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Research capstone pdf order

Research capstone pdf order write for me capstone fire academy british american investment annual report 2018 now today we're looking at a map sensor specifically what it does and how to test it and it's a good idea to test these sensors if you're lucky if you do have to replace it maybe it's a $20 sensor on a late-model car like this Subaru is a $300 sensor so I'll show the steps on how to really diagnose and see what's going on now the map sensor typically lives at the throttle body or the integral now what the sensor is doing is taking a reading on the barometric pressure if the sensor starts to go bad you can have a rough idle stalling surging spark knock so it's certainly a very very important sensor now don't get this confused from the mass airflow sensor the mass air flow sensor lives typically on the airbox right after the the air filter so here's your air filter mass airflow sensor this is measuring air flow to the engine this is measuring pressure okay now if you can't find the the sensor on your vehicle the best thing you could do is a google image search for your specific vehicle a lot of times you could pick up exactly where this sensor lives now before we start looking at the sensor itself I want to verify that power is getting to the sensor for example if there's a break in the wiring we can receive a map sensor code even though the sensor is perfectly fine it's just the wiring so to do that right here where my thumb is there's a tab press that down pull back the harness connector and I'm going to turn the ignition key I mean we should see around 5 volts worth of power now to test that we need a multimeter Amazon Lowe's Home Depot local auto parts store Sears they all have these twenty to twenty-five dollars but you want the volts DC setting and then you have two leads a red and a block the red lead will go to the harness connector and black is your ground which is any good metal point okay so the black lead is to ground red lead goes to the harness connector and as you can see we have 5 volts worth of power that verifies that power is getting to the sensor so the wiring is good if you're not getting a reading here if a break somewhere in the wire you need to track that down typically the red wire is your power wire then you have a signal wire and a ground wire which I'll show you in a moment how to decipher all three but typically the right is your power wire so now we know that the wiring is in good shape now we need to test the sensor itself and to do that we need to turn on the vehicle let it run and receive a voltage reading from the sensor now before I go into specifics first I need to know which wire is what so again using the multimeter you have a setting for continuity now continuity essentially means two points make a connection and what you want to see will look for is this symbol looks like a wireless whoops looks like a wireless hotspot that's what you want to look for in your multimeter now once we have continuity you will hear an audible alert and I'll whoops and I'll explain why this is important in a moment so I can get this thing just to sit so your black wire is going to ground again we know that the red wire is power so that's this guy right here so either this or this is continuity or ground that's what we're looking for is ground here and there you go so that verifies that this is our ground wire okay so this is our power wire ground wire and that's our signal wire that's all it takes very very simple so if I try this guy we should have no continuity okay so this is what again you want to hear okay let's plug this guy back in now get yourself two paper clips so again the red wire is our power wire the middle one here is ground so once you insert the paperclip you'll feel a little bit of resistance that's where the metal prong is inside the harness connector so that's a good connection and this guy is our signal wire yeah and then what you're going to do is start the car and going back to the voltage reading so volts DC an average reading is 1.4 to 1.8 volts now if you're receiving code p0 107 that is because the Volt is under half a volt typically p0 108 is above four and a half volts and those both of those values are no good you need 1.4 to 1.8 on average the best bet you can do is just download the factory or repair manual for your vehicle but this will still give you a pretty good idea on regarding the results and what you need to do here so let me start the car now once the car is running just make sure the two paper clips don't touch otherwise the car will stall out you can even ruin the car's computer so that being said on average 1.4 to 1.8 volts is what we want to see and as you can see we have one point six volts at idle so that verifies that this sensor is working perfectly fine again p0 107 you would see around 0.5 volts or less and trouble code p0 1:08 you would see four and a half or more if you see either of those values very very good indication of the sensor is no longer working now there is one other test you could do just to see what's going on with this sensor there is one other thing you can do regarding p0 107 if let's say this is load 2 intimidating to you you don't want to start probing different wires and figuring out what's the ground and the signal wire and so forth you can do an ohms test now ohms is just a resistance test that you can do on pretty much every sensor on your vehicle now in this case for this vehicle we should see around two and a half or less kilo ohms so if you take a look at the multimeter there's a symbol that looks like that's really the Omega symbol that's the symbol you want on your multimeter ok so just to show you again that's the guy right there now this for this test you really need to find out what the reading is for your specific vehicle every vehicle is different so again this is a 2010 and pres 2.5 or less kilo-ohms is a good reading if this was the turbo or the WRX then the reading is 15 kilo ohms or less so you need to do a little bit of research but that being said if you take this guy out and what I want to do is take the multimeter both leads and I'm going to touch one lead to the prong all the way on the right and the other lead goes to the other prong all the way on the left let me make sure you guys could see this and we should see again around two and a half or less kilo ohms and there you go two point four kilo ohms so again that verifies that this sensor is working correctly if you do this type of reading and you're not getting a reading whatsoever or it's way high then that's another thing you could do to see what's going on with your sensor now if you do need to replace the sensor you typically just have two screws or bolts holding the sensor to the throttle body remove the bolts take out the sensor replace it and that's it so these are the steps you want to go through if you have a problem regarding the map sensor in this case we're lucky I'm just doing this as a how-to but if I did have a trouble code for a map sensor these are the exact steps I would do just a pinpoint where the problem is again it's a three hundred dollar sensor you don't want to just replace it if you really have another problem somewhere else so it's a good idea just to verify what's going on so thank you for watching and until next time I'll see you then business research topics related to finance order Keuka College, Keuka Park.

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