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Project management capstone topics order

Project management capstone topics order do my capstone counseling maryland advertising manipulation argumentative essay ´╗┐the check it out at Shepherd James I'm in Mumbai India we're going for a full on food for street food tour of this city we're gonna see what we can find just my first trip here and I'm so pumped check it out Mumbai is packed with buzina you're gonna fall in love with on your first try you'll never run of the new things to try as you explore the city I came here to eat and I found a ton of awesome snacks and meals that blew me away travelers always say that India is sensory overload and I have to agree especially when it comes to eating seho via uh yeah Chi hey Baba ji ah ba ba ji ah pav bhaji is a thick and creamy vegetable gravy made mainly with potatoes tomatoes peas and onions it's mashed up before your eyes on the street side and you can literally smell the butter as you walk by the vendors had so much as they make it it's served with a supersoft butter soaked bun they scoop lots of gravy on to that looks juicy oh wow thank you I'm gonna take a bun I'm gonna get some of that buttery juicy sauce oh it's saturated oh and he just load it up with butter whoa thank you that is unbelievable next I made my way to the most famous street food in Mumbai the vada pav aka the Mumbai burger if you're vegetarian this is your heaven it's made with deep-fried potato patties stuffed with cumin mustard seeds turmeric coriander and masala powder and then it's covered in the mint chutney sweet chutney and a spicy red chili powder mmm oh look at this this is the Mumbai burger look at that Wow whoa that is really nice see that soft potato batter it's spicy I think there's like stuff with Indian spices I think I taste like fennel and cumin in there and these crisps oh it's crispy but the bun is so soft and since it was Ramadan I came to the must visit Muhammad Ali Road if you come on the eve of Eid then you're in for a treat because you can find a huge selection of specialty street foods and the festive atmosphere is gonna make you hungry this is my pork which is like an egg saffron geet and cake it's so hot here so many people and I want to try this out order up how much cool okay this is the mop Wow thank you this is the egg mouth oh this oh this is going to be the probably the oiliest thing I've ever eaten it's like an egg pancake loaded with saffron I think the white stuff I think that's like a milk a cinnamon milk oh it's really hot let's try it out whoa Wow that surprisingly really good it tastes like eggnog almost like it tastes like a sweet cinnamon banana with a hint of cardamom next I had a recommendation to try the mutton brain gravy and the tandoori quail this is absolutely insane here we're gonna order up some tandoori pageant look at this I have tandoori chicken here oh yeah get a little lime on there get a little lemon and over here this is the specialty quail whoa that's very good yeah it's tender a little smoky and that skin is so crispy this year is like a lamb brain gravy Oh lamb brain gravy try it out I don't know if I can roll with the brain it's almost like a little 50 but I wasn't about to let that one brain stew ruin the show for the rest of them so I came to try a different spicy version down the next road made with garam masala a lot of turmeric and a ton of spice oh it smells good smells really spicy I can smell the turmeric in there one brain please yes a crane that means one lamb brain thank you oh my there's all that car on masala spice chilli powder there's so there's lots of turmeric and I am excited I've never tried this before let's go for it hmmm the gara masala the chilli powder turmeric all mix together it's really good thank you that was really good thank you very much and oh so good so nice I never thought lamb brain would be like that thank you thank you next day I found a street Kotori topped with a sweet chutney mint chutney crisps dal and yogurt ah Qatari thank you Oh negatory laughs go to the bathroom okay thank you how much 20 rupees okay he put a sweet chutney and a mint chutney on there we're gonna try it out mmm oh yeah yeah thank you it's really nice a face oh the sweet spicy this is the mint chutney a mint chutney green chutney mmm very nice yeah it's like a sweet spicy crispy puff and a trip to Mumbai wouldn't be complete without the famous pani puri this crunchy spicy turmeric water filled cup of joy is found all over India but I came here to Mumbai to eat it I've been waiting so long to try this this is the spot in Mumbai to try it out it's like an Indian water bomb packed with tamarind sweet tamarind flavor try it out so you can see the green things in there those are moong dal and these white circular things over there crisps called boondi they mix two types of water together one is like a spicy tap oh oh it exploded oh one it's like a splashy tamarind water and one is sweet and minty hmm whoa that's really good boom I just closed in your mouth it's super sweet I can taste the tamarind in there it's a little spicy and this tiny here is so crunchy it's like a crunchy water bomb the water is cool and refreshing later I found a special protein filled chickpea mash with mustard seeds onions and cilantro at a super busy little street corner yes please oh so this is the sub company Wow okay hey so look at this they give you this this is like a legumes mash with all these crisps there's fresh onions fresh cilantro oh I have no idea what just gonna taste like let's try it out whoa you got a unique ya bath day the games are really really hearty it it's like the next level of mashed potatoes you get a full-on hearty flavor I actually taste a little bit of sweetness in there with some cilantro and onions for the final killer meal in Mumbai I made my way to a famous thali shop and experienced the true home cook style thali in downtown Mumbai complete with an assortment of dishes and desserts giving a full spectrum of sweet salty spicy bitter and sour dishes oh and this is covered in ghee right yeah covered it all very nice fruit salad is it in the yogurt Lewton fruit and milk oh and this one here jumbo Coolidge am uh-huh oh yes please this is a feast here thank you very much baila chutney garlic and chili mix all around and two minutes to me quicken lemon water let me sleep you can all just dip it right in your beautiful hello you can use your little can i yeah can I use my left okay thank you very much try it out oh yeah mmm let's hit that take these it's yeah any into its really good yeah it's so good this is my first time having a thali yeah I've been looking forward to this I've been really looking forward to trying it lot of flavors on this Kali they're all really just complete vibrant flavors then there's no meat that's the surprising part every single bite is something new huge contrast of flavors and textures and you can just mix and match and every bite is something new all right awesome I'm just gonna add some dal there yes it's unlimited you can just keep eating on the right oh yeah I know I'm gonna put a little more doll all over that it's so fresh oh the whole tally experience here at the friends union Joshy club was amazing when the tile I just had a distinct Hardy and home-cooked flavor it was so delicious so please subscribe to my youtube channel click that like button and leave me a comment down below I've had a marvelous time here at Mumbai awesome food friendly people and I'm moving on to coaching next I'm in search of some good food thanks again thanks so much for watching my food and travel videos if you loved the video please help me out by leaving me a comment down below it's gonna help my video reach more people so I can keep making more videos for you thanks again do my capstone civil structural consultants Baruch College.

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