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Requirements for capstone project online

Requirements for capstone project online uh manoa one stop for money essay why i want to go to your college example ´╗┐hey everyone its Courtney welcome back to my channel so the other day my friend Sean Arsenal which you guys don't know who she is I would leave a link down in the video description below go check out our channel I absolutely love her most of you guys who've been subscribed to me or Darlene for quite a while will know who she is she was one of the lovely ladies that we all got to meet at our peanut gallery girls get together absolutely love Shauna I will leave a link down below also to that video I have the outtakes of our get together it's so funny absolutely hilarious so go check that out go check out her channel as well I absolutely love Shauna to death so links for them will be down below anyways the other day Shauna was talking to Darlene and I about the new my Hannaford rewards program now if you guys live in New England I believe Hannaford spans out to New York area I know they're also combined with Food Lion so I don't know a food line is doing like their own similar thing but if you live in a place that has a Hannaford this video is for you basically can't aford recently came out with this new rewards program what it is is you sign up and you will cowlick an account who have Hannaford basically it's super simple super easy you enter in like your email address your phone number things like that nothing too invasive and you get an account with the Hannaford website once you have your account set up then you can go in and you can start adding coupons on to your account and it's all digitally you can print them out like if you want them in hand but it was so easy because they do it digitally so I can go online to Hannaford if they have you know coupons and stuff and I can just clip the coupons it'll go right on to my account so then when I go shopping it Hannaford and I will enter in my phone number onto like the self checkout I can do it myself or when you're going through the checkout you know you can give them your phone number and your account will come up those coupons will automatically be on your counts you don't have to worry about fumbling through trying to find coupons they're right there digitally all set also with this new program you get 2% cashback and you can use this I think its quarterly and whatever cash you've built up in your account you can apply it to your order so that is absolutely fantastic we really awesome thing is that when you sign up for your account Hannaford is giving quite a few free items so when you join you can go through click on your coupons and you will see it like a list of free things you can get on your next purchase also I was able to get five dollars off five dollars spent so that is insane and absolutely amazing so today I went to two different Hannaford's because one has some things that the other one doesn't and I do have two but in my family so I have two different accounts so I kind of hit one store for one account one store for another account and I will show you guys why I picked up what I got for free and the prices alright so one thing that I bought I don't have hand right here because it's in the car is some windshield washer fluid it's that time of year here in Maine where you go through windshield washer fluid like crazy so I picked that up for a dollar ninety-nine next thing I got here is a three pound bag of granny smith apples these I got forward to 79 next thing I got was this bag of green grapes these are the seedless kind these were a dollar ninety-nine a pound this cost me three dollars and four cents right here I have a one-pound bag of baby carrots these were a dollar 49 the next thing right here I got a five-pound bag of white potatoes these were a dollar ninety-nine right here I got a one-pound box of angel hair pasta this was a dollar right here I got a fifteen point three ounce box of honey pops they're supposed to be like an office generic version of Honey Smacks these were to 79 now the next few things when we shown you are the things I picked up for free that were on my account I wasn't able to get everything that was on my account in store some things have been sold out or they just didn't have so I will continually check back as I go to Hanford over the next few weeks see if I can find them and I will show you but for right now I was able to pick up for freebies so right here I have this Snapple sweet straight-up tea this was originally a dollar twenty nine I got it for free next I got the stur organics drink mixes they're like those little ones put in your water bottles these were $2.99 got these for free next thing I got was a Clif Bar this was originally for for $5 for a dollar and 25 cents I got it for free next thing I got is this Edwards chocolate cream pie there are two slices in here this was originally $2.99 I got it for free so on the items I just showed you I also got an additional five dollars off of that so in total for everything that I just showed you my total came to $11.34 for all of that that's amazing so that is everything that I picked up at the first store like I told you guys you know basically how many ever people are in your family you can create a count for each one of them you just have to have a different phone number for each person in my household here there are two of us so I have two accounts so this first one was one account now I'm going to show you the things I got on the second account so the first thing that I got is a gallon of 2% milk this was two dollars and 59 cents right here I got a 10-count box of mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches these were $2.99 next thing I got was a one-pound container of macaroni salad this was 259 next right here I have a little over half a pound of Smithfield Virginia ham this was two dollars and 55 cents right here I have two of the individual Minute Rice individual servings this is the plain kind this was a dollar 69 right here I have some creamy Italian dressing this was a dollar fifty I have a four pack of Hannaford chocolate chip muffins these were 349 right here extra pounds of apple jelly this is 279 all right so now I'm going to show you guys the free items that I got so I got this six ounce bag of Oreo fins these were originally $2.99 I've gotten poorer got this Lala yogurt smoothie and protein I got it in the wild strawberry flavor this is 99 cents I got it for free next thing I got is a Seco watermelon raspberry coconut water this was 219 I got it for free and last but not least I picked up the Botticelli marinara sauce this was originally four dollars and forty nine cents and I got this for free so in total for everything that it has showed you from that hall I spent $15 and 19 cents and I also got $5 off from that order as well because that was the first time that I used that account so really a great deal so I just calculated up everything that I got in between the two $5 off that I had plus with the free items I saved twenty four dollars and ninety four cents on my shopping trips so if you shop a Hannaford casually or all the time definitely sign up for the mine hanford rewards it is so worth it especially if you buy a lot of the Hannaford brand items those are the items that you will earn cash back on which is fantastic all right guys I'm going to end this here in a couple months when I start getting some more funds added to my account and it's time to cash them in I will do an update video show you guys how much money I had banked up in my hand for rewards and everything that I was able to get for free again alright guys if you enjoyed this video please give it thumbs up subscribe if you haven't already and until next time I will see you later bye capstone unit 6 lesson 38 answers for money Union Theological Seminary, Morningside Heights (Columbia University area).

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