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Online cfp capstone course

Online cfp capstone course write for me griffith capstone course pila spanish slang essay ´╗┐well it's called idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis or IPF it's name is daunting to many and IPF remains a fairly rare condition and unfortunately the current prognosis for patients with this disease is those with IPF will not survive nearly 40-thousand succumb to this disease annually but there is some good news in all of this however and our next guest dr. bill Bradford a senior fellow at inter immune corporation is here to shed some light on what's being accomplished to advance research and understanding of this illness also joining us later on in the show and our up-close-and-personal a father and daughter here to share their personal story but first we want to begin with dr. Bradford welcome to the show thank you it's a pleasure to be here Danielle it is a pleasure to have you here let's start with this what is IPF IPF is a devastating and ultimately fatal pulmonary disease that's caused by excessive lung fibrosis in IPF the normally very elastic long fills with scar tissue becomes very stiff and it's very difficult to breathe so for the patient this translates into progressive shortness of breath in an increasing inability to perform normal activities of daily living things like walking etc those are things we take for granted just being able to do simple things like that absolutely you're absolutely correct and as a name idiopathic implies the cause of disease is unknown but despite that lack of understanding of the cause we do know that IPF is uniformly a progressive irreversible and ultimately fatal disease and today unfortunately there is no cure what are the characteristics doctor that make this illness so challenging to treat we cannot accurately predict whether a patient will progress slowly progress rapidly and when the rate of progression may change over the last decade we have made dramatic progress in this front with a better understanding of the disease and today there's a very vibrant community that's focused on promoting disease awareness in supporting drug development efforts to attempt to discover new therapies well IPF has been described as the deadliest disease we've never heard of what is being done here in the United it's and also globally to raise awareness in foster treatment there's a very much a growing and increasingly active patient advocacy movement in the u.s. we're fortunate to have a couple excellent patient groups that are driving these efforts to promote awareness and in Europe where there now is a therapy for IPF there's been a groundswell of awareness that's followed that in terms of treatment there's a single drug per phenytoin a novel anti fibrotic drug that's been approved for IPF it's currently available in multiple countries across Europe Asia North America and Latin America per tonne is not currently approved in the US we're actively collaborating with FDA today on providing additional data to support and approval here I think between proof in adone and a small handful of other drugs currently in development for IPF we are optimistic that over the next few years they'll hopefully be a therapy for patients in the US well that would be wonderful and you know here's the other thing you talk about baby boomers right hitting their 50s and those 60s is the incidence of reported cases of IPF increasing as the population ages yeah Danielle that's that's a great point so IPF typically occurs in individuals over the age of 50 so as we see the aging of the population the shifting demographics we can certainly expect to see very meaningful increases in both the incidents and the prevalence of IPF well I want you to stay right there because we are actually going to talk to a patient coming up next and up-close-and-personal will meet an IPF patient and his daughter as behind the mystery rare and genetic diseases continues right here on the balancing act welcome back everybody this morning we are talking with dr. bill Bradford senior fellow at biotechnology company interviewed and medical expert on idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis or IPF we are also pleased to have joining us i PF patient bob williams and his lovely daughter had their favor both here to share how they're dealing and managing bob's IPF is only a caring family can welcome to you both thank you thanks for being here for the second half of this discussion doctor and I want to begin with you with this question from a medical perspective how important is it that family is involved with getting an IPF patient through everything that they have to go through living with and managing this disease patients with IPF really can rely heavily on caregivers and loved ones to help them manage the various aspects of their illness Bob I want to bring you in here how are you feeling I'm feeling pretty good as dr. Bradford said earlier the rate of progression is different with every and every patient I'm at the point right now where I can still do most every everyday normal function and do it effectively how are you how are you diagnosed and what was what was that like that was very provoking and life-changing is that I went to my doctor after a brief bout of pneumonia and cured the pneumonia at least we thought I went back for a follow-up at that time he still heard crackling noises within my along and referred me to a pulmonologist subsequently after a series of tests including an open lung biopsy it was determined that I had IPF how old were you I was 62 at the time how long ago was that approximately two years and here you are so glad and I know that your daughter is so glad as well Heather how has your dad's illness impacted your family well ironically enough it's brought us closer together we really became a real strong unit but IPF is a horrible disease and it's unimaginable people just don't know about the disease I just want to help raise awareness and let people know that it's out there and my they're suffering you know it's funny when you all walked out here to sit down and I looked at Bob the first thing I thought was such a sweet spirit you can feel that right yeah emanating from him and in certainly I know this has to be difficult for everybody it's very difficult mm-hmm yeah but the fact that you guys are together and you're a unit and you're working your way through this I think is wonderful I want to get some final thoughts and I'm gonna end with you doctor but Bob I want to ask you when you you know you see your daughter sitting here and she gets emotional when she thinks about you know certainly what could happen down the road how important has the family support been for you and what would you like to say with regards to how your family first off I'd like to thank them my wife and my youngest daughter and my next youngest daughter I have three daughters and fortunately and they've been just there anytime I needed them as everyone knows there is no cure but in the meantime I'll just keep fighting fight and go on from there so I can't imagine what he's going through and I certainly don't want him to worry about us I worry about him every day every day doctor we've got just about 30 seconds remaining any closing comments that you would like to share get the diagnosis made earlier and accelerate the development of novel therapies for this disease well we hope that we've been able to shed more light on it here this morning and thank you all for being with us and sharing your story and thank you doctor for sharing this great information with us and if you'd like additional information on IPF visit coalition 4ps org also pulmonary fibrosis or for the latest on medical advances and therapeutic approaches visit interview comm that EUCOM or share with us any personal stories you have related to today's topic by visiting us on facebook at the balancing act it's the social thing to me you do my capstone logistics jonesville sc Purchase College.

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