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Powerpoint 2018 capstone project cheap

Powerpoint 2018 capstone project cheap arduino float 1 decimal looking for someone to type my dissertation chapter on adoption as soon as possible ´╗┐what's up guys well they got it covered our dress and aka your Hawaii point of contact this video is mainly for my Hawaii students back home Western Oregon University home of the Bulls it is a small campus in Monmouth Monmouth is between Salem and Corvallis an hour and a half drive through Portland if you are flying into Portland we're about six thousand undergrad you are coming to Western Oregon you are welcome to this big Ohana you're gonna meet a pool so you are at the sore event right now what's up how's it meet all the people you can right now because they're gonna be your friends absolute housing this year you guys are the first group to pick your own Hall that includes libraries Ackerman and heritage and you get to pick your own room so make sure you go on housing make sure you've applied and you front your roommate if you didn't go on room sink and find your roommate but go on housing make sure you have everything done so that you can choose your room I would say transitioning to Oregon is a big job you are transitioning to the new whether your transition away from your parent to transitioning away from your friends high school is over you had all your memories you have all your good types but trust me College gets even better you make a whole new set of friends especially from Hawaii they are all your Ohana at the end of the day you're always with them you are here in college for yourself make sure you put yourself first roof to yourself that you want to be here your parents did not sign you up for this you signed yourself up for this how to survive in college would be to make the most out of it and if you come here on the first week and you're just kind of like I'm so scared it's okay everyone's feeling like that everyone is scared and awkward you know make friends you can have a great time to do your new student week don't stay in your room all the time Monmouth is a small town yes but there are so many things to do on campus there are so many different events that Arsenal puts on for us we're never bored on campus and being there at the gym you can be there at the library studying like we all should be you can rent the car you can rent the bike to go down to another town like it's over or you can catch the train and save them to go to Portland and adventure Portland with day we have so many different support centers on campus that we can help you out with if you are finding trouble in one of your classes we have the math Center we have the digital media center we have the Writing Center we have the Student Success and advising Center to help you succeed in your classes and if you do get confused talk to your professor go to their office hours email them as long as you have a good communication with the people around you they will be there to help you and support you through school if you're feeling sick you can go to the student health and counseling center you're feeling homesick you're feeling depressed because this transition is so big the counselors on campus are here to help you and come here to guide you in a way that you feel more comfortable at this school right here with my friends I will be interviewing them and talking about the tips about Western organ and you guys could see what they're doing on campus and the things that they've learned from this past year because I'm pretty sure you want to see other people besides me what is your name no my name is Zach Michigan Kaitlin Rogers I'm from mouths like high school in Snoqualmie Washington purple city plexus I'm from you H love high school hey oh I didn't see you there and what is your major exercise science business I am an ASL interpreting major and I'm learning how to sign for theatre so how did you get to know me heavy sauce at the story Ben before we came up we were sitting at Mount Ebal outside of the event because they ran on the people inside the event these talks going and I got to America after the second accident and here comes sauce [Music] let's hope you been my next sauce at the for real machine could wean each other through mutual friends they're all like a snapchat tag crew and everyone color me so I was like hey you're me so right and she was like fine mint sauce this thing called room sink and it's like tinder but for roommates I stalker right this really funny status basically saying that she's still hadn't found a roommate I was like I like her I saw that was really interested in the ocean and all that other jazz I met sauce through one of my friends grace I bet you had an event that's how all of our friends came together what advice do you have for freshmen this year start studying early it's not good to crap and everything like that because you are gonna distress though there's not a lot of homework but there's a lot of routine you bring what we're close during the winter because it does get cold and it snows go to class no matter what because you are paying for each class time to go and it'll be shame don't be afraid to make conversation a lot of annoying people are all the people up here in general are very late welcoming and nice don't hold yourself to the same ideals or the same views that you had in high school it changes a lot you are able to start over you're looking at preeminent regions or any of the science majors being ready to do the snack of manga science courses with my good friends those who are save your money over the summer you're gonna need it takes coolest seriously because it's when you get to college it's gonna be wrong it's wrong I say driving you're Yoda on the on the sand at the beach and then you get stuck you just be yourself and you start working hard don't just do whatever you want like take that time off to study like as a bloke planning for good jobs then we don't play but then it'll be that way to me buildings and everyone so I said they want to see you succeed in life don't procrastinate I know you all are gonna procrastinate but you gotta like try your best not to what advice do you have for their parents you're safer on campus everyone's really helpful and nice just know that your kids are always in good hands they're going to succeed if they put in the work so encourage them to put in all the work that they can because they're here for a good reason understand that this is a really big change for a lot of kids and that it will take a little bit longer than maybe two weeks just trust your kids like most of the time we're not that stupid I've been open here to what your kid is going to not just in school like just I mean it's good to worry but don't really worry too much because you know they have more coming up with them it's not like they're alone send a lot of care packages especially a juice siphon and all that please be patient kids be easy on your parents tongue you love them because you all know you do parents we know you love your kids too at the almost got my sister's cousin dogs Turtles everybody don't worry they see pens these troll Hawaii people here we all want boom bang yeah my last thing to say is if you see us on campus anyone of me and my friends on campus feel free to say hi we don't but I'm here to support you I'm here to be here for you if you guys have any questions thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoy your time here have a wonderful and graduation and I will see you in the fall my baby's David write for me capstone user defined function Mailman School of Public Health.

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