Phd Research Topics In Educational Administration
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Phd research topics in educational administration

Phd research topics in educational administration cfp capstone course summer 2017 nyu new company introduction presentation ´╗┐an important annual water heater maintenance tip up next on the handy guys podcast so Ryan when I bought a house I moved in I had this nice new water here it's not that new anymore but I found out a few years later when I had a leak at my TMP Val my treasure of temperature and pressure valve on the side and went out on the floor and I had some water on the floor I realized that there's some basic maintenance that you're supposed to do with these water heaters they don't tell you that there's no home owner's manual this is oh by the way well you did get a manual with your water heater or somebody did write the Builder may have tossed it in the dumpster but there's some maintenance specifically to testing this tank up here now what anyways let's talk about that tank and why it's important and why our grandparents and parents didn't have them right so we can talk about that and also talk about how easy it is to test and it doesn't take a lot of money now it does so here's the deal so you have an expansion tank on modern water heaters typically because when if you're on city water even if you have well water I think right well it's going to depend so when you have what what happens is water when it heats it builds up pressure exact and it expands and it needs someplace to go so in in the olden days this water used to either if you're on city water it used to go back into the city system right it would just push out - after your main valve right coming into your house and just push back then we're on a well system it would push back down into the well right but now they've put these what anti what do they call them the anti-siphon valve remember backflow preventor right so when the water expands here heats up it wants to push up out the cold water the input where it's coming in it can't go anywhere on the hot side because all your vowels in your house are everything's closed so it's trying to go back out to the street and you have this valve that's been put on over the last 10-15 years most municipalities have put it on there for various reasons and it can't expand and so they put these expansion valves excuse-me bladders on here these tanks I could have a bladder so that there's water on one side air on the other that has pressured pressurized air exactly so yeah you have a divider in there air and water so one thing that people will have a common misconception about is that temperature and pressure-relief valve can often get leaky it'll start dripping but the problem isn't really with that valve the problem is their tank has either failed or they don't have one at all right so in other words if you don't have an expansion tank or it has failed the water tries to push its way out it can't get out through this into your city system and so what happens is your temperature and pressure valve has a spring mechanism and it is designed so that this thing doesn't explode right and it pushes open the valve and water comes out hopefully you have a tube so it doesn't shoot out sideways or and it goes down on to the floor I actually have a little pink hander there because for a while I was getting some water that was coming out wasn't a lot but it was enough to be annoying and you know there's something not right so let's talk about how we can test this expansion tank very simply first thing you do is just get a tire pressure gauge yeah nothing fancy this is just what you use on a same kind of gauge on a tire you can get these at your local auto store or something like that for a few dollars right and just stick it on there and see what it reads so this particular expansion tank just has a cover that comes off and you have the same kind of valve that you have on a bike and you can get your reading now when you do that a little bit of air comes out yeah it's okay if you have water coming out your bladder in here has failed right and we're going to show you a shots from Brian's tank that had failed and when you put something up there to test a gauge you got water just squirting out or squirt now well I knew the definitely had a problem right so I had to replace the whole tank most of these bladders are not replaceable you got to get the whole new tank right it's and in this case there's a fortunately did put a compression fitting on here so that this you can shut off your water to move the tank and put a new one in if all goes well that's a--that's a threaded threaded yeah yeah so you can just screw it right or any one right in very easily some of them if you don't have one some of the kits you get with the new tank will come with what's called a saddle valve and you can do it easily retrofit that into your system now the question is in my case mine had failed but it wasn't because it was a bad bladder this has been failed for two or three years and you noticed I still had pressurized air in there what I did is just needed to add air so when I put my pressure gage up here I got nothing I got no air pressure so this whole thing was pushing the bladder with water and there was no air in here so what I had to do was pump this thing up essentially exactly and the question is and I use the compressor for my air tools too but you could use a bike pump whatever a simple pump and the question is how many pounds of pressure do you put in here how do you figure that out well what you do some of these will come pre charged so if you're putting a new tank on you read the instructions and it will tell you the one that I just replaced came pre charge 236 pounds okay not enough right because what I did is I took one of these valves you can get them at the hardware similar to the air valve but it has the bigger right there's a hose connection so you hook it up to your outside hose you stick it on there and you watch this will go up to what you're what it'll tell you your water pressure right so you get your water pressure reading so if this shows you say you're at 70 psi or something like that then you want your air pressure right imagine your CSE clothes correct okay so it's fairly simple you get your water pressure then you put that amount of air pressure in your tank and you can then monitor it every month or so make sure that air is staying in there want you to hear anyway well I mean if you're concerned about it not working exact then once you're you're you know pretty sure then yeah a once a year test is usually all you need it takes no time at all we're and it's again something they don't tell you when you buy a house right now what I what some people are saying is oh it doesn't matter and it's not yet doesn't matter if you have a backflow preventer but some people are saying in a closed system like we have here is you should actually open a hot water valve I want to sink or grate our yeah so that the water is running when you add air here because when you're adding air it doesn't have anywhere to displace that water it's in here so you're going to get an inaccurate reading for the amount of air that you're putting in there so when you if you're going to add air open up a faucet or open up a shower then add your air in so that things will even out and you get the correct pressure into okay so ulceration scenes from Brian's repair he actually replaced this entire tank we'll see his fail how it was failing and again you know this is each of these tools costs probably combined less than ten dollars that's all you need to test your unit you can do it I've seen some plumbers recommend a annual check it doesn't require a plumber to do it you test your air if you're not comfortable replacing this if you think it's failed then maybe you do need a plumber but otherwise that test doesn't take anything at all no it's easy-peasy all right there you have it thanks for watching another handy guys podcast Thanks capstone logistics greenville sc for money Queens College.

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