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Political science research topics philippines order

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[CLAPPING & CHEERING] [SINGING] Amazing grace, how sweet the sound. We sing, amazing grace, how sweet the sound. Where we are from. Good job ladies. [CLAPPING & CHEERING] PATRICK DAVIS: Well, I grew up around music. My house was always filled with music. I didn't even really realize that I was, kind of had the bug for music until I was a little bit older, and my dad had this, our living room was basically-- it was really like a music room, because it was record players and you know it was tape players, and CD players, and 10 guitars everywhere, and amplifiers. And then it was a record collection it was probably I mean, I'd probably say 3,000 or 4,000 records on you know, up against the wall, you know stacked high so, so I was always around music. So, I guess when I got a little bit older, and I kind of you know, I dove into it. It wasn't so surprising that I would be somebody that would kind of love it, because I guess it's just always been there, without me knowing it. Hootie and the Blowfish guys, you know Darius, and Mark Brian were super influential in me writing my own music, because when I was at University of South Carolina, they would come see me play. And I can still vividly remember the night when they said, man you're really good but if you want to make it in this business, you should probably start writing your own songs. And that was, to me it was like you know a moment, because you know these guys were one of the biggest bands in the world, at that time, and it just blew my mind. And, I was like OK. And that's when I started really, really kind of honing the craft, trying to write as much as I possibly could. [SINGING] We all wonder what they mean as the roads lead-- When you become a songwriter, you always have to be prepared to let the spirit hit you. You really kind of have to start thinking about, everything can be a song. You know, when you hear somebody at a bar, and you hear a conversation, a line that you hear might be like oh my goodness, that would be a great line in the song. Every show I send this out to my best friend, twice, Mr. Jimmy Buffet. It's called something about a boat. You know one of the ones that I still kind of can't believe in, it is Jimmy Buffet recorded one of my songs, that I'd written with some friends of mine. And you know when Jimmy Buffet, he's always been a songwriter. So, for Jimmy Buffet to record a song he didn't write really means something on a grander scale. You're like wow that, that means that the song was really perfect for him. You know and that's a really great feeling. [SINGING] Take you around the world, bring you back home. Gives a man hope, something about a boat. We are all in this together, we are all in this-- SPEAKER 2: It's spontaneous every night, it's very exciting, Patrick's a dynamic performer and you literally never know what's going to happen. 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And when I walk on stage, all the people, it's funny if they didn't ever see me before, you can see them looking like, whose this old guy here with the guitar. And then when I introduce him as my dad, you can see their faces light up. And they just you know it, it creates this whole other vibe, this whole energy that otherwise may not be there. RUSTY DAVIS: Well I was a teacher in 88, but I always played music. I was always playing on weekends, so Patrick would come out, and sit-in with us. He always did a song by the Counting Crows, Mr. Jones, and Tom Petty and Heart breakers, Last Dance with Mary Jane. He'd always-- he got where he was pretty good when he would do those 2 songs, and in all his classmates would go crazy. People would say how does it feel? I didn't even think about my daughter being out there. And I was standing in the rear in Columbia, maybe a year or so ago. And I'm standing and I said golly, Patrick's over here, and my daughter over there. So it's pretty unique. [MUSIC PLAYING] MEGAN DAVIS: As my brother started playing guitar, in high school and I was always singing and my dad of course, was just doing what he did. And so we always kind of did it around the house, and things like that. But then to bring it here, years later, in this setting was it was a whole different ballgame. And so much more, more fun because people got to see us, as a family, you know doing, doing what we really did growing up, but on the stage. [MUSIC PLAYING] MERCHANDISE LADY: I go to every show, and I'm the merch lady. I sell all the merch, but I also just love seeing my three people on stage, you know Rusty, and Patrick and Megan. And just warms my heart to see them up there, and I cried every show, because I just I get really emotional. You know our son Roger passed away nine years ago, and I can feel him in the room, and I know how proud he would be of him too. So it's a very emotional thing for me to sit and watch them on stage, it's wonderful. PATRICK DAVIS: I wouldn't have my family playing with me on stage, if they weren't incredible. And I don't, I don't mean that I'm incredible, it's just I want people around me, that are better than I am. And if they weren't, then I wouldn't put them on stage. But they are, it's been quite a blessing. And I honestly didn't even realize, until I've been doing it for awhile, just how big of a blessing it was, and how special it was. Not just for myself, or for my family, but how the audience perceives it. Because a lot of people you know, maybe their mother, or their father's no longer with them, or their siblings, or they just don't have that relationship, where they can do something that you know what we get to do on stage together. new management topics for research Missouri Synod.

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