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Research topics in accounting for undergraduate in zimbabwe for money

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game of man offense in since maybe our scrimmage a little bit where it was really we really played well with our offense and it was just stagnant and not good and ball was sticking all over the place and we gotta trust it more and we'll be much better at it allowing 49 points at halftime I don't care who you play after halftime is a stellar defensive job and we're excited that we could do that or coach you mention you like playing games where your team is under duress what I don't like it when I look back at it ok I'm happy that we were able to do that you know what sort of things you do you learn from games like these games like this Rick right now we need to really understand yeah to work at what makes offenses click right what makes offense is click and it's not clicking right now because the ball is sticky we got to move the ball we got to move the ball and just trust what it does and if he look once again if that it was a bad deed to Doc Sadler plays really good defense his team's no matter where they've met if the bad defensive team that would have exposed that yeah 22 1 run came with two reserves in the game guess what did you see from that lineup well child was both times giant I would well if you take the run we went out when John was in in the first half - I think it was good that just we just like played and trusted what we were doing and a whole lot of good things were happening there but but you know when our big man's going to the basket he can get rebounds right and so that's what John was able to do before a nice run - and the game the team is 4 for 18 from behind the line there that a matter of the day and I really see them struggle what do you attribute that to we you know we haven't shot the ball well yet so I see that's being good news because I think we can really shoot I don't know I don't know if we got the Stauskas Hardaway type of volume and success out there that we've had before but I don't think we're a bad shooting team but we have to we're gonna make threes and but sometimes we're not only we're taking bad ones I think we're trying to hunt them sometimes when they don't need to get hunted that they'll just come within our offense or was in the fast-break starting midway through that second half you guys seemed to switch every single ball screen say for the ones we're Teske was involved on Tyree Griffin how come you guys made that change so late when he was exploiting you guys a little earlier we did that the entire game and we switched every every ball screen except with the 5 man dr. you well you might have saw in the shot clock time we switched even the all-father with a 5 man the first half we decide the second half not to do that because it was it was isolating remember the last play we have changed in the first half we put I say item on him on the switch and he's still scored we want him to see Muhammad or a Xavier on in front of all day long when we could what changed with Geron tonight especially in that 10 minutes you guys went ahead I think he you know what I got what I like about you Ron right now he understands that probably we're not home for defense but we're not gonna play guys if they're not gonna regard it really guard the ball and buy into all of it right unless they're incredible evident skill set at the office event so he's got to be able to really go out and guard and guard and guard and he bought into that today and it was a big change for it not big change but that's the type of progress he's making with us right now they he knows he wants to play minutes well you you you're going to be in a situation where you would need to go out to and really guard and you'll get more minutes honey right was that you mentioned the 14 points in second half the king of six in the first ten minutes to it means there's something in the second ten minutes in the first half that maybe you saw differently with their defense oh you know let's face it they made that even made nine points off just step back threes and then first half and those are really tough shots to defend I mean I don't know if anybody can defend a couple of those shots that they made and one time Duncan gave too much help on the corner three another time the lefty was a step back they're really hard there the last shot we want to take but they're a shot clock shot and sometimes they're going to go in but number five Griffin you know he's he's this his fourth year and he started in time for Oklahoma State he's a little guy but he's got some pop to his game he was really good in the first half you attribute to Matthews troubles thing well I don't know I think probably with everybody he wasn't the only one I think that it was all about playing against a man a man for the first time and trying to end it but they were going underneath every off the ball screen there we had a really low catch on the ball screen all right you know get more used to that when we see a player to let her later on going on oh you said yesterday that you'd be reluctant to play some two big lineups yeah I'm just nice like tonight with John performance make your visit that was a good statement to possibly consider that time time once again the defense we'd have to have mo would mow would have to garb yell the guard is shooting for and I think that he's cultured to that that he's been in the last two years so we could have it depends on the opposition anything else what do you like from about John's performances tonight you know what he's really doing is he is really pursuing rebounce you the guy that would box out and keep boxing out and take himself out of the play and we got a hit and go get attitude with him we also think he's a great passer and now he won't want to start to fail you watch him I want him when he gets the rebound I'm facing the other way so he could start to break he's still learning those thick when his game he just lets the game come down and his all ideas John you don't need a lot of moves just catch it keep it up put it in if he's over there pivot and put it on the other side and but he can if he just gets to the glass every time and gets to the class he's going to go clean up things like that as well so we'll pop him sometimes because he can shoot two three but his goal like mo is gotta be I'm gonna roll every time and I'll occasionally pop that's got to be there at home John you said up to Maui tomorrow I mean how beneficial for your team can that yeah we say you know we set this up to be you know like a 16 tournament here so now we're going that we're trying to we won our sweet 16 game now we're trying to win an Elite Eight game to go to the Final Four so LSU is a talented talented team and but we do have long flights tomorrow get some rest on those Saturday will be a little bit of more arrests let me get ready to play three in a row so I don't know how we're going to do out there but I do know that will will get better no matter what happens my capstone library books New York Film Academy, Battery Park, Manhattan.

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