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Researchable topics on health for money

Researchable topics on health for money news articles on anorexia nervosa magic realism essays example I see seeing these big copper disks never-ever-ever is gonna get old that's a lodge all day and I see the five suite it is a nickel how ironic is that it's got a beaded edge that's 1700s right there I've never seen an eagle like that that is cool as hell we're hardcore diggers and we'll do whatever it takes to get to the treasure ah finds a legendary I'm the best i'ma come aboard [Music] metal detecting alleged bill laugh thanks for that fine introduction and today we are gonna do another field test for ya this is the good people from the Ukraine at Mars metal detecting have sent me this awesome 13 inch double D this is their discovery coil and I am returning to one of my favorite colonial sites this I call button Ridge because a whole bunch of buttons came out of here so far I found like 18 colonial buttons to colonial cappas and that was with the garrett machines now today i am using the racer to buy macro which is a much deeper machine in a much faster machine and i'm extremely excited thank you for the people from mars coils for sending me this all the way from the ukraine and sending me this sweet t-shirt i don't know what that says in russian but that's the colours of the ukraine flag and let me show you this thing is super light maybe lighter than your stock coils now this thing weighs a little over a pound folks 1 pound 2 ounces that's eighteen point eight ounces that is nothing folks and look here's your stock coil look how much more depth than ground coverage I'm gonna get here now when you're at a cellar hole I'm gonna be hunting the woods today now hunting on a big wooded open sight I need depth and ground coverage and at a light weight so let's get after it with this sweet coil and again this is a sight I've hit hot already so let's see if this coil can get me some deep buttons and maybe another coin or two this is one of my favorite sites ever I love coming here this is an old stone ruin over in this area maybe an old barn or something so this is the home site we're going to be working today and there's not a lot left of it this is was the foundation and the basement of the home and it goes back to the 1700s it ground balances as it should just like a stock coil unlike some other aftermarket coils you don't have to turn sensitivity down and do all these weird steps you just it's set and ready to go got my first good target right here let's watch ooh here it is it just jumped up to 79 80 and what the frig the first target with the mosque oil is a deep button that I missed with the Gary not bad right arm right near the foundation and an area loaded with nails and I had a little clip in between all the nails here all the nails they read about four or five 33 it could be a small button that's not things read low on the race' too they really spread the number here's something another button that's a little another button a button Ridge it's like nickel-sized see the five sweet it is a nickel a shield nickel there it is see that definite shield nickel civil war-era that's why it read so long oh yeah maybe we'd get a date off of this side very cool another find well because of the weight in the speed of this new coil I really feel like this is a great all-around coil even in the nails and for my foundation sites it's going to be great watch this is a good example of well run us through the nails and you'll hear every individual nail kind of like a small coil will do that's impressive right there this is a nice stress relief piece here and red and they give you this nice coil hardware as well came with it so you get the hardware the coil cover is all lying in with it but there's something in all this iron and this this big coils allowing me to get in between the nails let's see ooh what's this yes that's a half a shoe buckle that is nice a half a colonial shoe buckle we gotta find the rest of it oh yeah markets got a beaded edge that's 1700s right there okay this is the walls this is the ruins here this is the foundation walls and you can hear all the nails watch this this is a 13 inch coil people that's all the nails now watch this that's in between the nails with this 13 inch coil so this thing works in the trash that might be the other half of the buckle let's check it out here it is and it's another little button and that's pretty impressive to pull a button out of the foundation stones out of all those nails this one has a dome to it so maybe there's gonna be something on this one awesome all right it turns out it's a full hole a button so that's probably mid-1800s civil war type underwear button and then a real nice signal here right about what that grass clump is watch this damn this could be a loggia so Oh what do you got I see seeing these big copper disks never ever ever is gonna get old that's a logy all day sweet sweet Lodge cent let me take the camera a little brush it off a little bit damn that's why I read so high no this is gonna be a beauty because it's inside it's in that sandy soil you're right you can see the reeded edge already I don't know how deep it was but it it was a bangin signal and this side is coated I always say one side is coated and face down sometimes that protects it though I still haven't figured out what this you know what's that like a biggie yeah looks like an eagle right there buddy yeah maybe we got something that's not hello it does look like a crazy eagle this might be something better than a large set all right I started a finger nail the coated side you know what this this might be a Russian kopeck wouldn't that be a kick they spent far incompass I just used a Ukraine coil probably to find a Russian kopeck I'm sure the people from the Ukraine who made these Mars coils or probably find these things all the time and that's common over there but here this is an amazing find because it came overseas to the original US colonies in the 1700s and before there was coins they used coins from all over the world that's why either Spanish silver I've found Russian kopecks I've found coins from all over the world they used whatever coppers they could get a hold of and it's really cool that this came from overseas and was spent in the colonies alright I was able to clean this up with my fingernail and this is unreal this is exactly what I said it is it's a Russian to kopeck and this came a long way it's dated down the bottom here I don't know if you can see that 1811 and I've just found an exact match on line see that how ironic is that it came across the pond just like this Coyle did [Applause] who it is it's a little cuff button and that's a good sign cuz a lot of big coils will not read the sensitivity goes away on small cup buttons and things like that that's a real good sign that a big coil is finding cuff buttons and small-sized objects I want to point this out this is kind of a nice touch this little cap here is very handy because I do a lot of traveling and if I put this coil in my backpack I can protect that with this nice cap there look at this fabulous ruin behind me I love this sight and I love this 13 inch Mars double D coil I think I've found myself the best all-around coil for my needs that ruins like this as you saw it runs great in the nails it gets a lot deeper than the stock coil at about the same weight again this is a little over a pound folks look at all the ground coverage I'm getting with this thing so thank you again for coming along on this field test thanks for watching my videos and we came up with some goodies today at a hot hit site that my other coils had missed so keep watching hopefully we'll get to test some other Mars coils in the future and peace out [Music] capstone project civil engineering online SUNY Specialized Doctoral Granting Units.

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