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Question paper of intelligence bureau 2017 for money

Question paper of intelligence bureau 2017 for money write for me military capstone definition ijoms guidelines for writing ´╗┐hey guys this is Austin it's been a while but I am officially back with a brand new gaming PC build meet the photon 4.0 the last year has been a really really rough one for building a computer thanks to a crypto mining it has been incredibly difficult to get your hands on graphics cards especially the ones that most people want to put in gaming builds when you can find them they're incredibly expensive more often than not they're just going to be completely out of stock then to make things even worse other components have also been driven up in price so high in power supplies are really expensive right now and memory is especially bad with a lot of prices going for about double the price that they were last year put all of this together and it has been really difficult to recommend any kind of new build well at least until now thankfully that changes today with the launch of AMD's new Rison processors with vega graphics now know this is not a sponsored video however AMD did send out a little press kit including both Verizon 3 as well as rising 5 I mean Verizon 3 and rising 5 the rise in 320 200 G is going to give you 4 rise in CPU cores 3 an clock up to 3.7 gigahertz as well as 8 Vega GPU cores very similar to the rise in mobile laptop that I recently reviewed not only $100 this guy looks to be a pretty good performance bargain especially considering that what those kind of specs some names are going to be playable even at 1080p however for this build we're going to be going with you risin 5 2400 G now this adds hyper-threading to the quad core processor bring the thread count up to 8 and you're also going to be getting a clock speed of nearly 4 gigahertz almost more importantly for gaming the Vega GPU course has been bumped up from 8 to 11 on this guy though this does come with a hefty or 170 dollar price tag which in context makes rising three looks like a pretty good deal however because this build we're going to go it a little bit higher end we decided to go with you risin 5 2400 G for the rest of the build we're using 16 gigabytes of g.skill flair X ddr4 memory now in a super-fast 3200 megahertz clock speed this is specifically meant to work with Rison and that extra of power is going to be super helpful if you have a rise in APU however at a price on Amazon right now of over 260 dollars this is probably not the best idea to pair with your $170 processor instead I do tune this memory to run at 66 megahertz to simulate running a much more reasonable $100 HyperX fury X kit which is going to have eight gigs of RAM I will say though that if you're looking to pick up a risin with Vega chip make sure that at the very least you get some reasonably fast dual channel memory those graphics definitely need some memory to be fed at this point it's hard not to notice our slightly unusual case pick so this is the thermaltake core p1 and uh yeah it's a little different what we usually do here especially for budget builds with a solid piece of tempered glass upfront it looks really nice of course it's not going to be the most practical system with the entire sides being open however it does mean that you have a lot of different mounting options including on this feat you can even put this on a wall now because we're using a Rison apu there's actually plenty of space here because we're not installing the graphics card however if you do want to do that there is an included riser cable where you can just drop it in so for example if you want to upgrade later down the road you're set for the motherboard we're using the MSI be 350 Pro AC now this actually isn't out yet so I don't have the final price but it is a pretty loaded little board so addition to full support for a rise in APU including overclocking you're also getting RGB you have into a Wi-Fi built and there's also a full size DisplayPort which means that especially for a be 350 board you're getting a lot of features storage is being handled by a 500 gigabyte WD blue SSD now if use these in a few previous builds and I like the price to reliability however one of the nice things about this guy is that is available in an m2 form factor which especially for a CLE build like this means that we can actually stick it on the back of the motherboard to make the cabling even nicer even though power supplies you guys will see leaves a little bit to be desired for that power supply we're using a 500 watt EVGA bronze unit now there's nothing really wrong with it I've used a lot of these in builds they're gonna last a while and they're fairly quiet however it's not a modular supply which even though it is a little bit cheaper means that your cabling is going to be a little bit challenged in this guy thankfully though especially on the back side of this thermal tech case there's a fair bit of room to be able to run some stuff so you've got the cleanest thing in the world it'll work with a system like this especially if you're going with a Rison APU a game a lot of people are probably going to want to play is csgo now here with high settings at 1080p as I died we're getting a pretty respectable 50 to 60 frames per second it's one of the nice things is because we are using a free sync high refresh rate monitor if we do want to turn the graphics settings down to something like medium we couldn't theory take advantage of that full 120 parts refresh rate this is a bad idea I want to do this movie owner rocket League and other games I think a lot of people would play on a system like this getting high quality settings at 1080p with a pretty solid frame rate of between 40 to 50 just like csgo if you do like that higher frame rate over oh come on get it get it yeah if you do want to get that higher frame rate all you need to do is you create the graphics settings down a little bit and you can easily get well over 60 and pre-much all of these games oh that was that one that guy it's funny I've done a lot of videos on super budget systems lately it's nice to see what rocket League looks like when you actually create the graphics up right on low all the time trying to get it to run on like $2 laptops moving on we have grand theft auto 5 now here running on normal settings at 1080p we're between 40 to 50 frames per second now the smoothest thing in the world but GTA 5 even for an older game does run reasonably well however what I'm really curious about is how Rison especially with those Vega GPU cores are going to handle any more modern games when it comes to Middle Earth shadow of war we're dealing with a much more demanding game so here at 720p on medium settings we're getting between 35 to 40 frames per second it's totally playable but when you get into those newer triple-a titles the graphics settings are definitely gonna have to come down so how does rise in with Vegas stack up for the most part pretty well you're getting a solid CPU or on with decent graphics now if you're only doing lighter titles it's totally fine but if you want to get into more hardcore gaming at some point you probably do want to add a graphics card to this guy with the photon 4.0 itself there's a lot of room for expansion it already has a really cool case but there's lots of room in here to add that liquid cooling overclock your processor add a graphics card more drives this guy's pretty much the limit considering where the PC market is today I'm pretty happy with how the photon 4.0 came out it's a unique looking system that won't break the bank so as always links just check out all the parts you guys need to build this will be in the description and something else you might want to check out is my 2018 gaming PC tutorial where I show how to build everything here although on a slightly different case so feel free to go check that out over here and I will catch you guys in the next what bus 475 week 3 capstone final examination Lehman College, The Bronx.

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