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Research on emotional intelligence and job satisfaction order

Research on emotional intelligence and job satisfaction order capstone insurance group tuscaloosa for money bj services company 2018 annual report ´╗┐hey guys thought I'd snap another quick one I've got a few things in the mail here I already started unboxing it and I was like oh well I better you know go ahead and make a video here we got some cable loom three-quarter-inch Shh 10 feet was like three or four bucks a bunch of 90-degree RCA connectors and my long as hell 15 foot hdmi cable that looks like I don't know five and change 24 gauge gold-plated and 50 feet of speaker wire 12 gauge I'll box that real quick so we can get a look at the wire because wire is awesome because we all know wire wire and wire helps carry the Bashi bashi from the amplifier to the squeakers because bashi bashi is fun only if it sounds good the sounds like it's worthless and you know what were going to do I'm going to do this because it's easier this is all a monoprice this is in wall style which there's two conductors in there and a nice jacket like this which should be good so do some more videos with this getting stuffed in they make this in all kinds of lengths and they make it in the two and A four conductive version and we're all that's going is well this third one Vega EXL 404 two of its channels are going to be bridge to go down to the sub which I have to wire down to an 8 ohm load in order to use this the way I need to and the other two channels are going to be run stereo to my rear door speakers which are supposed to be arriving today the front door speakers are already in the car which I'm really upset that I didn't do unboxings of them but I have a box of stuff here I have the box for the audio amplifier that I have in the car which the 122 which I think I put a video up of and I put a set of these in the front doors which I can't remember if I made a video of or not in here i have the CDT mids I was going to use but I decided not to have to put them in the car and found they weren't what I wanted I have two of these German market speakers they are next audio emotion cl8 subwoofers I still have the same pie in your head any hue in the car let's see here forgive the mess this garage is terrible whole toolbox this is the old pioneer amplifier I had in the car before I pulled that out and put the audio art in and this is a prefab subwoofer box for 28 and these are the two eights mounted in their box I believe this is 22 or 24 inches long by 11 high and 11 deep cheap carpet it's okay it's three quarter thick mdf really cheap nasty terminals which I put eyelets on the other side of instead of using the little metal ears that use quick disconnects because they were going to melt at full power and I don't want a car fire let's see some other things for gage ground cable for the amp which I'm gonna have to step down to six because this won't take anything bigger than 6 and 15 feet of oxygen free copper tinned which is what looks like a lumen but it's not high strand count six gauge marine battery cable i also have a maxi fuse to put in there and a 15 amp max if you used to go in the maxey few socket some dielectric grease among a few other bits you know miscellaneous things like heat shrink style crimp terminals that are the figure out the islets of the fork style these are the smaller size bought some of those from my test rig that I have out there in the garage and then big old bag of these I use these on the terminals to believe that I maybe run these I have two sets of 16 wrapped together for each sub which now that I have my 12 over here I might rewire the box and run the 12 start with the camera work at last minute you notice all that can go into the cardies go to so yeah front door speakers are in deccan eq are in I didn't change those because like I said I was keeping those audio our camp is in just have to pull all the leads means pulling the car apart putting the amp in blah blah blah wiring this hiding everything in the Loom I've got three sets of monoprice RCA cables which i think i made a video of their hiding around here somewhere what they are is to bear with me a second here get them out of this amp just get a little dirty that would be these very thick very nicely built cables actually there's plenty of it's out there with these I believe if not here you go and you know that me being Who I am if I'm using it they're good more these heat shrink style terminals here yeah i just have a test rig over here all kinds of stuff there's a heat gun at NMU power supply 25 amp power supply miscellaneous head unit speakers decks eq's whatever have you that I've acquired over the I don't know hillbillies toolbox which is an old motherboard box with all my stuff than it just just count screwdriver sets and stuff things that you know you'd come across that you need there's one of the factory front door speakers it's long gone now this was an Infiniti Wolfer lows only I think it did how are you doing attached there get off of there dammit it did ascend of spectrum up until 150 herds maybe a bit more than little itty bitty doing a half inch dash speakers did everything else above that right now we're running co access with no dash speakers yes magnets are bad for TV set don't do it I catch you I'm going to beat the out of you anyway yeah so that's where we're at that's where we were at that's where we're going to be at along with the other stuff this is actually going to get converted into a bottom mount box and putting feet on the front of this just just so you can get a little bit more candy of these seats have like 78 grand magnets on them it's a pulp cones paper hbu chill surround really really nice designed Wolfers guys these are beautiful if anybody wants the parameters on these I can get them to you just show you what i'm using it's a sealed box it's prefab it's not as bad as if it were reported so i can get away with it it's probably not the smartest thing in the world to wire these down to an 8 ohm load but what that lets me do is when i drop that amplifier the cerwin vega bridged puts out 200 watts for ohms with two of its four channels bridged at 8 ohms that would be a hundred watts continuous and split between two drivers that be 50 watts continuous a driver and these having a hundred and sixty watt peak would be dropping to about 80 watts peak / driver if my calculations are correct and that would still leave me enough Headroom without pushing too much to them because if I ran the amplifier two channels bridged to each speaker I'd have a serious problem on my hands and I be putting way too much in there I'd be putting 200 watts continuous aside into speakers made for 160 peak aside and that's not really where we want to be so these I don't believe even had an RMS rating for them they may have I'll have to go to get to the manual most of it was in German anyway any more questions just ask you know various projects going down things like that you know the car just got detailed which it looks great so I'll show you guys a video of that when i get a chance but i just figured i'd post this just so it was here in blah blah blah you know that was up to just kind of buried as usual you know anyway hit me up questions comments concerns criticism whatever believe me also as far as the trolls are concerned I control harder than you can and you all know it anyway you know till then later do my capstone green kent Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science.

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