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Researchable topics on human resource management order

Researchable topics on human resource management order what is capstone at uta white paper coffee cups ´╗┐oh let's start off this hour with a look at the GOP primary it's been a fun week we've had primaries in Wisconsin Maryland and here in DC on Tuesday and Mitt Romney won all three despite all the talk of the presumed nominee which by the way has been going on since the beginning of this campaign there's another candidate that still draws quite a following wherever he goes take a look at Ron Paul at the University of California at Berkeley yesterday alright keep in mind this is the university Ronald Reagan called a haven for communist sympathizers protesters and sex deviants yet amount of thousand students came to hear dr. Paul speak to show their support despite the fact that Ron Paul is a Republican so once again we want to bring in Mary willison on the show she's a volunteer organizer and avid Ron Paul supporter hey there merry I know I've asked you this before but here we are now into April much further into the campaign and still Ron Paul is drawing crowds like this what is this all about well the campaign i think is just kind of starting to gear up i think ron paul strategy was kind of to fly in under the radar through the caucus states and scoop up the delegates which he did despite the mainstream media not reporting to you on that you know most of the delegates have not actually been selected yet since they have to go through several rounds of voting through their district county and then state-level conventions and then move on to the national level so yeah i have made that starts off is getting that starts off I believe in Colorado in about a week and a half when those official delegate tallies start coming in you were at this rally at Berkeley what was it like it sounds to me like you're losing your voice is that because you were yelling I was at the one at UCLA actually Christine and it was huge and I was yelling a lot okay so so you feel like so we saw UC Berkeley about a thousand students I was at University of Maryland last week covering nearly 1,800 students and young people who came out to see dr. Paul speak how many how big was this one I used la UCLA was anywhere between six and seven thousand there were people the stadium held 5900 the fire marshal stopped letting people in because of the amount of people standing so there was still a line of about thousand people outside wrapped around the building or the outdoor area the one that I saw in UC Berkeley I think I didn't get an official total but the crowd to me look like a few thousand not a thousand and I know that the one that happened in Chico was something like 60 200 people and Wisconsin last week 5,200 so the crowds are actually growing and I think we're going for the Guinness now we're gonna definitely keep keep it growing wow it is amazing when you think about those kind of numbers coming at it and you know what struck me when I was in Maryland was just not only how many people but but how it was almost like Ron Paul the 76 year old man was a rock star even after this rally a lot of people a few hundred waited around sort of backstage you know outside of the Coliseum to wait for him to leave to send him off what is it that makes it you know a 76 year old man connect with so many young people freedom liberty it's popular the man has been fighting for us he makes us really proud he's inspired so many people with his message of economic Liberty personal liberty as people start to become aware of the message and spread it and it grows it just it stirs up something and gets people motivated so I think a lot of people were surprised especially if you think of Berkeley historically if you take a look back UC Berkeley and the surrounding communities this is sort of where the anti-war movement was born so that part is not surprising it you know there are countless examples of some of the largest marches back in the 60s and 70s taking place around berkeley it seems to still have today an overwhelmingly anti-war anti interventionist community we're showing pictures right now back from that era certainly that is a message that ron paul has never wavered on doesn't agree with intervening in other countries he doesn't agree with the size of the military or war so so to me you know that is something that seems to make sense but you know do you think around California as you just talked about the size of all these rallies do you think that that's kind of one of the main reasons that people are coming out in such large numbers peace I think that peace is definitely a message that resonates here in California and yeah it's been a pretty anti-war state it's also quite a liberal state and so I think that that's why a lot of people are surprised by the crowds that Ron Paul is pulling in and they like to accredit it to the youth or you know that's not the point though actually the crowds are quite mixed and you know there's people the professors are showing up we've been encouraging the students bring your parents anybody who's on the fence and undecided those people are coming out to the rallies as well and we're registering them as Republicans to vote for Ron Paul it seems funny too because a lot of people especially when they saw you know what was going on in Berkeley and UCLA I'm from California so I know that the stereotype doesn't totally fit this but there is a stereotype from a lot of people outside of the state who just think Californians are a bunch of you know hippie pot smokers and so a lot of them also saying well these are just people who want to legalize marijuana because that's what Ron Paul wants to do you wants to legalize all drugs what do you say to these people who you know are basically saying people like you Mary are supporting Ron Paul simply because of his you know lacks stance on marijuana I think it's absurd the reason why we support Ron Paul is because we he gives us personal and economic Liberty his message of Liberty is something that everybody can appreciate especially in a time like this when all of our liberties are under attack when we have a president who's enacting laws like the National Defense Authorization Act and giving it indefinite military detention to American citizens without a trial and now the homeland other accident in place where we can't protest we're also all resources are owned by the government a lot of stuff people are not aware of but the youth are paying close attention to and you know other issues social security and things like that that we're fighting for to secure for our parents and our grandparents I'm not going to be able to provide for my parents I'm not going to be able to provide for my children if the government keeps printing money to bail out big corporations and you know tax the American people into our grades so that we can't even start our own businesses so Mary you seem to be talking a lot about also as you were talking about the beginning about the delegate numbers what do you predict in terms of I mean do you do you think that some of these states that went to some of the other candidates will in fact go to Ron Paul once the official delegate counts come in I think that the people who got motivated to go and participate in the delegate process are probably a majority of Ron Paul supporters and I think that if if there were no ties back binding anyone to any particular candidate that you would see that went by the time we get to the National Convention in Tampa that a lot of people will turn out to be Ron Paul supporters and it's nothing like a covert operation or anything it's just that Ron Paul's winning over hearts and minds every day as we go along well luckily you're saying this on television if you're right we can play this back for all of our viewers and say we told you so Mary willison volunteer organizer and Ron Paul supporter in our Los Angeles studios capstone digital library order Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education.

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