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Political science research topics pdf order

Political science research topics pdf order do my capstone logistics essex vt creative writing lessons ks24194 ´╗┐okay this is a 1991 Westie with van cafe carrot wheels over the 15-inch got Coney shocks with one spacer on the left driver's side that I put in it's got a completely new just installed Westie in-house brand pop top tent with the Jack Bombay struts or lift assist there I put on the the artificial gutters as well it is a TDI ETD i its the ahu you can see that there is no raised deck lid it's all stocked back there the interior I've done a lot of mods to primarily I've gone on to the Samba and looked at lots of different ways to configure and looked at what looked to be the best approach for me and my family so that's a teeth TF 49 truck fridge with the pro pecs mounted underneath I've installed there's the pro pecs controller right there in the upper right I've installed some LED lights over the bench seat with the controller or switch right there the stock bulb holder has been converted to LED lights and I've installed an additional LED strip above the sink and also between the two front seats with a dimmer so there's the dimmer and there's the light on there the go Westie tent you can see I opted for the ditty bags I did not install them under the Rene the rail the let's see there's there's the front there it does have air conditioning but that is not working I have not recharged it yet this season it's been too cold in Oregon to even go there you can see it has a scan gauge and the instrument panel has been adapted professionally installed for for the TDI diesel it's got cruise control there on the stock and an egt gauge which is critical to monitoring while your because of the extra torque of the diesel that was all professionally installed a couple of cup holders there I have adapted the wiring you can see the wiring there in red I have tapped into and converted the interior lights to the auxilary battery which I in stood to install underneath here in this cabinet and that is using AG Andina combiner isolator it works really well that's a Trojan 110 ant power battery I believe here's the truck fridge I've gone three days actually with this on about a setting of four or five and not had any problem here's an extra DC socket for charging laptops and so forth here's underneath the bench seat there's another I adapted this cigarette or I'm sorry the ashtray for another socket there and another one right here it's also got an auxilary or an extra halogen light from NGO Westie right there the sorry about the movement of the video here you can see I've put in the three three strap shoulder or seatbelt harnesses from gowest II and what I started to think about earlier was I took the the door from the old fridge and put it here when I took out the stock fridge so the pro packs furnace is mounted underneath the refrigerator you can see it there I've had zero problems with this setup it's worked really well with the pro pecs pulling in fresh air from the outside and exhausting to the outside but I did install a LPS carbon monoxide alarm right there just in case because I could I have done everything to try to keep the storage underneath the bench seat as much as possible so you can see it's got the AC again newly installed go Wesley this is there it's not the acrylic tent but it is not canvas either and it's actually been great we've just done one trip with it and it's been fabulous you can see all the little bits so the tents in great shape totally new coming around to the front the power windows or um it does have I put in a power lock system totally aftermarket but I did use the stock contacts so the two front doors and the slider door I'll work on a remote I did all that wiring myself get a better close-up of the wheel set here from Van cafe coming around to the front definitely this could use a paint touch-up it's got the typical a little bit of peeling and cracking on the front you can see that so I'm going to factor that into the price and of course the stones and little Nick's and things I added the daytime driving lights which automatically come on when the with ignition and then go off so you don't have to worry about remembering to turn them on and turn them off so that'll be easier coming around the camper hookup side I've left the flue vent even though I'm not using the stock doesn't use the stock refrigerator but I did get a go Westie block off plate there so that's totally sealed and doesn't leak I've added the go Westie the better freshwater tank filler right here and then this is stock I haven't changed that any the shore power and then what I did for the city water hooked up is I've added these an anderson connection here and a regular 12-volt 15 amps cigarette lighter here these are not wired to the auxiliary battery I've only gone so far as to and that's ABS plastic behind there similar to ideas that I got off the the Samba underneath with the LP I did put in an extend this day system this is all stopped tanked but I installed the extended stay I don't know if that's going to come out or not so that's all been customized and I'll include the the hose for the extended stay again paint job is okay after two hundred something thousand miles but certainly could be argued for a paint job at some time here's the back it's got the go Westie third brake light I had done this LED light before the go Westie third brake light and I just left it there okay so here's the ahu II TDI this is a completely new motor it's got--let at this point in the I'm still breaking in it's got less than 100 miles on it so I'm breaking it in carefully for the instructions of the professional mechanic who installed it for me it's got the air to water turbo intercooler there on the left so what I'll do is this thing is running very smooth there's the AC compressor like I said the AC currently is not charged so you can get an idea this is a completely new motor that has gone into here so now I'm going to go up and we'll get it started I have the incidentally the go Westie to 2-piece carpet set but I also have the go Westie rubber mats that I put over the front carpets so let's give it a start here you can see the glow plug came on and there it is idling I will have to say there's the ski engage I will say that the tachometer doesn't always work but this is extremely reliable here and these two LED lights you notice that the glow plug float was shining much brighter when we first started those stay on like that it has something to do with the current going to them I think that if you were to actually make an improvement to the tachometer it would be to get the new gowest II - harness that can be adapted for this has been adapted some for the diesel but certainly right now it looks like the the tachometer is working but it's not necessarily calibrated very well so you can also see that the clock is not functioning but you've got satellite ready an auxilary ready stereo system so let's go back and listen to the motor now say I probably forgot a bunch of this stuff but basically this has been our dream car but my wife can no longer drive it due to her medical situation so we're we've bought a pickup and a pop-up trailer instead and the pickups an automatic so that she can drive some and spell me on trip so with a heavy heart that I'm selling my dream Westie here I should mention that the transmission was reared at the time that the first ahu diesel motor was put in professionally I was done by Darrell at double-a maybe was his last before parting and it was reared for the torque of the diesel and I had him put in a pellet Peloquin torque biasing differential and also I had him plumbed for a future transmission cooler I did not install the cooler but it has been plumbed and ready for that kit if if the next owner wants to put it on or put it in so lots of detail to this van let me take a look thank you internet of things examples order Yeshiva College, Washington Heights, Manhattan.

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