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Research topics for accounting students in ghana for money

Research topics for accounting students in ghana for money write for me capstone email retention denehole gravesend reporter ´╗┐all right obviously you need to hold this up so that the plate doesn't fall off and then just stuff it up in here to move the wires and stuff out of the way - little plate keeps coming on yeah deal with that plate up in here I guess plates all kinds of fun here why this is being really difficult here we have to back this off put the play on is back there's not a lot of room in here to play there we go so often yeah got it get it in holes but as thing is being a booger I think what it is is the plates getting caught up into the oil pan over there and doesn't want to go in because of that and it looks like I've bent it so I'm gonna have to bring it back down yep you can see I bent it right there and that's what you don't want because then it'll rub on the bolts so you've got to bend it back alright I got it in just really got to play with that plate a little bit there and what I ended up doing put the plate in there held onto it with my fingers over here up through this direction and then as I was putting it in I pushed down on the top and wiggle it around and then brought this little post it goes in over up in here up under these wires let me grab the old one and I'll show you alright this is the post I was talking about right here I took took this top and I put it in first kind of like tilting it like this in the hole and then wiggled it sideways and brought it down while I was adjusting that plate at the same time and then it was able to go in so now I got to do is put the bolts in it we'll start with this bottom one down here first right up in there right right there we'll put that one in first all right once you get that bolt in there just kind of reach in there with your hand and screw it in lift this up out of the way here then you can go ahead and get your ratchet on it don't tighten it up just tighten it up most of the way because you still have to get the bolt in the top way up there and if this one's tighten the hole on top is misaligned then it'll be real difficult to get in so make sure you get both bolts in before you tighten both of them up guys when I went to go put my knee starter and I noticed that the aftermarket decided to use a 12 millimeter nut instead of a 13 millimeter nut which is the original I like the original its self locking it's got dimples in it you know four or detents in it for self locking and the other one is just got this kind of funky pressed in washer lock washer I don't really don't like it I think it's prone to corrosion where the original one is got some nice zinc coating on it so the aftermarket one is it's definitely going bye-bye and I'm going to stick with the original so while we're down here I haven't put the upper bolt in because I really like to finish down here before I go back upstairs so we're going to go ahead and we're going to put this on that's this little bracket here if you managed to get this off this plastic piece I've had mine off before I don't see a need to take it off but you can take it off if you want then you can clean these connections up in here if they're dirty I did it the last time I was in here and these connections do separate if you take this plastic off they interlock which is kind of a little a little tab that fits in the other one and it clamps down like that so just be careful with it when you go to put it on or take it off it just snaps on so be careful I don't need to do that so I'm just going to go ahead and put this on right here while I can and then I'll put my nut on there I've already went in and removed my plastic red lock since it was broken I just grabbed a pair of needlenose and shoved it in there back and forth and then got the outside pulled a little bit and then pushed it in and then it came out so now I'm just going to go put this in so it's out of the way all right let's get this one on first all right here we go decided to let you guys see this I'm going to put my socket in here and push this up grab this and screw it down these in here and I just snug them like that alright I put this a connector on here and even when it was locked occasionally it would pop off if I bumped it and I inspected the inside the inside here has like a little spring area around the pin which is actually pushing on this so don't really like that so in order to make sure that it stays on there I dropped in a zip tie I ran around the post as you can see and then there's a little area where that little red clip is supposed to be and I ran the zip tie through there and it's not coming off now all right now we're back on top yeah I got my bolt I'm going to run it down through here stick my hand down through here and it goes right underneath this bolt right here goes down here and there's a hole in there there you go you might have to rotate your hand over and get it in there and start it in yeah boy does not want to go in there it goes okay that's why you leave that lower bolt loose so that when you're putting it in it will line up and you'll be able to get it in there otherwise I'd have to go down there and loosen it alright it seems to be pretty tight let me get a ratchet on it and snug it up your app use my same extension setup that I had before and get it on there ok I got it yeah I'm finishing up should not get it up as tight as you can get it okay that's a dirt got my extension there we go okay now we can put those ground straps on right down here just reach up in here and stick them on I don't think they go in any particular order whichever order you want them in think I'll stick the little one on first and then the big one of them now we got to do is grab my nut and I keep it up here on my shock tower strut tower or whatever you want to call it and then I'll snug that up with my 13 millimeter all right step this back down in here get it on here and snug it up and this is your engine the body and starter ground tables there's two of them so make sure you get them on there good and snug but don't strip that that stud out and I think that'll work right there mmm all right all we have to do now is tighten the one up on the bottom all right we're going to come back around over to here and we're going to tighten that bolt up right up there you'll need your short 15 millimeter socket and your ratchet she goes she's pretty much tighten up don't over-tighten act as that started right there it's just uh it's just a little down so be careful okay and when I put my transmission and I was missing this little dust shield so I might have to clean that off and put some foam up there somebody said the dealer has one so I may make a trip to the dealer and buy that little piece but that's for another day so now I'll just do an inspection make sure you got everything good and tight starter doesn't wiggle or nothing looks good so all we have to do now is take the car down off the jack stands and connect the battery and fire it up all right let's get the battery connect it back up and get her tightened down here okay there she goes all right I think the only thing we have left now is to try it out all right here we are a moment of truth yep all right up cool successful job alright guys well sorry about the Keith in there I hope the video helped you guys if it did please give me a thumbs up and subscribe if you want to see some more of these from me because I put them up occasionally again thanks for watching as always working on cars can be dangerous you do it at your own risk so as they say on YouTube this is for entertainment purposes only so if you decide to follow this procedure you do it at your own risk y'all have a good one god bless you Keith nun you out bye paper fiftythree onenote for money New Rochelle campus.

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