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Research topics for high school students in business for money

Research topics for high school students in business for money ieee journal on internet of things for money is an essay written in first person ´╗┐he's old-school investigative journalism dead well if you just pay attention to the mainstream cable news networks you'd probably assume yeah it's long gone at this point but there's more to journalism than just those faces on your TV there's newspapers magazines websites and things like that we've actually got some data coming from researchers at Indiana University they put out this survey called the American journalist in the digital age and really importantly for us to evaluate the current state of journalism is to compare and contrast it with 10 years ago 20 years ago maybe even more and so they've done this survey with over 1,000 US journalists and they've done it over a long period of time and so let's see what the people actually on the inside think about the state of journalism today so first what do journalists think is still ethical when it comes to gathering information and breaking news stories take a look at this so there you're seeing a controversial reporting practices and importantly the three bars you see for each category spans from 1992 to 2002 to just last year and whether we're talking about that using hidden microphones or cameras getting employed to gain inside information about perhaps a government department or a business claiming to be somebody other than who you actually are or paying people to divulge confidential information you see that in every case in 2013 far fewer journalists think that it's ethical to use those means let's look at some more here you're seeing more controversial reporting practices again we've got using confidential business or government documents without from prior authorization from the government which seems like the definition of journalism domain using personal documents such as letters and photographs without the owner's permission and badgering unwilling informants which is how every journalists in house of cards seems to get their job done day to day again in all of those cases the most recent polling shows that far fewer journalists think that it's legitimate or ethical to use those means and here's the problem with those results you have to use those means now yes of course in a couple of cases you've still got majority support thinking that it's ethical like using the confidential business or government documents that's something I guess we should be happy about that but they're not willing to badger unwilling participants they're not willing to lie about who they are to find out this information look lying about anything is unethical in some way I suppose and yet we're talking about incredibly important sensitive government activities that the average US citizen deserves to know more about moving on through the survey in terms of like being able to choose your own stories feeling autonomous in your job as a journalist look at this you're seeing that in 1971 into the 80s the percentage of journalists saying that they had almost complete freedom in selecting our stories is still sixty percent unfortunately beginning in the 90s that dips down below half and most recently in 2013 you're seeing that only one out of three journalists actually believes that they have the autonomy to choose and pursue whatever story they want and I'm not surprised by that at all I mean if you were selecting stories based on what you're interested in or what you think is going to be most juicy but it requires a lot of research that takes time and time is money when it comes to journalism it's much easier to try to get them to out a couple of articles every day about whatever it is the White House says they can talk about whatever talking points has been handed to them by Republican senators Democratic congressman whoever it is take their press release turn that into news and you've produced content for the day and so this job autonomy thing has a real very real consequence on the sort of journalism we get just sort of an interesting side note the average age of journalists look at this chart here you're seeing 1971 37 it actually dips down to you know 32 in the 80s it's a relatively young you're you know a few years out of college and everything but look at the number rise up into 2002 and 2013 I don't know exactly what that says perhaps the young people you know who would have become journalists in earlier years or becoming bloggers or something like that now and actually you would expect that considering they're a little bit on the older side they have been around in the business for a while they would know what the American public expects from journalists what the country expects from its press but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be working out another small note the percentage of minority journalists in the 90s and into 2002 was actually going up I'm pretty significantly I mean we're talking more than doubling from 1982 to 1992 now the number has slipped a little bit going into 2013 again we don't know exactly why that is it could again be the influence of the internet or something like that but in terms of representing an increasingly diverse America we would expect that journalists would also grow to be more diverse that's not what we're getting here and a funny little side note let's look at this last one there you're seeing their job satisfaction rate and you see it fairly steadily dipping from 1971 down to 2013 the number is half what it was last year as what it was nineteen nineteen seventy-one now perhaps part of that is the journalists sort of understanding that they're not filling the same role that they traditionally historically did in America or it could be tied in with the autonomy a poll that we were talking about before you know that they don't feel like they can really pursue the stories that they think are important or newsworthy perhaps there's more centralized control from their newspaper or from their cable channel something like that I expect that would impact my job satisfaction I mean the stories that I'm covering today on the show I chosen could have talked about anything if I had my stories being handed to me that would impact my satisfaction imagine how we'll split sir feels about having to cover flight 370 yet again that takes toll on your your happiness at the job but anyway so this is just a little bit of sort of statistical historical information about the state of journalism both today and over the past 40 years and I think that we should be worried about where journalism is going because the government certainly isn't becoming more open or transparent about what it's doing and with you know things like the NSA data mining and stuff like that they have so much more access into our lives we need access into what they're doing and regular people like me and you we can't do that day to day we're too busy with our regular jobs but we expect the press we expect New York Times reporters we expect CNN host till I send a couple other producers maybe a couple of there on the ground reporters and find out what's actually going on I honestly don't think that that's too much to ask we give them a lot of power a lot of influence in American society it's time they start taking that seriously and start using it in service of the American people capstone project topics in asp net Modern Orthodox Judaism.

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