Project Deliverable 5 Capstone Final Project And Presentation
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Project deliverable 5 capstone final project and presentation

Project deliverable 5 capstone final project and presentation capsim round 3 production for money freedom house turkey report ´╗┐okay so ever since I made that video about the getting my license taking that test and and then the advice I started to get a lot of subscribers who were other social work students and I started getting questions from them about you know grad school and being stressed out and I keep reading these questions and I and I haven't responded to them because I've been thinking I want to make a video on it so this is just kind of like spur of the moment like you know from seeing all these messages but I just want to talk and kind of tell you guys that it's gonna be alright you're going through grad school right now it is a hell of a time let me tell you I know what that's like you know I was working a part-time job and I was doing an internship and grad school at the same time during some of the parts of grad school and it's hell I mean you got to do process recordings like freaking everyday there's like you have to do tons of process recordings and they're not even short there they take like an hour a pop more than an hour sometimes and so if you're friggin like ADHD like me and you're like constantly thinking about other things you know it's it takes a long time and then you got to deal with you know homework on top of that like you know sleep you need to sleep somewhere in there and I know I know it's hard and you will be you will get gray hairs I found gray hairs I'm going through that crap but it'll be worth it in the end and you're gonna be glad you did it because let me tell you something I I look back now and I am I am like I am amazed I was able to do that and I'm like I'm kind of like a proud of myself that I was able to get through that and survive it and there were times where I you know like I said I was stressed I was like just overwhelmed but I stuck through it I knew that that there would be a day at the end at the end of this where I'd be happy where I would feel like everything has calmed down and my life has reached some point where it's comfortable again and that's where I'm at now I mean you know it's a rough couple years but like you know and if you're going through grad school right now I really recommend take that license exam right away because number one you're you remember the material the best if you take it right after you down the grad school so if you're gonna go get your LMS W right after you get your MSW take that license exam like sign up for it as soon as you can I think you can officially sign up for it once you want once you get your MSW or whatever I get the day you graduate or maybe once a week before you graduate you can sign up for it so do it then because let me tell you something you can watch my other video on how to study for it you can watch a couple other videos there's other great videos on there about how to study for the test just do that and use those use those tips and you know what if you fail you fail I know it's a lot of money and I know that that would suck if you fell failed but I think you're gonna be fine and if used if you take that test right after you graduate that is the chain that is when you have the best chance of passing so that's when you should take it and it is just the best feeling in the world to be done like completely done and that's where I'm at now I'm you know I graduated in August took my test in December past that and then got a job in December I got the job you know and then ended up like starting and now in February cuz I was a ton of training crazy minds of training but now I'm done you know I don't have to think about any of that anymore like I quit my part-time job I'm just doing one full-time job and it is a relief it is such a relief I feel like you know I feel like my life has become simplified which is what I've always wanted a bit of a simpler life and I feel like I have more you know first of all I have more time for me to do things I want to do just like watch a marathon of Boy Meets World that's what I was doing today and like listened to a ton of vaporwave music and whatever just do things that you like to do play fallout new harbour and all that kind of stuff so yeah like you're gonna make it through this and then you're gonna have that time to do these fun things whatever whatever your idea of a fun thing is you know you're gonna have time to do that and you're gonna have time to see your friends again and you're gonna have time to like I know it sucks like you know and you never have time to see your friends but I mean you can study with your friends that's always cool but the point is like you're gonna you're gonna feel so much better and that's why you know you have to you have to do it all and just do it all now and get it done make this be the hard part and then just you're gonna feel and then you can feel better at the end and then you never have to go to school ever again I'm never going back to school I can tell you that right now I mean I'm already dealing with student loans I don't want to you know add more more student loans on top of the Hat and I don't want to add more stress in my life you know I'm done I mean I could find any social worker I want do do all kinds of stuff all over the world but the fact is I'm done and I'm happy and I'm doing a job where you know I'm working at a crisis center now and I haven't really talked about my job right yet in my videos but um it's great it's you know people come in there and they're in crisis and they can they can stay there for up to 24 hours so come in when they have a problem big problem like you know just how to fight with their parents or their self-harming or they have an addiction or something and they're you know a lot of times they're just they're crying you know and then they they meet with a nurse gives them a quick medical assessment you know arns and LPNs then they have peer advocates they're kind of late to them and talk to them share the experiences with them and then they meet with me the social worker who gives them counselling and refers them to a service where they can go after being at the crisis center where I work so say it's a kid who had a fight with his parents I might give them temporary respite house to stay I might recommend a rehab inpatient rehab for someone with an addiction I might recommend just a regular outpatient counselor that somebody could see every week you know or education classes for parents with a kid with a mental illness or something you know so like I'm learning so much too about all the services in the area and I love this program that I'm part of because it's a it's actually not a lot of this type of program in the country it's actually a pretty new type of program there's like one in New Mexico there's this is the first one in New York State so yeah it's really cool because I'm part of something brand new it's a brand new program it started but yeah I mean I'm just saying like you know and I'm just so happy I feel so so so fulfilled because people come in there and they're in tears and then I help them find the service and then they leave and they're happy and I can see it on their face and it's just like the best feeling in the world and you can have that too you can have that feeling and know that it's it's you are doing the job of love and you go to work every day feeling good about yourself knowing you're making a difference in the world and you can do that and all you got to do is get through this crap right now all this crazy schoolwork just get through it then you can feel like me love and work everyday actually you know just feeling like happy like at work like I I never experienced that when I was working retail like I hated it every day I didn't want to be at work now I'm at work and I'm happy you can be tail okay I hope that makes you feel better if you're stressed about grad school write for me dnp capstone project on obesity Vassar College.

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