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Research topics in business administration in philippines

Research topics in business administration in philippines u of t engineering capstone star wars 35mm screening reports ´╗┐you know it breaks my heart to see somebody living on the streets and trying to survive and get by that being said it just pisses me off when I see somebody doing it to take advantage of somebody else when I see somebody acting homeless acting like they can't survive acting like they need your help holding a sign just preying on people that are so giving and so willing to help others it just it just makes me sick you know I have a friend Liz here locally in Dickinson County he's homeless right now he's literally living in his car luckily he's got good support of friends locally that are giving them couches rooms floors to sleep on when it's cold but even he tells me that he would never ever ever ever ever stand out with a sign begging for your help I'm sure there's many people that might become that desperate and would want to do that because they need to survive but he's not one of those people and even he says this guy is a scammer when you're seeing locally all over the UPA he's here again in Iron Mountain once again he's not at Kmart at the old Plaza here he's off to the side on a side road he's not in front of Walmart he's not in front of the parking lots mainly because I believe he's been trespassed before and he's not allowed to go there because he's been here so many times asking for your money he's not allowed here a couple days ago I got a message using Iron River and I kind of thought and you know I'll keep him this in mind that he might be making his way this way it is ski jump weekend there's going to be a lot of money floating around town and why not I mean hey this is the perfect place to come if you're trying to Panhandle money off the total strangers he doesn't know you he has no clue who you are he doesn't care all he wants is your greenback so I'm going to pull up here a little bit I'm not I'm debating whether or not I should even approach him I know he's no good I know he's just a scammer out here just collecting money and looking for somebody looking for you to help him on I think you science said hard times anything will help last time he was here he had a sign that he was trying to get to Minnesota which is funny because he was trying to get the Minnesota he left Iron Mountain and he went to Iron River then he hitchhiked back to Iron Mountain from here he went to Escanaba then he wound up in Marquette's wound up in the Houghton hancock where apparently somebody did finally buy him that bus stick in Minnesota which was like two weeks after you know he was here and now he's back so let's take a drive over here in the see if he's still out here like I said I'm going to stop a little short I don't really want to confront him I don't want to create a scene we know what he's here for let's uh see if anybody else is helping them all oh no don't worry it wasn't me that called the cops however he's not standing on public or an edge he's not standing a private property legally he's not doing anything wrong other than standing on the side of the road impeding traffic if you want to say that but he's got to recognize my van from the last time that he was in town yeah hammers amongst us [Music] you know I just I don't even know what emotions I feel right now hate I'm definitely pissed off mad angry sad definitely sad I'm sad about all of these people that willingly give their money thinking that they're really helping somebody get off the streets and maybe get their lives together or you know you drive by right now it's 44 degrees it's supposed to be snowing here tomorrow if it was snowing he'd be making a lot more money and I say making money because this is a business opportunity all across the United States people do this everywhere this isn't you P thing this is an Iron Mountain thing this happens everywhere and it makes me angry because I came from a big city where all this shit happens and I move to this small community because I don't want to see that shit I don't want to see people on the streets begging to survive now you may look at it as I'm planning on the shudders that I am you know removing reality from my head which I am I got away from the big city for a reason and now the big city is following me where I am now but there's not a reason for it there's not a reason this guy is out here trying to survive there's it's not like it's not like he lost his job and he doesn't have a place to live and he's trying to survive he's not like my friend who is disabled and has no place to live who made some bad decisions and he he knows that people make mistakes people learn from their mistakes and they get better this guy he's learning from his mistakes all right and he's learning how to he's learning how to take advantage of others it just sucks you know it really it just sucks I'm probably going to have to confirm them because I'm just angry and if I don't I'm going to be more angry with myself that I didn't you know and again if this is the first time I seen them and he didn't he was into a scene in every major city in the UPA in the last few months I might have a little bit more concern and a little bit more compassion but I don't I have none I have zero you know the first video that I made confronting this guy I gave him the benefit of the doubt I even posted that hey if you see him stop I drop him a few dollars help him out and immediately people started posting watch seen him in Escanaba he's been doing that for years there I've seen him here I see him there then somebody shared a picture of a man I River and then holding Hancock I mean come on if you down on your luck you need a helping hand people are out there they will do it for you but stop taking advantage of others I feel better now come on I mean really no no you go everywhere doing this last time you were here you're trying to get a bus trip to Minnesota to Minnesota then you left here you want Iron River then you hitchhike back here then you want to ask inaba where you hang out there in Escanaba all the time then you went to holding the Hancock where your picture got posted everywhere and some nice guy offered or he got you a bus ticket which he finally went yeah I know he did yeah I know he did I gave you the benefit adult before now I think you're just a liar I've gotten so many messages that you're all here already I have a buddy that's homeless he sleeps in his car at night he looks for places to sleep because he ain't got no place to go but he's sure how I ain't going to do what you're doing hard times you work she's trying to work you got nice boots on he's dressed nice [Music] just seems like you know trying to find a job and getting yourself off the streets a better plan than sitting on here and just saying words out so you might as well start hitting the road and walking cuz full of the Devils what wrath I believe in Christ is helping people they have a homeless shelter in town you can go there and sleep tonight you know I bet you probably already know that though because I know that people have told you because they told me that they told you all you got to do is call the iron mountain police they will put you in contact where you need to go tonight to sleep you can call me an asshole you can call me whatever you want to I don't really care I don't care I don't care he's probably pissed off but he's walking who knows where he's going to go to I really don't care I don't believe them [Music] I don't want to sound like a selfish asshole and should put seriously man that guy just pisses me right off I don't believe him I don't believe him I don't believe him I think he's just out here taking advantage of others we've done here he'll be in Escanaba he'll be in wherever he has to go there's so many programs out there without willing to help the homeless [Music] fucking just pisses me right off you write for me address of capstone usc State University of New York Polytechnic Institute, Marcy.

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