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Paper and paperboard packaging technology free ebook order

Paper and paperboard packaging technology free ebook order capstone essay example for money costain west africa annual report 2018 ´╗┐things were very desperate in the late 80s the chances of you dying from HIV were very good and I guess the New York State Department of Health contacted the borough presidents and asked them what are they doing about this thing called HIV a CQC was formed in response to the need to understand and to help people who were affected infected frightened by the scare of AIDS so they rented a space in richmond hill above a hardware store but the neighbors didn't like the fact that a CQC was in the neighborhood and were I would say chased out of there because the community did not want him I don't know what there was fear of the illness or some kind of prejudice I don't know but things have a way of working out and ASA QC wound up on Queens Boulevard at the beginning because there was very little treatment and their little ways to stop the progression of the illness it would when people came to a CQC they came for help but help in the services because they couldn't work anymore help in what do I do how do I plan out my life how do I keep going and a CQC was here for people and sadly in the majority we were walking people to helping them towards the end of their life versus now where it's all about life and living and moving forward a CQC provides comprehensive services to people living with hiv/aids in the borough of Queens including case management education and prevention services mental health harm reduction legal services food pantry and also we have extensive housing services as well you know the case management services the backbone of the programs because they coordinate all of the services for the client sometimes there are people that the many different needs housing medical care but they don't know where to go or what to do so case management helps them to kind of navigate some resources and link them to the services that they need you know this clients that come in to us that are transitionally how's that coming in they're homeless they're being referred to or Jamaica why and in the middle of winter they're coming in with flip-flops on their feet they don't have a coat they don't have shoes so we try to as an organization make every need available to them we connect them so they're there transitionally which means they could be there three months they could be there six months but we're finding them permanent housing for them to move into from their stay at the jamaica why sometimes when people are newly diagnosed that they think that their life is going to be over or you know how did I get myself in this situation and we just opened them up and just lead them to the resources and help them and let them know that they can still live our education department is a prevention education department and we pretty much do HIV testing throughout Queens STI testing throughout Queens and Hep C testing throughout Queens we provide group work we do a lot around LGBT issues msms which is men who have sex with men and communities of color throughout queens were in the bars we're in the college's we're in the church churches throughout Queens if the youth program is a two-part program we have they are lessened LGBT piece of it and we have all inclusive which all young people are in by are welcome to be a part of it and we have group discussions or plan a trip to go away or do a retreat then or just been a neighborhood outreach but the big thing is to get everybody tested get them keep them done make them aware of condoms and condom use is to make sure they're playing safe and protect them and give them a safe space to be and come in and have discussion get tested what I believe it was like just necessary to learn safer sex to learn about yourself being just existing and how hard it is out there as a youth especially not having certain questions that you really really need to know the answer to you found it here yum sayin so this was a great place syringe exchange programs gives our lives syringes to participants and also safe disposal the user enters it doesn't increase crime medicine increase drug use and it's actually prevents people you know we provided it this is a gateway of drug treatment and you know and prevention and HIV and hepatitis e prevention it took us 10 years to get a syringe exchange and then when you start to evaluate how well the exchange did was doing in reducing the spread of HIV it was so I mean so remarkable even if you know to get into treatment even if it a relapse and they try it again we we always meet in over there you like no matter how many times I try to get into treatment we do it for them we're hoping every time you know they this time they can make it well then we never close their doors you know we never close our doors and say oh we did it for 20 times and you still not making it we do it the 22 the 23 to 24 we run a pantry here on tuesdays and wednesdays we had a line this morning it was almost like a thousand people outside waiting to get food and you should see the people that are on that line just giving them a pantry bag just brings joy to them to their faces I mean these little things like that that just just touch your heart because of our affiliation now with a hf we now have medical and pharmacy services on site as well with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation being here on site as really we work in conjunction with each other so clients have the opportunity to make choices as to where they'd like to get their medical care but we coordinate that service for them when people are adequately house are seeing a doctor and are taking medications and they're able to adhere to their treatment they're feeling a lot better and they're able to function in society a lot better I really think that this is the model of the future and we have it now the one everyone says they have a one-stop shopping model but we really do at ASIC you see you know when you come into a CQC from the front reception desk to any service you have within the organization we're all ready to help we all were different hats here I love the people he we have been like a family we've gone through a lot of personal things together e CQ c is it's a places and schools and it's uh it's a family it's a friends and asic you see is is everything that this population have when i went there to a CQC and for luck it was like a family asic you see as for me it's like I say a church I can come there and talk to about personal problems and anything that's going on they're here to help me if they can't believe me they'll try to find some places for you to go to you can get out and they went they went that extra mile just for me because at the time I had used up all my savings I was broke let me tell you stone broke and they were able to get me into housing where my rent was paid and I would be able to get food from their pantry here now I'm running in the pantry they make you feel like you belong to to society it makes you feel like you are the person that that is everything I just like to say thank you to execute see for all the years that I've been here all the years that I continue to be here and to each and every one that has helped me along the way and the love that has been given to me and the love that I have given back enterprise risk management training in kenya order Roberts Wesleyan College, Chili, near Rochester.

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