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Research paper on internet addiction pdf order

Research paper on internet addiction pdf order capstone editing textbook grant for money war and peace essay pdf a few days ago we posted an article about some bizarre reactions to the San Bernardino massacre and I quoted the leader of the Los Angeles Offices of care the Council on Islamic American Islamic relations who saw my loose whereafter repudiating the terrorist attacks he did say that American policies overseas have have contributed to terrorism and things like there to help breed terrorism I took exception to it and then he posted on Facebook that I took him out of context twisting his words and I said well look come on my radio show let's talk about I have concerns about things you're saying claims about the the master had nothing to do with Islam and Islam is not violent let's talk about it well he's very plainly declined accused me of bigotry twisting his words which is very unfortunate but let's address this question and to any Muslim leader please I'm not trying to pick a fight with you all right if you're radical Muslim then our ideologies are radically opposed absolutely we differ very very very deeply and I'm praying for you to come to know the love of the one true God but for all Muslim leaders let's have a discussion you're welcome to join me on the air I want to raise a few questions for you but but first let's frame this discussion here Rahil raza is a Sunni Muslim and she is concerned about radical Islam and she addresses this question she addresses the question of what percentage of Muslims are really radical listening almost every day we are told that Islamist terrorism has nothing to do with Islam Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism al Qaeda's cause is not Islam ISIL is not Islamic and we are told that Muslims reject the extremist the overwhelming majority of Muslims reject that interpretation of Islam it's very important for us to align ourselves with the 99.9% of Muslims who are looking for the same thing we're looking for is that true you heard President Obama heard Hurley Clinton is it true that 99.9% of Muslims are not radical and do not share these particular values and would repudiate them is that true now the same claim was made not using that stat that the same claim was made by who sama loose the gentleman that I alluded to from care and the gentleman who's refused to come on the air with me declined my invitation he's interviewed on CNN f2 the San Bernardino massacre listen to what he had to say we'll have to put things in perspective there 1.6 billion would it be Muslims in the world the number of people who join groups like Isis - al Qaeda is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of that whole number when we allow them to hijack the nameless plan when they commit their horrific act we are doing an injustice unfair injustice towards the rest of the Muslims who reject such such behavior and we're giving these people the credit they don't deserve because they're claiming to be Muslim they're claiming to be acting on behalf of Muslims in Islam and they're not all right let's look at some of the stats there's a great video that Rahil Raza the Clarion project put out by the numbers that breaks this down let's look at some of these specific stats here okay and Rahul Raja finds it helpful to use the different circles that Sam Harris atheist Sam Harris has laid out the innermost circle being the violent jihadists the ones that are actually on the frontlines with Isis with Boko Haram with al Qaeda that are slaughtering innocent people it would beheading people that are flying into the World Trade Centers those are tens of thousands perhaps several hundred thousand but certainly tens of thousands multiply tens of thousands and maybe as high as several hundred thousand represented there but then then your next circle after the violent jihadist you have the Islamists that's how she's categorizing them here so groups like Muslim Brotherhood that were elected to lead Egypt they're working within the system for the same goals of Islamic rule of Sharia law of enforcing these things and then an organization like care she'd put in this category as well now you're talking into the the multiplied millions but it's a little bit harder to statistically analyze because of the different roles they play a country like Iran that would be in that you've got tens of millions of Iranians Saudi Arabia fundamentalist Islamic country would that be in this category well now we've got the third circle the largest circle here which is fundamentalist fundamentalist Muslims which certainly number several hundred million so there was a major major survey done by Pew Forum they interviewed Muslims in southern Eastern Europe in Central Asia in Southeast Asia and South Asia and in the Middle East and North Africa all right that includes countries like Afghanistan Pakistan Egypt Bangladesh it includes countries like Iraq and Tunisia and Albania and Kosovo and Turkey and Malaysia all right so here here are the interviews all right here are the percentages they asked about those who supported a Sharia law in Afghanistan Egypt Jordan 79 to 86% in these different countries believe apostates should be executed okay in these specific countries Afghanistan Egypt Jordan they're supporting Sharia law and they say say roughly eight and ten say that those who leave Islam should be executed now 27% of all Muslims polled in all these different countries 27% said that apostates should be executed all right of all the Muslims that they poll now let's go a little further western Muslims aged 18 to 29 so in France in Britain and America Western Muslims aged 18 to 29 who believe suicide bombings against civilians can be justified French Muslims 42% foreign dead I thought President Obama said 99.9% of all Muslims worldwide do not share these radical values 42% to French Muslims 35% of British Muslims and 26% of American Muslims again aged 18 to 29 who believes suicide bombings against civilians quote can be justified let's go a little bit further here a surveyed of Muslims worldwide on these the list of different countries that I gave you those who want Sharia law to be the law of the land 53% of them percentage of Muslims surveys who want Sharia law who also favor corporal punishment like chop off the hand of a repeat offender who's stolen stolen adulterers flogging penalties so out of those who want Sharia law which is 53% who also favor corporal punishment 52% of them what does that break down to over 281 million Muslims support whippings and amputations and then all Muslims surveyed worldwide are honor killings justifiable all right out of this so this is you've got a younger sister and she has sex out of wedlock should she be killed 39% say often sometimes you're rarely justified which means at least some justification that would be 345 million Muslims worldwide so your four simple questions for Muslim leaders number one how can you say that only the most minut percentage of Muslims are radical when it can be easily documented that a sizable majority a sizable minority of Muslims are radicalized translating to at least several hundred million Muslims at least fundamentalist number two if there's no support for violence in Islam why does so many Muslim leaders today advocate jihad number three of groups like care truly repudiate Islamic terrorism where is their categorical condemnation of terrorist organizations like Hamas and number four how do American Muslim leaders feel about the death penalty for Muslims who convert other religions especially when this is the law in at least 20 Islamic countries today please contact me call me write to me if your Muslim leader or a supporter of Muslims and in a leadership position please answer these questions let us have honest fruitful dialogue and let the truth be known business capstone etest for money Morrisville State College.

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