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Pasco capstone

Pasco capstone do my capstone prospectus examples general presentation tips ´╗┐hey guys mr. picker back with another video and today I have another map with you for you all and this one is an incredibly huge crazy map called the Universal City and when I look at it my device gets really really laggy just because there's so much to look at there's so much I'd have to do to keep up with the amount of buildings and everything going on here but as you can see it's absolutely ridiculous things are I'm in very detailed very there's there's just so much to do so much to explore and I can't even I can't cover even a tiny little bit of this map in one video so I'm gonna leave the majority of the exploring up to you all but I'm gonna try to cover some of these specific things that are in this map such as the fact there's I don't know there's like little shopping malls and stuff like that all around the place so I'm gonna do my best to try to get a decent tour of what's going on here and then I'll leave the download in description below as usual so let me just turn my my GUI back on and I should probably turn my render distance down just a little bit but anyway it's ridiculous there are so many buildings so much detail putting in this map and to be honest with you I can't tell for sure if it's poured it or not you guys may or may not know the creator's name is ski um I think I pronounced that right SK IO n I'm long lost from the spawn so to be honest I could never find it if there was details in there I apologize but I will be sure leave the map download regardless so anyway the creators map of ski on I think that's how you say it if not I'm sorry I don't know how to put a house to say it but it's incredible the map is crazy there's a crane here for Pete's sakes and I don't know apparently the map is only 33 percent completed so one-third percent not 1/3 percent one-third completed I don't know why it's in person but I guess that's what this uh this little blank area is and this is built all in Pocket Edition then that is absolutely incredible props to you for putting so much time because I cannot imagine cannot imagine the amount of work gone into this map we got even if it was on PC or MCPE either way it's ridiculous so let me just take a look this is what I guess I would call the main ish area nice little I don't know I guess it's not exactly a river but is just a crazy little area I don't know there's so many buildings in each of the buildings like he's actually taken the time to make a level you know obviously not a unique level if you know what I mean like not each level is gonna be different but there's actually levels within the buildings and if you guys happen to remember a long long time ago like when I just barely had my channel started like the I don't even know my first series I guess you could say I was trying to do a let's build this city seriously if you guys remember that comment below telling me that you do that's that'd be so amazing if I still have people watching that remember that series but it was a crazy series and I wasn't crazy it was crazy for me cuz I did basically nothing with it um so let's just pretend this is the city that I that uh my let's build a series city would have let's build a city series was turned into let's pretend just in case if you have no idea what I'm talking about don't worry about it but anyway I'm just gonna take one look at there was a building down here specifically I wanted to take a look at and show off some of the little shopping malls I guess I like the UH it's got like a helicopter pad on well not all of them but some of the buildings it was just ridiculous if everything is so ridiculously detailed it's absolutely crazy so well what is that thing I guess there's a little lazy river on the top of that one but I want to find the tower I would say it's like the Town Hall I don't know but I think this is it right here and I just want to go inside so not only are the exterior of the buildings detailed but the he's actually taking the time to go inside for things like this so let's just go a little bit explore I don't know how how like creative if you know what I mean like like it could just be the same on every single level if you get what I'm saying there so we'll just explore a little bit of this alright sorry about that guys had a little bit of an interruption but anyway continuing with what we were doing exploring this little bit here I'm not sure how high this goes and as you can see my screen is just completely lagging because with all the stuff to explore so it's a little bit of doubt about I'd say just turning your winner distance down a little bit if you would like to enjoy this map a little bit better without all the lag but it just goes to show how much how much stuff there is in this map so I don't know I don't know if this goes anywhere but just the detail I just wanted to kind of showcase the fact that even though the buildings look amazing and that would be plenty for anybody like me just viewing the map he's taking the time to design the interior as well just wanted to point that out so yeah there's so many different buildings I wanted to try to find one of the I think these are like this shopping mall ish areas maybe I saw one over here though I'm I think I don't know we'll take a look though I think it's right here maybe I don't know but I can just I get inventive envision this being like a little downtown area and they're being shops over here but I don't know that's definitely what the description said that's all I really know there's like shopping malls and there's even a subway system apparently I don't know where it is but I'm going to like I said leave a ton this map for you all because there's no way I can cover even the tiniest majority of it in a video so be sure to download give the creators from love and just ridiculous the amount of time that has to be I've been spent on creating this map so that's really all I've got pretty actually let me go over here there was a boat over there I kind of wanted to see that boat but it's way way over there so I'm not gonna worry about it but these these apparently is really really cool I think I see a lot of colors but I don't know what he did I guess these are like little uh okay so these look like little shops I guess might be strolling down here trying to get some food or something I don't know but that's what it looks like it looks like a little I don't know like a little shopping kind of area I can imagine him expanding this to these areas over here but I'm not quite sure like you said or like I said that he said look one third of this map is completed so just goes to show that this is only a third of the map and that's absolutely ridiculous so anyway be sure to check out the map once again map the map download in description below and that's been the video thank you guys for tuning in if you were looking forward to redstone turn into videos on this channel I know I tend to do those quite a bit and those are I guess really the main thing that I look forward to building and doing making and making videos on stuff like that I'm in Pocket Edition so if you like those be sure to let me know down the comments section below and give me some ideas sleeping any ideas you have for restaurant alternatives and I'll read up on those and possibly make a video on them just because I can't I don't have a ton of ideas flowing out of my head for redstone alternatives so you guys are always an awesome source of really cool ideas and inspiration so be sure to let me know and if you enjoyed this video leave a like as well and other than that thank you guys for tuning in once again and I'll see you all in the next one internet of things market for money SUNY University Centers.

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