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Research topics for waste management

Research topics for waste management capstone security analysis jobs for money get dissertation chapter on video games now ´╗┐so the big news of today the Buffalo Sabres have decided to go in another direction happy behest of a 20 year old kid played in here yeah Jack Eichel reportedly he denies this vmon Li has reportedly said if I'm gonna stay long-term in Buffalo I want Dan Bylsma out now I didn't report on this yesterday because he's denying it and there didn't seem to be any anything to it other than rumor they'd fire both Dan Bylsma and Tim Murray today the day after this rumor surfaces and not only that but Jack I called the 20 year old kid stated in an early April when they've been eliminated from the playoffs that he didn't feel like the team had gained any ground and it was a wasted year and he threw a lot of terms around that you could say were leveled at the coach or the GM there were rumors towards the end of the year that Bylsma was reviled by his team and there's there's two ways to look at this either Jack Eichel is stepping up to be a leader at a young age or he's arrogant it could be both now Connor mcDavid's the captain in in Edmonton I still think Edmonton took a risk going with a captain as that young McDavid won the scoring championship led the Oilers to the playoffs and everybody agrees the Oilers were led to the playoffs by McDavid the Sabres record with ichael was better than it was without ichael and aiko was hurt a lot this year but there just seems to be a lot more turmoil in Buffalo than there is no mitten now a lot of people during the season pointed out injuries and rightfully so that affected Buffalo negatively the the trade for kulikov really fell apart for them really really really fell apart for them the issue is with laner which again goes back to by but I figured Bylsma was gonna be out I didn't think Tim Murray was gonna go that's a shocker see he got an owner who says while my wife and I sat and talked this is his public statement why my wife and I sat and talked and we decided time to take the team in another direction well you're already out of the playoffs so you can only have one direction to go don't it's an interesting move I'll be interested to see who they hire as a GM who's gonna want that job because Michaels going into an extension season so let's McDavid but McDavid again the Oilers are in the playoffs or a loser this up-and-coming team that's looking really good due in no small part to Connor McDavid there's a reason that the playoff preview for the NHL hockey news is this there's a reason these guys are both super stars who've dragged their teams to the playoffs in the past or the present Crosby did it in the past he does he has a good enough team now that he doesn't have to but he's done it before so I'm not saying that they both did it this year because that'd be BS but McDavid did it this year definitely without McDavid the Oilers are better I selling the others are better but did not apply off diamond only David and I'm not telling tales out of class to say it Buffalo is a disaster Buffalo is an unmitigated disaster and I'm really not sure what ownerships thinking here the GM was not the problem he made smart moves he really did that you know there are a couple of iffy contracts in there let me just take a look what I did they're all expired [Music] I'm pretty sure they're all expiring but I'm gonna load up cap friendly everybody's favorite website for this kind of stuff and so in terms of who he has on the roster Ryan O'Reilly at 7.5 million opposed oh got their purses six million dollar deal that goes on forever that contracts probably got an extra year and their that they're gonna want to trade off Evander cane at a good year five point two five million is reasonable for what he did Matt Molson's got three more years at five million each that's bad that's bad and he's got a modified no trade to tyler Ennis at four point six that's not a great contract Gionta he's UFA so how four point two five million comes off the books Marcus Foley knows the U n RFA it for two point two five gurgenson is a was restricted at one point one and Johan Larsson is at nine hundred fifty grand and he's RFA Foligno probably doesn't get a raise over that it'll probably end up about two 2.5 million gurgenson zan Larsen probably end up settling at the same amount on the blue line Kula cops coming off the books so that's gone Cody Franson at three point three million he's coming off the books he's gone Taylor for done I think I probably resize him I think he he's a good enough defense but I'm not sure why he keeps moving around the way he does he puts up decent point totals and it's not like I see defensive numbers from for done that say he can't play Orpha dude I've heard of press both ways wrist aligned and signed rate through 2223 Bogosian is a bad contract Josh George's has got two more years left Jake McCabe has three years left that's a good contract Justin Falk two years at six six hundred fifty grand a year I don't see you know an Annette both goalies are coming up UFA four of nifer Nelson and RFA for laner laner will probably double his money he'll probably up to four point five million next year but now you've got to bring in a GM to figure all that crap out and and I think Buffalo had the right idea and I think if I could have been healthy all year I think they get a lot closer to the playoffs than what they did but this this is this is shocking because again you know Michaels denying it oh I never said that the day after the owner cleans house come on give me a break I wasn't born yesterday so on in my eyes where there's smoke there's fire it's clear to me personally I'm just me I guess that Michael didn't want and it may not just be ichael there may be other players who have said to management we don't want Bylsma and what may have happened is that the owner said to Tim Marie look just just can Bylsma and Marie may have said no so they can't both so it'll be interesting to see what happens does Dan Bylsma get another NHL job I don't think he does even though he's got that Cup ring and in Pittsburgh I don't think he's going to get another chance in the NHL he'll probably get an assistant coaching job I think he's done as a head coach in the NHL I think this disastrous run with Buffalo probably did it for him there was clearly in the last few weeks of the season there there was a divide between the coach and the players and I'm not sure that there is a a fix for that other than what Buffalo did today so the question I have and this is more for Buffalo fans than anybody else Buffalo fans seem to genuinely like Tim Murray even though they didn't like Dan Bylsma on the whole so do you agree with the move much like person out there in their yard Buffalo decided to do some cleaning and they pruned off a GM and a coach do you agree do you disagree my let me know in the comments below don't forget to hit like and subscribe you're browsing your way through and yeah III knew I believed that Bylsma was gonna get fired this way though this is this is just crazy and the timing again is weird if if ownership makes a move like this it's normally on Black Monday it's normally that Monday after the regular season ends where coach Jim you're all gone to do it now you know April 20th what were they what were they on come on now I thought that stuff mellows you out maybe they want to reefer madness I don't know but my point is the timing of this seems to make it look like Michaels comments and maybe comments from other RFA's and UFAs came through to management maybe the owner heard we aren't going to be able to sign any of these guys with piles most still in charge and he decided we got him move everybody out let me know what you guys think don't free and again like and subscribe you got to come back and I'll talk to you again soon plenty of hockey to talk about today gartner white paper business intelligence order John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Midtown Manhattan.

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