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Research ideas in strategic management

Research ideas in strategic management reaction paper about nanotechnology for money sample descriptive essay for grade 9 ´╗┐what is going on YouTube richer boy defense 70 in here coming at you guys with a brand new fan pack video I know it's been a long time since I've posted a new video but uh I just really wasn't getting any anything worth posting or any real Sam facts really so I figured I'd wait til I got some good Sam packs to show you guys and Here I am right now with four brand new very good fan packs so let's hop right into them first off we have the college of LSU they sent a very nice little fan pack in this life purple envelope thing so first off they sent a little LSU coin purse can put your license in the front and opens up to put your money in your coins in so they send that next they did send a LSU rally towel it says proud I'm assuming just to us show the support LSU also did send me a very nice t-shirt with the LSU logo on the little pocket there or pocket area and on the back says Tabasco Tigers sponsored by Tabasco and lastly they did send a very nice little mini bobble head in it says Bob Pettit by web so I'll open that up for you guys and that little bobble head looks like this it's very small um I don't really know much about basketball on college basketball so I mean I don't know if he is good or not but it's all still very cool to get a little bobble heads on them so thank you LSU for that next up we are going to have one from the Cincinnati Reds today that's come on out there you go and they send this very big package for I'm not sure why actually because they didn't spend much in it but what they did send was quality items so see first off they sent a very cool Cincinnati USA red t-shirt I don't know if those are like Patriots night or America night or something like that but they have the nice US flag there with the little Reds logo and it will sponsored by C Toyota and they also did send a very cool Cincinnati Reds hat with the old I forget that mascots name what's his name mr. red within the mr. red logo and it was sponsored by Fox Sports Ohio and that is actually all that they sent but still very quality so thank you for that one Cincinnati Reds next up we have a very big one from the Philadelphia Phillies they also send a very big package it's got a lot of stuff in here all right so first up these Phillies did send me a little 1990's retro night poster has all the some of the old players old stadium there on the back there is a looks like a haha mock of a rocky scene or something but with the Phillies the Phillies of mascot that's very funny I never actually paid attention to that next up they did send me some very cool roll rolls of fat head they sent me quite few until May Toni Taylor mmm oh that one's John crook crook I don't know that one right there is Tony Taylor Jim Bunning and Robin Roberts not quite sure who all those guys hunter but apparently it's all part of the Phillies wall Fame that was very cool next they did send a very unusual thing I've never seen anything like this it is like a watercolor painting almost of Carlos Reis and Ryan Howard it's pretty cool has like a matted background just prior to the Phillies on it and yeah looks like it looks like an actual painting I've never really opened it to see if it is enough but next up they did send a very cool blue Philadelphia Phillies visor have not won that that yet though pretty pretty tight on me and lastly the Philadelphia Phillies did send a back-to-school kit which is very cool I have not opened this because I mean I don't really have to need to it's got a pencil holder there I can see a little what's I call a notebook in the background we got an eraser a little tiny notebook pencils and in Philadelphia Phillies folder so that will be it from these Phillies thank you for that one and last up we have this massive box had no idea where it came from and it doesn't really say on the label now does not sound a label but it was a very nice surprise to open it up to see that there were it was from the Colorado Rockies and there were four bobbleheads in here first you got DJ LeMahieu with his uh with his career-high bobble head last season well should be two scenes ago now but they sent the Charlie Blackmon Star Wars Edition bobble head giveaway which is very cool next up they sent another Charlie Blackmon bobble head it's just of his just him I guess just a stadium giveaway there and lastly they sent a Nolan Arenado bobble head right there that picture of him waving is the axe supposed to be the actual bobble head bit so I will open these guys up oh that is actually not all the rocky sent though they also sent a mass lump of a ton of t-shirts but unfortunately there was only two different kinds they sent a this was the first design the Colorado Rockies which is very cool and the second design was Colorado Earth Day to them seventeen so that one was actually from this year and that was sponsored by let's see a radio station in Colorado I'm assuming and they said Oh is there a breakfast on Miller's on and on the base science about see one two three four five six seven of those shirts so all different sizes and you know I will open up these bobbleheads for you to show you what these look like and I was actually very surprised to get this fin pack from the Rockies because I I remember sending went out to the Rockies almost a year ago but since then I don't remember actually ever sending one out so let's see first year we will do the Nolan Arenado one and opened up this is what he looks like him moving to the crowd there sponsored by Shane Coe not sure what that is but as you can if you might be able to tell he is actually standing on a base which is very cool got the pinstripe uniforms on with let's si 89 xbh MLB record for third base what that says and on this side it says I [Music] cannot tell what that number is but it says something total bases light all V MLB so that was the first bobblehead of nor Arenado see next up we have the Charlie Blackmon one stadium giveaway put that pair which is this is actually very cool right here Charlie Blackmon he's standing on grass number 19 oh I forgot hold on a second forgot a little baseball bat there it doesn't like to stay in but resting over so the Upstate just fell out he's got a very nice furry beard on this one though as you can see and on the back pinstripe logo or pinstripe uniform as well sponsored by country financials so that one was very nice as well set that there next up I will show you the Star Wars version of Charlie Blackmon just as a x-wing pilot so all open up Charlie Blackmon dressed up for Star Wars night got a little uniform on then it doesn't look to be very even base but it's cool on the backs of Star Wars Jedi Knight at Coors Field 2016 that is actually a very cool one thank you for that and lastly we have the DJ LeMahieu career high ball high which i think is my favorite it is him and his stance after he is swung and he is standing there in his stance oh there goes that one Sinan dancing on the base it says 348 which is a batting average for that year and he's actually the base is actually home plate I don't know if you can see that there you go it's very cool about why I got the bat they let you stick in this one's also actually sponsored by that Shane Co batting champion of the 2016 national league so that'll be it for this video guys I mean just just if you're looking for inspiration or looking for how to get better fan packs it's really just all the luck luck on who you contact and what mood they're in so I don't know I'll make another video probably not for a while because stand up like I said it's been very slow I haven't been getting very many good ones but if I if I get another box or get another good fan pack I will definitely let you guys know thanks for watching and this is this been a another video with D fan 17 do my english capstone marshall university Fulton-Montgomery Community College.

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