Prepare For The Capstone Project By Listening To The Audio Interview Capstone Planning Your Project Order
Prepare For The Capstone Project By Listening To The Audio Interview Capstone Planning Your Project Order W 14th Street zip 10011
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Prepare for the capstone project by listening to the audio interview capstone planning your project order

Prepare for the capstone project by listening to the audio interview capstone planning your project order capstone gooseneck lantern costco for money miao zhang pathology report ´╗┐David rhew look this up don't see what's get there just and we started this in just in order spanned motion I knew yourself my name is Gerald wick 45 years old I work for a truck line it's a safety manager I've got three kids I'm married my wife is a horse is a nurse that of walking medical clinic my homemade I worked in with me place and I'm a mother of three and I'm single my name is Mary index I have am married to a husband who is self-employed I have two grown children I work at Vanderbilt University on the university side not on the medical center side my name is Jackson Perry security guard married two children so partially employed by myself I'm automotive engineer and designer my name is Dennis Baker 43 years old I'm a security systems analyst long-term contract employee for HCA I have a 17 year old daughter now mr. Brewer any of the court do many of the questions that have been asked by myself or the lawyers stand out in your man you need to respond to at this time does she have some injuries from that accent that's my phone down starting here and say question anything stand at your mind you need to respond to any of the questions about 20 years ago I was a paramedic for an ambulance company in Michigan the ambulance that I was riding in I was not driving rear-ended someone and the person signed a medical waiver at the time and then later came back to the ambulance company and sued the company for damages I had two girls killed in a car wreck they only have to think I was I'm the safety major with a truck on I deal with work comp and accidents constantly for my drivers we've got 68 drivers and I'm in charge oh yeah for the new perspective jurors do any of you feel that haven't heard the questions that have been asked so far that you would not be able to be fair and impartial to both sides you all make your decision based only on the facts of law in this case we're dealing with the trucking accidents all the time basically as far as being able to give a financial amount of money or anything like that I have a hard time doing that there's weather the gray area comes in as a lot of things people have a hard time do deal with it but our question is is is it going to really interfere with your ability to do it well I have to deal with the insurance adjusters and claims and all that all the time for both injuries and the automobile and of it so I'm partial to leaning towards not giving money away or anything like that and especially when there is a judgment against special against the company is not like it too much that's mr. commercially from wick excuse me miss wick I appreciate that candor excuse you for calls as well just have a seat back in the bathroom to please anybody else can all of you be fair and harsh and make a decision based only on the facts and the law that you'll hear during this case can't that's okay I will make sure that you can my accident was quite a long time ago and I would financially was not hurt and I would like to think that I can be partial and my husband is a small business owner I would like to think that I could be personal I would try my hardest to be unbiased but I just wanted you to know that my husband is a small business owner okay I appreciate that mr. Imlay any questions for the new prospective jurors I may just have a couple of state have any of you had any back or neck problems when I was young about seven years old I was knocked out of a tree fell 14 feet chip a vertebrae and I was used to race BMX bikes and I was at a state park and they had a rotting jump and I fell and cracked my skull with a three-inch cracker my right side of my skull nearly killed nails in the hospital for three months and barely survived another than that I've been hit by cars while I was riding my bike broken all my toes in my right leg oh my all my fingers in my right hand broken both my elbows and shattered my collarbone let me just ask you that Topsy with me do you think that that will have an impact on not at all I'll go by strictly facts that wouldn't cause any problem for me to judge by just facts anybody else have had passed back or neck problems or have problems now whether they be caused by an accident or whether you've just had accident but I have little back issues I don't know if they were caused by I mean see if I get this right is it this is it very big mistakes cut both ways same time you were we rear-ended son you rear-ended yes excuse me that person typed the same said there okay and then came back yes sir did they come back that day or did they disallow Suki actually we found out later that there was a attorney nearby and the attorney approached a gentleman that was in the accident and he later came back in to the the ambulance company okay well if you found out in this case that mrs. Crawford didn't go to the ER from by ambulance after the accident what would you feeling to be about that I would like to think that I would I could be impartial and I'd like to think that I could view the evidence and listen to everything in the case before I pass judgment well recent it but what your story that you described was of concern to me because I'm wondering if if the fact that he didn't go immediately to the ER whether that in itself will make you race they raised the question but I mean will it will it cause you to think twice about awarding money in this case I would like to My Goddess to say that I believe that I could be as partial as that I don't think that would come into effect I mean that's what I would like to think I believe I could be as as honest and his partial as possible he owns a ceramic tile business he installs her entirely new homes he's unable to do that type of work he has seven employees that work for him so he he doesn't really install tile anymore he pretty much oversees the other employees that install tile occasionally he has to you know an emergency he has to set tile but he doesn't do that so much anymore yeah mr. brewer you indicated your wife mr. we're gonna pass you the microphone since we have this interference if you can't hear me not not going into a lot of details other than the fact that she was involved in an accident that was not her fault she did sustained some injuries that did cause some time off from work and what we're still looking into how long those damages of her lower back will be sustained and in in as such we realized the insurance companies were not really wanting to settle with what was what we fairly thought was a fair and equitable settled but when it comes to this and I have no preconceived ideas one way for your client or for the other client I will treat those situations I would hope that it would not get to this situation but I can understand I can understand from the system from certain situations of why lawsuits are needed I have a better understanding of your honor mr. Baker you work at HCA and Greg Mitchell also works at HCA do you know him at all yes sir okay anything about the fact that he works with HCA and you do too that might influence your decision in this case yes sir mr. brewer as I understood your answer to mr. Freeman it's just a dispute about what the fair value is that that like the wife's days that's that's correct the insurance company came back with an excessively low low settlement and they were very rude very rude to us so we had to seek legal advice and that's where it stands perfectly I have no preconceived ideas again thank you that's all I'm worried like you something July we're looking for this air-conditioning you're excused sir if you'll have a seat back in the back we thank you very much Dennis Baker capstone behavioral health south 42nd street omaha ne for money Ithaca College.

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