the most votes in a state and not get the most delegates or Colorado for instance where people don't really even vote and the delegates are selected something's wrong with that and you you talked about that in your piece well I think there's something wrong with it I try to make an analogy between sports and this presidential race and what i said is in my life i look at the school board and i look at the standings and usually you know the team that's up in the school board and up in the standings deserves to win and when we're looking at this race this Republican GOP race Donald Trump by far has the most votes by far as one of the most states I think he's won 26 states and some territories and he by far has the most delegates yet there were some people in the party people who I know good people who think that he shouldn't get the nomination that for some reason to go to a convention and the people at the convention delegates I was an alternate delegate at the last convention can somehow forget all the people who went to the polls and voted in good faith in order to show their preference to who they think the nomination is and I just think you know that's not the way it should be it should be one in sports on the field and it should be one at the ballot box and a majority state after state of majority of Republican voters are showing since this controversy came to light that yeah whoever has the most amount of Delegates should win but that's not what the rules are why why do you believe the rules are now and really have never been that way well I think you know the rules and the spirit of the rules are two different things I think clearly there's no reason to have elections if the elections have no consequences I think that most people when they go to the voting booth they don't think they're voting for a delegate who then is gonna say you know even though the state went overwhelmingly for candidate a here Donald Trump we have better judgment than you so you know the rules are written but for the most part I think they've been written for a situation that really hasn't been like this weather 17 candidates yet started and now we're down to three usually there's a presumptive nominee and the rules offer somebody who's you know quite had clinched I don't think the spirit of the rules really intended for the guy who was winning yeah and Donald Trump is winning have it taken away I have it taken away so what what do you think happens are you going to the convention this time around the guy and believe I ok in middle of the baseball so yeah I understand that and I wish we could sit here and talk on our about baseball so so um goes to the convention he's 50 delegates short even after he wines and dines a few he's ten delegates short he's a hundred delegates short do you do you see that they'll that previous and the rest and we'll say rules the rules and go by the letter of the law not the spirit as you say and somehow there's the first valid he doesn't get it and then someone else takes over I can't say that I I think if that happens it would really be the end of the republican party I think you would have so many disenfranchised disaffected voters out there that it would just be very very hard to put put it all back together I think he's going to get to the 1237 people I got to know a lot of people in Indiana they played in the Pinstripe Bowl in Yankee Stadium this year they play Duke in a great game and I got to know a lot of people from Indiana and I've been talking to him and they think that he's going to win it well cruise cruise say you know Bob's got Bobby Knight introducing him and Cruz is going around yesterday said about a basketball hoop a basketball ring so I don't know if that flies a you know Donald Trump for a long time I don't know if you if you want to say and I know your views are independent of the Yankees you're speaking for yourself so did you do you support Trump and I know why I do I've known Donald Trump fro many many many many years I think he's very very competent he's a really really good person and I think it'll be a great leader why am I supporting him really three reasons I think today the country needs an executive he's an executive when we're talking about serious issues I think it's hard to put somebody in this job today who's never really been an executive who's meta payroll we talked about as an executive speaking by the way who we talked about health insurance who's actually had a worry but employees retirement and health insurance I think it's about leadership and I think you can demonstrate leadership by what have you done he's built the 10 billion dollar business I know a lot of his employees employees love them yeah otherwise they'd be coming forward by the Dozen saying he's awful they're not they love him he's done very very well and today you know we talked about you know compromise as a bad thing you know they were Republicans Democrats you have to be able to compromise to get to where you are that doesn't mean making bad deals it means making good deals and I think he's shown that demonstration that he can do that so I support him for all the reasons good Randy a pleasure but before I let you go I want to put something up on the screen right here this is the Randy Levine sandwich if i'm not mistaken and you have a sandwich named after you talk about it it looks it looks like if I ate it I wouldn't sleep for about a month but tell us what's in it what what's the deal it's a great story Jeff's elastic who owns many great restaurants in New York had a restaurant parm and he is one of the great restaurant tours around and we were talking about original sandwiches you know what he asked me what would what sandwich would you like you know that you don't see so I said you know when I was a little kid my grandparents used to take me up to the catskills and they had this roast pork sandwich I can't find it anywhere he made it the name there you go Randy Levine ladies and gentlemen Randy great to see you thank you very very much up next folks your phone calls we'll talk about all of this 877 newsmax 8776 397 629 don't go away capstone design mechanical engineering ppt order St. John Fisher College.

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