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Research proposal topics educational management order

Research proposal topics educational management order phd research topics in aviation management how to write a bad customer service letter ´╗┐okay hopefully it's not too sunny and you can actually see me the Sun is like halfway through setting and the way my apartment faces it comes right in through the through the window at an angle so yeah it looks like yeah and it's really sunny okay hopefully it's not too bad but I have some empties to talk about I only have one makeup empty and a lot of skincare and then a couple of miscellaneous things but I figured I would go ahead and do this so because I have a little bag and it's starting to get full so the first one which I finished today is the Milani lash trifecta mascara it's what I'm wearing on my lower lashes today this is like a hidden gem at the drugstore this is the second one I've bought and it's really good at lengthening and separating and it doesn't smudge or flake at all after I use up most of a mascara I keep it around and I'll just use it on my lower lashes to really get like the last like every bit of it so I get my money's worth and that's what I did so this is a good one I would definitely repurchase this in the future get my my bag ready so everything can go and recycling once I'm done okay now I have some skincare I don't even know what brand this is I think it's the Fremen or stay beautiful something Dead Sea minerals anti-stress clay facial mask I have used this for years since I was like 20 maybe I actually went to the Dead Sea like I traveled there and I was able to put the clay like on my body and stuff to see the results and not comparable in the slightest but I like that you know there's a little bit in here and yeah it's it's good at like detoxifying my skin so and it's not my skin's very very sensitive so Charlie's gonna make noise okay yeah I've used this for years it's very it's a very gentle clay mask a lot of play back pain Charlie can really like over dry over strip my skin but when I wash this off my face isn't red which is nice so this guy I would repurchase but I think I want to try another one I bounced between this one and like the avocado one from this brand but yeah I like this quite a bit and it's affordable too I got it at CVS next is that there's witch hazel unscented alcohol-free aloe vera toner I have also used this for many many years hi Charley you want to you want to get your face out of there okay I have used this you want to play with it come closer you want okay this is what it looks like take it go go okay Charlie likes plastic bottles he likes to like haul them around and chew on the cap he doesn't eat it or rip it up he just likes to play with it yeah I used that for many years it's very gentle there's very good ingredients my skin likes it a lot it helps keep my skin clear and soft which is very very nice so that is I buy a 2 pack off Amazon and that was the second one of the packs we need to buy another one I have also I've gone through many many of these I'm pretty consistent with skincare in terms of I like trying new things with skincare but I'm pretty consistent with products and things like that yeah this is really really good at lightening it's vitamin C so it was 20% it's good at lightening spots and stuff from like hyperpigmentation leftover acne spots and it's it doesn't sting or anything some vitamin C serves stinging my face this doesn't it's very gentle and I'm able to use the saw like if I use it in in the morning like you have to be careful if you use vitamin C in the morning you have to make sure you wear sunscreen but I've no issues with putting makeup on after using this for my in the morning routine my morning routine so this is also one that I would buy again and I got this off Amazon I just looked I wanted a an organic vitamin C serum so I typed in organic vitamin C serum and this is the best one the one that came up with the best ratings and I've just used it ever since for years I also finished this was a birthday present from Sephora at the skincare one I picked up the skincare one this year instead of the makeup one and it's the glam glow super mud clearing treatment mask this actually made it was I swear has like some menthol in it because he was very cooling and this actually did make a difference with acne and things like that like my skin wax should clear up a bit overnight but I wouldn't say it's good enough for the price the Aztec clay that you mix with apple cider vinegar or water that is very very very strong and I have to use that very sparingly but that works 10 times better than this did and it's a fraction of the price I finished some Burt's Bees little facial wipes this is the for normal to dry skin cucumber and sage extracts I just use this sometimes for swatches but mostly just to take off the majority of my makeup it won't get it it'll it'll go off most of my face makeup because I only unusually wear it is lighter PT creams but it won't get off on my eye makeup I'll go in separately with an oil to get everything completely off but I like that this gets most of it off and it's it doesn't bother my skin it doesn't make my skin like red or anything it's pretty gentle I've tried pretty much every Burt's Bees facial wipe and this is one of the best ones this is a brand called tea tonic that has been sold at the little market like a block away from me and it's expensive like this was almost three dollars for one little bottle but it is completely organic and it has a bunch of ingredients in it like hibiscus vanilla bean Coco rose hips cinnamon holy basil nettle root nettle leaf has a lot of really really good ingredients and they have a lot of different brands I don't know how I feel about the title of this that I love my skinny body it kind of hits the ear a little wrong but yeah there's one for like brain health liver adrenal I've tried all of them and I have been drinking a lot and even though they're expensive because the ingredients are so good and lastly Charlie chewed on this a little bit the top part I finally tried Soylent I eat a vegan diet a plant-based vegan diet I have for two years two years now and it's taking me a long time to do it correctly without without any side effects or symptoms like I have to make a concerted effort to get protein which I didn't have to do when I was just about to I was vegetarian for 10 years before going vegan so I eat a lot of protein bars I take a b12 supplements I have protein powder but I don't really use that too often because it tastes really gross but this is really good this it's like a almost like a meal replacement it has 400 calories and like 20% of all your daily vitamins and minerals and 20 grams of protein and it's completely vegan the one I recently drank was the coffee one they have vanilla cocoa chai they have a lot of different flavors that I think the chai is my least favorite I like the coffee one and the vanilla one's the best yeah these are really good I put off trying them for a long time because the first time I heard a Soylent commercial it was on the radio and it was when I had food poisoning I was on a road trip and I food poisoning with my friend Oscar and we had to keep stopping on the side of the road so I could throw up and I just kept hearing this Soylent commercial every time I would throw up so I associated the drink with food poisoning but I finally like two years later after that and I kind of broke that Association tried it and it's really really good so these aren't like my empties for the whole month it's just my little bag gut full so I think I'm gonna do these now and then and yeah all of that's gonna go into recycling so thank you for taking the time to go through my trash with me yeah maybe hopefully it was somewhat helpful and I will see you my next one coursera data science capstone quiz 1 New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

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