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Pulp and paper technology course in tamilnadu order

Pulp and paper technology course in tamilnadu order capstone chartered accountants for money 8uppers movie review ´╗┐now you guys know citizens united was a disaster that's the decision that allowed for unlimited spending as long as you were independent expenditures all politicians are spending it it's an independent group that cares about the issues that just happens to spend it on behalf of all these politicians that they're not coordinating with at all so that poured in a tremendous amount of money into our politics made bribing our politicians much easier and basically made it legal now in a lot of ways those guys are already getting bribed our systems already corrupt it just put it on steroids and then there was a decision called McCutchen which made it even worse they said you know what this whole independent expenditure things up in a mass was just a lot for unlimited spending to political committees so they can go straight to the candidates can go straight to the political parties uh and lift the caps the you speak a public around over a hundred twenty thousand dollars if you gave that much in political spending they'd say okay your cap now right they took the kappa waves give as much as you want to the political committees so it's the steroids on steroids so what has happened since well uh there's a great article in The Washington Post they went talk to some donors uh a lot of having to be conservative of course some of the richest people in the country are conservative and they want lower taxes etcetera that's what they do they bribe politicians to get exactly what they want now the first guy they talk to Andrew Saban he says what was it top issues actually the environment he's trying to get Republicans to uh do write things on there by me what else he wants they doesn't say there I my guess would be that he would also would my lower taxes which allows him to have a lot more money let alone deregulation and center but even if we were to take him at his word that he only intends to do good with this money nonetheless does he have a bigger voice than us of course he does now the the madness of of the court here is that they say no no it's just freedom of speech man but if he's got a billion dollars and you got ten bucks his speech speaks a little louder than yours in fact he admits it Andrew Saban says you have to realize when you start contributing to all these guys which he now can because of McCutchen they give you access to meet them and talk about your they know that I'm a big supporter well that is exactly right that's the whole point you give them a ton of money and then listen to you which means they do exactly what you told them to do otherwise they will get the money next time they'll lose in the guy who you bribed will win see that's not called a democracy that's something else that's not you just speaking to them that's you bribing them whether you intended for good purpose or bad purpose you're still bribing them either way and you're pretty much admitting it here okay then they explain how many people are taking advantage of this amazing together 310 donors gave a combined 11.6 million dollars more by this summer then would have been allowed before the ruling so before the McCutcheon ruling there were limits afterwards just 310 guys gave almost 12 million dollars more because now there is no now donors have exceeded they explained to give you the scope of it have exceeded the pre McCutchen limit have given at least 50 point two million dollars to candidates parties and traditional packs so they see the limit by about 12 million but in total they have given over 50 million dollars that's just 310 guys how much is 310 guys a country 300 million people uh because the post McCutchen decision that is point ole ole ole one percent of Americans that benefit okay point all all one person when I talk about the one percent the people who actually control our politics through massive legalized bribes is point 0 0 0 1 percent okay now they go back to before McCutchen it was already horrible in 2012 646 gave the maximum of one hundred and seventeen thousand dollars for that election cycle mixing at the time the max it was a hundred seventeen thousand dollars the 646 people gave that anyway let alone what they gave an independent expenditures together they donated more than 93 million dollars directly to federal candidates and political committees they donated billions to independent expenditure so that 93 millions the tip of the iceberg but look at the massive scale at which we have legalized this bribery and has how many 646 people that's point 0 0 0 2 percent of the american population now it's so far only half of them have taken advantage of being able to exceed those limits so the people who are doing bribery at the biggest scale is still now point 0 or 1 percent unbelievable unbelievable okay so when they ask Stanley Hubbard who's a minnesota media mogul in a conservative donor hey doesn't it seem like you guys have more power because of this and that you get to influence our democracy more he says quote baloney the average person you get their friends together and raise small donations that amount the big donations really well how much did Hubbard give so far in just this election cycle he gave a 191 thousand dollars hey why don't you just get your friends together over at the at your BBQ and just grab your jog passing around I'm sure you'll get 291 thousand dollars look at the bubble that they live in there like what do you mean you guys don't have a hundred ninety one thousand dollars to give the politicians you don't have that oh what oh I'm just trying to protect my freedom to speech now who are these guys get a load of this okay these are the top donors that's the guys who have i mentioned that their only point 0 0 0 1 percent of the american population here they are among them are las vegas casino titans and New York hedge fund managers in Silicon Valley investors and Texas Oil Barons their ranks include well-known billionaires such as george soros sheldon adelson charles and david koch but also lower profile players such as an arc enci Arkansas poultry magnate Ronald Cameron and New York pearl purveyor christina lang a sale I didn't even know what a pearl purveyor was but it turns out there are pearl purveyors buying off our government it's amazing man uh now here's my favorite Shaun McCutcheon the guy who actually sued and got to the Supreme Court and one to lift the limits he's a Republican activist of course he says quote i would think everybody would be for more money in politics like i am cuz we're just spreading speech I wonder he added them evil laugh at the end of that hahahaha spreading speech oh you got 191 thousand dollars to spread your speech you got 93 million dollars in total from just those 646 guys in the last election cycle to spread speech 93 million dollars you got 50 million dollars in this election cycle from just 310 guys to spread your speech no this is legalized bribery in a just gargantuan scale you know what the solution is wolf dash pack.com if you don't get money out of politics it's over it's over pearl purveyors and oil barons and hedge fund managers and casino titans not are going to run our government they do run our government they have already bought our politicians the system was already corrupt then that corruption got put on steroids and then that Frankenstein system then got put on further steroids on McCutchen we have lost our democracy you have two choices sit on the couch and enjoy your new masters your new rulers who rule over you or get up and fight back wolf dash pack.com those are your two choices I boat for fighting back while you still have any kind of vote do my capstone financial folsom Villa Maria College, Buffalo.

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