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Project management topics for research papers

Project management topics for research papers write for me leadership capstone projects summary shimla weather today reports ´╗┐Portland OR the greatest place I've ever lived I've got a bunch of videos about coal everything from where to live what to do and even why you shouldn't move here in all those videos I've noticed one common denominator the comments from the natives Portland Natives tell you not to move here they don't want you here they don't need you here so I started wondering what do they need who do they need so I came up with a list so here's my top ten types of people that should move to Portland Oregon number ten IT workers we have a bunch of companies that rely heavily on IT work here's the thing Portland doesn't have enough IT people to fill the jobs we currently have open now there's a worry that the changes in the worker visa program that have been proposed may send half the IT workforce home so we're desperate for IT folks or at least we should be here in the near future number nine college students we have four good-sized colleges in Portland Portland State the University of Portland Lewis and Clark College and Reed College we have a buttload of smaller ones and for-profit colleges as well and also out in the suburbs we got George Fox and Pacific University and Forest Grove that's a lot of desks we got to fill every year need to put asses in those seats so we need college students so many colleges that's also why Portland's so liberal college students tend to have a liberal point of view while they're going to college it changes sometimes when they get back to wherever they came from Idaho Texas whatever but take that for what it is most liberals are college educated number eight people dig the outdoors mountain biking hiking fishing kayaking camping canoeing mud wrestling we have it all here in Portland area las have a large amount of family-run businesses that depend on a good turnover of outdoor types here in Portland Oregon without an influx of new people they don't get those new people dollars then they have to close up shop number seven homeless people are you homeless do you want to be homeless have you ever thought about being homeless well if you don't mind being outdoors when it rains Portland may be the place for you cool thing is homeless on homeless Violent Crimes are the lowest in the nation here in Portland Oregon and that's kind of a strange little props for our Portland homeless I mean they're not violent people I guess even though now back in 2011 we did have a gentleman that was arrested for seven attempted rapes now he's a homeless gentleman and he was doing this in the little homeless camps and he'd been arrested for seven of these things I saw a news report on this and they talked to another homeless woman that said she had had a run-in with him back in O seven and her name was tacoma and she said he tried to squat hump me under the Burnside Bridge back in 2007 I don't know what squat hump is several times I've looked it up to see if I could actually pinpoint what squat humped is I've looked in urban dictionary I can't figure it out number six young families no matter how you slice it Oregon is a great place to raise kids young families are what keep a city alive you need them now raising kids here and send them to school just like any place else some of those schools are good some of the schools suck you just got to read up on them to find out which one just like any other state but I'll tell you one thing almost every single person I know that was raised in Portland Oregon or in Oregon in general loved it said they had the greatest childhood they wouldn't have changed it for the world that carries a lot of weight when actually you talk to people that lived it now for all those of you who are commenting right now and type in a way I'm sorry your childhood and Oregon sucked I'm sorry it was the worst thing ever and all your friends had bad childhoods I'm sorry I hope it got better quit typing number five cannabis farmers you heard me right cannabis farmers since the first month weed became legal we've had a hard time keeping it on the shelves really imagine that make a drug legal and people want to buy it all the time mind blowing who would have ever thought that so if you're a grower living the state that may lock you up for applying your chosen trade you need to load up that Volkswagen bus of yours and head west they'll welcome you here with open arms number four protesters that's right we need more protesters on both sides and all three sides I don't care what your issue is come on up to Portland want to save the endangered lettuce vulture we'll give you a frickin parade I know what you're saying right now Jim why aren't God's green earth would you want more protesters in Portland you have way over your quota don't you think you should throw some back in no here's my logic here right now protests are cool and fashionable for younger adults to go to the meeting place it's fun and we know when something is done to death as in every single week and all the time it becomes very uncool and unfashionable and then they quit doing it that's my theory if we have them all the time and it just becomes way overdone eventually they'll find something else to do with all that pent-up hostility and time and if we really want to make these protests uncool we'll start invite Nickelback never have another protest again as long as the earth is spinning [Applause] [Music] number three strippers and amateur strippers we have tons of strip clubs in Portland Oregon and that means we need tons of strippers the main reason is we need to rotate some of them from different clubs back and forth and all around because if you're seeing the same dancers get naked every single time you go to a strip club starts to feel kind of like a relationship kind of like a marriage because you're seeing the same chick naked all the time and if it's like any other marriage eventually she's going to quit taking off her clothes but still want the money from you and the need for new strippers number two vegans Portland is a utopia for vegan Portland has about 50 vegan eateries maybe a few more by the time you watch this from cantinas the bakeries we have a mall I know a few people that this was actually the deciding reason to move to Portland over some other locations and actually vegan tourism is starting to be a real draw to Portland Oregon which I find really weird I mean it's kind of cool that's your gig not mine but still it's a thing and number one customer service reps customer service and call centers are huge around Portland many companies may be headquartered in other states other countries but they'll have their call centers here this is a lot to do with a study that was done in the early 90s the study found that the most friendly talking to people in the US come from Portland Oregon this industry continues to grow and it was one of the only industries that continued to grow during the recession some call center jobs pay really really well and some pay like crap but they might have the hours you're looking forward to trade off you got to look for the one that fits you companies like Netflix Xbox Ford Comcast Nike Wells Fargo Kaiser Aetna they all have had or have call centers here in [Music] well that's it that's my top 10 people that should move to Portland Oregon live I hope you enjoyed it I hope you got some information out of a heart hope you got a good chuckle out of it don't forget needs that subscribe button don't forget this give me a big thumbs up leave a comment I also still selling my t-shirts made you look t-shirts a big red arrow I got a link down below it's a great way to support my channel everyone be nice to each other [Music] the capstone at royal palm Niagara University, Lewiston.

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