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Proposal writing for nursing capstones and clinical projects 2019

Proposal writing for nursing capstones and clinical projects 2019 write for me capstone steel and trading job hiring subclavian steal syndrome presentation ministries ´╗┐good afternoon traders it's monday at 234 in sunny Daytona Beach Florida and right now I'm up a little bit after being down four hundred dollars this morning and two trades I got crushed and I'm not gonna lie my ego was was down any shares now my confidence was really low and it took a couple good trades I when we rallied up this morning I called him as the whole rally sorry about that and then I just been grinded out taking 50 cent dollar scalps and I'm up five ninety and I'm going to try to make at least two points on tape for you so we're holding at 42 half that's a pretty big level for us alright starting to look ugly here I don't generally like shorting new lows I like to be in the move up here at 43 and be covering for these people but I might not have a choice all right 39 quarter we have a fib level from from yesterday in order out there a quarter got hit alright just got filled for two tix have an order out there at 75 I might end up canceling it yeah I'm going to cancel that order out just because I feel that I don't know when it's going to be a but I think that I'll be able to catch a couple ticks down on a reversal all right we're out there at half this generally goes against how I trade this is more of a contrarian trade instead of a trend trade i just missed my fill of 41 by the way all right i caught it there so now i have a point on video for you but usually what I'll do I was just trying to buy that 75 remember but what I was feeling is that the tape was somewhat getting a little tired out so I said you know what I'm going to cancel this and instead of trying to short it right here I'll just wait for a better opportunity so if you see this green line right here basically all this is is I'm plotting a five-minute candlesticks high on my chart on my 1-minute chart so I know where their supply and demand this red lines the low and this turquoise line right here is the prior one minute bars closed now a lot of you may not be scalpers but for me I'm scalper now if I was going to look for a trade that I could carry for an hour or two I'm probably going to go and try to trade the es because the algorithms are on it and it chops back and forth throughout the day but as long as you follow your trend in your system's working I think that gives you a better opportunity a lot of day traders will trade the es referring to the sp500 many futures because one point is fifty dollars on one contract so your commissions are going to be lower remember it's only twenty dollars a contract for the Nasdaq so my profit margins if you compare them to a es trader there are a lot lower because I have to pay for that commission okay so went down a little bit more now we're at the prior five-minute low so this is definitely a bullish candlestick as you see here's the prior to five minute 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traitor and I'm not just going to buy it because it could go to 2660 today I have to have a precise setup that's an alignment with my system and price action and chasing the dragon does not make me money now you could you might be able to get a little pull back here and that's what I'm looking for because 30-minute bars now closed it's in the green it closed above 4575 all right let's see alright got hit at 47 half all right they hit me at 47 I made two ticks on that short a quarter tight leash on that scene if we could get below this this 47 area I my order out there 40 675 i'd hit it once but i didn't get hit come on get down there one tick canceled it right there back down to 75 they got a crap it or not I took two ticks off of it so now I've got two points on video you see a kind of felt like they were stalling it there that's why I wanted to get out i'm lucky i would have taken a break even on it so this this could be a pretty big bar we can't get back up to 48 on this and it's just pure momentum right there because the everyone that was trying to get short here they stopped them out and squeeze them all right so they came back down it still looks bearish but it's tough it's like you're having a fight they catch two ticks off this right here now I'm not looking for the hard money I'm looking for the easy money this right here this moves easy money when you're having a fight you might as well just be patient and wait for a different setup which I'm going to do I'll probably put on one or two more trades and then end it all right there it is and I got to order out there at have to short I'm short of half while on a shot right up to 75 so if I get Phil 247 all right good they took me out of 47 it seems like there's a lot of demand at this level every time we ticket you get a little up burst all right so they're moving down a little more there might be able to get down to 45 after looking back at my charts it looked like this 46 was a decent level we traded off at multiple times throughout the day came back down to the 46 shot up 75 cents I've order out there is short of 50 God hit a 50 and it's already two tix against me ah I took a to tickle ahsana traders it didn't do exactly what I thought it was going to do I thought it was going to come back down and break below that 46 but they ran it up to 47 I'm not going to risk it I'm not going to put my stop at 47 quarter because this was only a scalp trade give them back another quarter fifty cents of my hard-earned money no thank you and now you see him running up you see if I would have been stubborn I would have been in the hole almost 200 bucks right 200 bucks right now no thank you I think out of everything in my trading the hardest thing to overcome was being wrong at the setup was right you put your trade plan together and everything but you were wrong and you know how I got over that I just kept taking small losses or break evens I'd only risk a quarter I'd only risk a break even and that made me comfortable with taking a small loss because think about it if you're a scalper even if you're a position trader and you're up decent in a move and you let it come all the way back to break even well yeah it hurts your commission and hurts your bottom line but it also hurts your confidence because you were actually write everything in the trade plan went right but you got a little too greedy that was two trades the last two did an equal out I still got two points on here for you I hope you enjoyed the action good luck trading I'll talk to you next time do my capsim capstone tqm SUNY Upstate Medical University.

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