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Research capstone project example order

Research capstone project example order write for me capstone exercise excel 2019 chapter 1 the trouble with transfer lessons from a study of community service writing I'll just go through the two example patches that are part of exercises to a I suggest I've uploaded the exercises on the right hand side here I realized I wasn't doing that before and so you won't have been those of you who haven't been and who don't have access to the class materials you won't have been seeing what exercises I've been setting so if I have them sitting on the right hand side you can at least kind of follow along as I walk through them all trying trying remember to do that from now on anyway it says download that's blue which is I've now done from well yeah from from the website it's similar to what we've seen in terms of well if we run through the pattern and sort of establish how it works we've got a metro and a counter and it's counting through accounting between 124 and then select is counting those what are effectively beats and it's counting every three beats so 1 4 7 10 13 and so on and maybe I should play it this is embarrassingly awful in terms of how it sounds but it's only an example that's quite enough of that um so as to say we've we've got a regular beat pattern happening here but we have it in we have a kind of triplet quality so you have the the bass note if you like happening on the first beat of the triplet and then on the third beat of the triplet you have a chord and so overall we have a sort of an eight beat eight beats in the bar or eighth triplet beats in the bar if you like anyway so the base notes are dictated by what's happening on the left hand side here and and all of that goes into well we'll come back to this plus object in a minute it goes through the make note in the notes out objects as we've come across before so you know don't need to worry about them I'm going to skip this bit for a minute and move to the right hand side and just this this also should be familiar we've got a select object here notice that select is abbreviated to SEL which you can do and that gives us select well it's a enables us to select the first beat of each bar which if we count each first beat of each bar then that essentially gives us a bar count which as we walk through the number of bars we don't have another select object which counts between 1 and 12 and each of those is sending while very various of those are sending message boxes with numbers in them so the first bar will sent out as 0 or at least will trigger a 0 and then beat one two three four five will send out a number five six seven will send out a number zero again eight nine will send out seven and so on so what are those doing that's what the plus object is here for and what they're doing again a couple of exercises ago I think one B we looked at the idea of transposition by means of just adding numbers and that's exactly what's happening here so the whole of this secret because it all goes through this plus object is being added to whatever it gets sent from the right hand side here so forget sent to zero then each of those numbers will be added to zero which means that the numbers won't change essentially so it will be 48 52 55 57 and so on and when we get to bar five we get the number five being sent into the right hand side as a plus object which means that every note wave every number that's coming from from here is going to have the number five added to it which essentially is going to transpose it up by perfect fourth it's 5/10 semitones which is a perfect force and then in bar seven we get zero again so it transposes back down to what is the tonic and then in bar nine we have seven semitones transposition which gives us a perfect fifth above and then a perfect fourth and then one and then five so we have a basically a blue sequence and the whole lot is as I say being transposed and and just as with the bark example that we looked at before we've got a bit over here which is determining the the sequence of notes or sequence of beats and then we've got a beat over a bit over here which is determining the sequence of bars and this is a great thing about these essentially very simple objects is that you can you can dictate various levels of structure with them so here we've got a say beat beat based you know moment to moment happenings and then here we've got bar by bar happenings and then you could have another one counting the number of bars to give you a sort of larger cells scale structural determinants determining what happens over a larger scale structure just checked I'm doing okay so what's this bit here in the middle here will you you'll remember again from exercises 1b I think that we have three numbers in a bar that separated Camas and if i click on this message box we get a chord it's currently being transposed up by perfect this remember because it we've just had a seven coming in here so it's not actually 60 64 67 it's something above that actually if I if I just click on this one there you go now you've got no now it's what it should be which is 60 is the note middle C 64 would be the note middle middle II if you like and 67 would be G so something about what's happening here is determining when this is being sent and if you remember minutes ago I said that we get chords on the third beat of every trip left or the third sort of sub beat and if you like a very triplet and that's been determined by this this object here which is called a modulo operator and although it looks like a percentage it doesn't really have anything to do with percentages what it is is a kind of remainder calculator if you look at its help file now you might remember that if you I just need to run lots of patch if you click on alt and then click on the object and it brings up oops sorry I don't mean to copy it it brings up its help file and it says divide two numbers and output the remainder and so to say it's a kind of remainder operator so what what happens is that a number comes into here and it looks at how many of the numbers that are on right hand side of the object will go into the number that you have sent it so in this case let's go back to that okay so zero the number of threes in zero would be zero we're not interested in that number what we are interested in is what's left over so in that case it would be zero there's nothing left over and the number of threes in one if we were to count up one is the number of freedom one is zero but there's one left over so actually what I should is to put them in the box here I need to hurry up a bit because otherwise we'll run out of time one and a half minutes to explain us the number of threes in in one is zero but we have one left over so I need to just and again there you go and if we add one the number of threes in two is zero but we have two left over again the number of threes and three is one but we have zero left over the number of threes and four is one but we have one left over the number of threes in five is one but we have two left over the number of threes in six is two but we have zero left over and so on and so we're basically getting the number zero one two in here depending on what's left over from from doing that calculation if you then choose the number of zero of each of those then we're going to get a trigger if you like on every third beat of the triplet although every third yeah look we'll call it some beat of the triplet hence triggering the cord at that point so you will notice if I slow this down it's 300 capstone real estate corporation Albany campus.

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