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Researchable project topics in physics education for money

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favorite bullseye load for the 200 grain bullet you might be asking why I don't use my progressive Dillon 550 bees to make these reloads because it'll be a lot faster right and that's true but I'm still going ahead and doing endurance testing on this Hornady automatic powder dispenser and wanna see if it'll let us down at some point so let's go ahead and give it more of a workout that's what we're doing so to adjust a bullet sitting die this is the Lee bullet sitting die from the four die set and we pop it into our coax press and it's already set for the 200 grain long-nosed semi wad-cutters so what that means is since these are a little shorter will probably be required to add a little more seating depth to these bullets so there's our powder going into the case we have it I balled that is straight like so and then we want to go ahead and run that into the dye and you see we're not quite where we want to be because the long-nosed semi-wide cutter requires less seeding depth so let's go ahead and crank this down looks like one full turn now that's pretty close we'll give it a little more now the dye body is not cranked down far enough to cause any crimping to happen so there it is just give it a tiny bit more and there it is so we're good to go with our sitting depth the powder dispenser has already got another charge ready so let's go ahead and drop that charge in let it throw another charge and then we'll go ahead and seat the next bullet and that's what we want so we're ready to go we'll just go ahead and do a lot of no closeup of what we're doing here so again we put the powder charge into the case let the Hornady powder dispenser go ahead and do another charge and you hear a whirling there and then we'll go ahead and seat the bullet so get that fairly straight this doesn't have to be perfectly straight but just get it I balled enough that we don't have it going in cockeyed and it's harder to do with a camera in the way but there you go and we just go ahead and run that in now notice there's no shaving of powder coat or anything and there's no debris left on the station here from powder coat being shaved so that's what we want we just go ahead and do a lot more of these you can see the horn Dee's ready for what the next chop you're all enjoying using now there it goes another charge I hope you're all enjoying using the horn in the ordinary part of dispenser because I sure AM now of course again we be doing this kind of loading with a progressive but for rifle charging like for 223 308 this would be a very useful device the days were common back when when we used to shoot like 50 rounds at a time minimum per target shooting session when they do a target change and so after about four target changes you fire 200 rounds excessive 200 rounds but today with the powder shortages that we were experiencing we're not quite shooting as many rounds so that loading on a single stage like the coax actually becomes a kind of an enjoyable time and you see it gets to be a nice rhythm after a while we're just gonna enjoy our shooting a little more I see so I'm ready to do the next low if our supplies of bullseye and HP 38 and 231 and green dot and red dot and promo unique oh don't forget unique if we start getting good supplies of that again I am not adverse to going back to shooting a higher volume that's always in our blood isn't it not a nice thing about this seating depth is that these loads will be perfect for our four five ATP's and also for our 45 caliber convertible Ruger Blackhawks and notice there is a little bulge there so Jeff Thomas there's the Bulge but for our auto pistol rounds that's actually a good thing because when this cycles in our automatic pistol that round the bullet will not go deeper into the case because it's being supported by that little bulge inside the case so that's not really a bad thing so here's the interesting point and that is I know we want a load nice ammo but if the whole idea of our reloading to create ammo that is safe and good and reliable and very nice to use clean shooting this kind of thing like this ammo is or is the object of our reloading to create ammo that will win the contest for best appearing ammo at the state fair and if we want that then we're gonna have to use higher-quality moles in and the best quality powder code all this kind of thing and then do live inspection to have come out just perfect well twist off eight that's twist of fate has a good point and that is we really want to shoot these right and we want good ammo and lots of it right well that probably will fall into that category and if we want prize-winning ammo then we're gonna have to go and do the highest quality stuff like in the last video that we showed and nothing wrong with that a lot of us want to create ammo that we can go to the range and show others shooters and they look at that and they're amazed at how good that looks better than factory but twist off eight has a good point we want to shoot certainly room for all powder coaters to you have their expression with this medium it's like fortune cookie policy when it's good it's all good and this is good now you notice something interesting and that is there's an awful lot of red on this bench top a lot of red and that's why I went over to Harbor Freight and got this white and not only that but I got a couple of extra to give it a good test because what's happening is people are saying that the red Harbor Freight powder works pretty good but the other colors don't work as well so I want to see for myself I'll go ahead and use one of these and if it's worthless I'll return the other two I say the Hornady automatic powder dispenser once again worked like a charm it only had two over charges in two hundred and fifty charges dispensed that's less than a 1% rate pretty darn good and by setting the speed at fast I almost couldn't keep up with it in fact it was hard to keep up with it it was always ahead of me so once again this did this unit did just splendidly for us so notice that doing the bullets eating and the crimping the amount of debris from the powder coat is minimal if you see a lot of shavings out of powder coat or even horrors led that would be very bad I didn't do any cleaning of that at all so what you see is what is left now the Li carbide factory crimp die for 45 ACP is a tapered crimp that's what's used but it has the carbide ring in there to remove any kind of interfering bulges that would cause problems for functioning and feeding so this worked very well we ran all the 250 rounds through the Li factory crimp die well all you friends out there fortune cookie policy says never fear to embrace the loads and jugs of fun well today is Halloween and look we got the creature of the powder that's kind of stirring around inside that powder reservoir it's gonna be merging soon he wants to crawl into our ear and wrap itself around the brainstem Horrors happy Halloween do my capstone 6 led puck lights wireless w remote control Upstate Medical University.

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