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Requirements for capstone project

Requirements for capstone project ndsu computer science capstone christian entertainment movie review ´╗┐everybody this is Frank more with the last chronicles of planet Earth this is my book and you can go to my website which is www and you'll want you there underneath this video you can scroll down you'll see the front cover in the back cover of my book right below it is a link and that link will take you to be able to read my book and all the documentation proving that Jesus Christ his warnings about these last days are coming to pass now I want to Center this post of July twentieth an update about earthquakes and what you should expect in a near future when you look at what jesus warned us in in the scriptures take a look at what he told us in a book of Matthew chapter 24 verse 7 where you'll see in part of that verse where he gives many different signs one of those is many earthquakes which we are seeing many earthquakes now in all over the world also in Luke chapter 21 verse 11 there are several signs there as well and one of those signs that says great earthquakes and so we know that these great earthquakes meaning earthquakes of high magnitude now we consider high magnitude earthquakes anywhere between six point in going up until as far as on the Richter scale 10 point which is massive so what I want to show you is what to expect it in their future because in Matthew are in mark chapter 13 verse 8 Jesus tells us that in the last days all the signs were going to be happening as birth pangs these birth pangs means that it's going to get worse and worse the closer we get to the deliverance of us by Jesus Christ and that means when he's coming that means the closer he is to coming to us the more intense all these pains are going to be in the pains that I'm talking about her earthquakes violence you name it Wars rumors of wars pestilence disease is all of the things that the Lord mentioned famines droughts intense heat all the things that we're seeing right now so not only does it say in Matthew and also in Luke 21 11 we also see indications of massive earthquakes that it is going to shake or move the earth and I believe that it could cause a massive earthquake somewhere in a magnitude that maybe nine or a ten we've already seen us a couple years ago a magnitude of eight or eight point believe it was an over an eight that caused a tsunami that actually shift the axis of the earth a little bit and we see in Isaiah chapter 24 verse 20 take notice what it says the earth shall rear to and fro like a drunkard and shall be removed like a cottage and the transgression thereof shall be heavy a Punnett and it shall fall and shall not rise again so we see the earth wobbling as a drunkard and we were expecting a massive earthquake now think about this if a magnitude eight earthquake moved this much water is a tsunami pushed that fast at 500 miles an hour when you displace this much water on the earth you can actually have a wobbling effect now if the earthquakes are even more intense magnitude of greater earthquakes as Jesus pointed out Luke 21 11 that watched the great earthquakes you'd have to expect it a large even more of a mass of a water a body of water would be moving which would cause this wobbling effect now also we know and i can guarantee where the next one of the the the major earthquakes these great earthquake is going to show up not in the not-too-distant future here or in the distant future i should say it would be found in Ezekiel let me get this Ezekiel chapter 38 verses 19 and 20 and he tells us about this great earthquake that's going to come it says for many for my jealousy in my fire my wrath have spoken surely in that day there shall be a great shaking in the Land of Israel notice this shaking is coming when you read chapter 38 and 39 it's coming at the time that Russia will lead an invasion against Israel with Iran is one of the major allies they're the closest to to allied with Russia right now also with Libya with Turkey Morocco and some other nations that I list in my book in chapter 11 but it goes down in verse 20 it says so the fishes of the sea and the fowls of the heaven and the beasts of the field and all creeping things that creep upon the earth and all the men that are upon the face of the earth shall shake at my presence and the mountains shall be thrown down and the steep places shall fall in every wall shall fall to the ground and then it goes on to say in verse 21 and I shall call a sword against them throughout all the mountains saith the Lord every man sword shall be against his brother and what he does is when this Russian invasion comes down with all these Islamic nations God is going to turn the swords against the invaders who come down against Israel with this massive earthquake that's going to shake so bad that the whole world will feel this this is going to be an earthquake I believe even stronger than what what we now know is a the highest which would have been a 10.0 Richter scale and you will see this earthquake in the in the near future in the war the Ezekiel war that is coming up after the psalm 83 war now there is there is much to to keep watch on and you have to remember earthquakes by itself would not mean much at all as far as the last day signs and Bible prophecy but here's the deal the Lord said in Matthew chapter 24 when you shall see all these things know that it's near even at the door and there isn't been any other generation in hist this is where it gets exciting no other generation in the entire history of man has been able to see all the things that God said was going to happen in one single generation until now our generation and so just keep on the watch for all the things that the Lord said to watch for and pray always that you be accounted worthy to escape all the things that are coming to pass and shall stand before the Son of Man because if you count yourself worthy then you will be with the Lord and you will be raptured out you'll be missing all these massive earthquakes and everything else is going to happen in the seven year tribulation how can you be worthy well the only way that you can be worthy is to have the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ being poured down on you and in you and into your heart and the only way that that can happen my friends is by believing the word of the Lord and recognizing that Jesus gave us all these signs and evidence to prove that he is the Messiah and he is coming back in these last days and Christ said it himself in John 14 6 and I'm going to say it jesus answered I am the truth the life or the truth and the life and no man come to the Father except through me you want to be counted worthy accept Jesus Christ as your Savior take the free gift of salvation as it says in the thieves as Paul wrote to us God has given us this free gift of life eternal life through His Son Jesus Christ by pouring out this blood for us even why we were sinners only a loving loving person God would be able to do that when we were in such of a mess of people as a society but yet he did this for us and he did it as a gift you cannot earn a gift so please take the gift spare yourself from being tossed into the tribulation and be with us as we get raptured out of here so that you don't have to see all these things that are going to be tossed on the people the unrighteous who are cascaded into the seven year tribulation tell your friends about what I'm doing and let them know that they can get the probably the most comprehensive documentary on Bible prophecy out there today and it's coming to you absolutely free I give everything for free the Lord gave me eternal life and he told me to give the work out for free and that's exactly what I'm doing i'm offering you to the challenge and if you don't know the Lord check it out because you will see that everything that he said is coming to pass god bless you latest construction management research topics State University of New York at Plattsburgh.

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