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Quiz 2 capstone project

Quiz 2 capstone project do my nyu data science capstone assignment writing service scottsdale 518 2017 chrysler pacifica touring this vehicle has the award-winning 3.6 liter Pentastar v-6 motor and from this video you'll be able to tell that this minivan is an exceptionally nice condition no dents or dings or stuff or tracks on the front fender anywhere the front bumper this side fender very nice as well this color is called molten silver it's actually more of a gold like a light brown gold and yokohama avid 17 inch tires with just about all the trebla factory painted alloy rims no scuffs and scrapes on this rim back to the color it's got a little bit of metal flake in it kind of silver but it's also kind of goldish to it hoods in really nice condition passenger side rim is in excellent shape as well and you go down this side of the vehicle you see just how clean the body is how reflected the painted so you can see it's got those buttons on the doors what those buttons do is part of the enter and go system so you just press those buttons and it will actually open up the doors the Tory does not come with real friends so that's why she's got Navarro I found this side no dents no dings very very clean down this side vehicle backroom is an excellent condition as well and that's really why we do these videos so that if you are far away or even if you're close by you can still see the vehicles here the vehicle and of confidence and what you're looking at before you can get here so you just press these buttons and that door will open up a little nicer than having to pull the handle they still have the stone go system it's been updated for 2017 and the Pacific as a whole new system and also they added the 8 passenger so that center seat if you take a look at the pictures we have online I have a picture of that with the seats out so that she does come out pretty easily it's not too heavy you can see it has the alloy cloth interior so to get to the back you can just press this handle right here and they will fold that tape right up like that so the easy access to the back so even if you have the eight passenger option like this one does it's still pretty simple to get to the back factory floor mats throughout and then you do have the power side your buttons i will get to how the stone go works when we get to that side of the vehicle you can see that those doors be shut feel totally real solidly nicely this vehicle is all under factory warranty 336 five years 16 poetry see the rear gate is in excellent condition goes about seven dents or dings on the rear gate it does have a back up camera and this one does have the power liftgate option that's not always a given on the touring package but this one does have it you can see that the back storage area is very clean as well does have the power door button and this new stone go system back here is pretty slick it's probably my favorite feature on the new 17 pacificus so you just grab the strap right here I don't put the head rest on you notice they only have two numbers they used to be for now it's too so you grab number one that will unlock it and then number two the whole state will come back the middle leg just collapse right into the floor giving you a nice flat surface when all those seats are down in that middle seat is out you got four by eight space that you can put plywood or drywall so they haven't changed that as far as dimensions go from the pacifica from the town and country so you can basically make your van a truck in about a minute so you put the seat back up just grab number to give it a flip and then you just pull it back and you're all set to go there's no I releasing any extra straps it's all one nice fluid motion very easy press that button it'll be back to three times from the gate will come down nothing's changed there on the pacifica and as we go down this side of the vehicle just as clean as a passenger side one thing that they added this year was the cap on spiel felt to the minivan so you don't get gas on your hands which is nice for Paris especially if you deal with kids and food and whatnot no dents or dings down this side of the vehicle very very clean and I do want to show you how this Dylan go work so this year they also added the stow n go assist so any seat that is a power seat will have the stone go sis so how this works is this little button right here press that button and see that that front seat is moving forward you stole SB had to hold the power seat and put it forward and then maybe you had it far enough ahead maybe you didn't not really sure now it goes up all the way you know that it's right you put that up kind of hold it there grab the stolen go strap pull this up let's see the slide right in place and then you just grab this latch right here that goes right nicely into the floor now it's cool as you press that stolen go assist that see it'll go right back to where you originally had it right where it was last time so it does have a memory to it when you stole it so back seats very very clean we do have rear air controls back here back seats are very clean as well you can see that it does have the latch child system safety system in the back seats as well as the second row seats so you get latched pretty much throughout all the rows and very nice and clean inside and put that seat down just as easy you just grab the stone go strap it'll go right into the floor very simple finally got that door button right there inside the alloy seats the torrian package gives you the alloy captain's chairs power driver's seat no rips or tears misty factory floor mats throughout carpeting very clean underneath has auto headlamps bluetooth audio controls cruise controls and you have your information center right there you got your temperature or I'm sorry your compass display as well as your digital speedometer you get a mileage display and at the moment this vehicle has 3852 miles you can see it does have the 8.4 touchscreen and we got Jimmy Buffett with Sirius XM satellite radio capabilities on there you can see that it has a backup camera dual climate control the night speed automatic transmission which is new for the Pacifica passenger seat very very clean as well no rips or tears and we have the power side doors and power rear gate button right there one thing I did want to point out in addition to everything else it does have the answer and go system but as you can see it has remote start but it's also not a given on a touring package but this one has it has an auxiliary jack and you can see that little speaker up there no that's not for your Bluetooth but that's actually road noise cancelling speakers so it actually admits a sound that cancels out the road noise as you're driving down the road pretty neat stuff auto headlamps power windows power locks and power mirrors so it does have the power second row mere windows right there very nice heated power mirrors take a quick look under the hood I can find the release there it is 3.6 liter Pentastar v-6 motor and onwards top engine list four different times now most recently for the 2017 specific to hybrid so the hybrid version of this has got an award for fast motor 3.6 very very nice this one's been fully safety fully inspected has a fresh oil and filter change on fluids have been topped off and it is one hundred percent ready to go and to see more pictures go to our website wmur.com cool pictures and descriptions of every vehicle on a lot videos every vehicle i'll let some at auto.com thank you so much for checking out my video if you like it you can go to our youtube channel which is youtube.com slash summit auto check out all my videos there and thank you again for checking this one out if you want to make it yours don't hesitate give us a call 920 91 0850 after sales associates make this one years today once again that's 90 91 0850 thanks so much write for me capstone test prep Bethel Seminary of the East.

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