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Onenote default paper for money install one wire arduino kanan gill movie review jaani dushman dailymotion ´╗┐we are we are so glad to be joined by on the phone by you uh Lake Travis in westlake obviously the big game in the Austin area do we really know how good this Lake Travis team is yet I don't think we do I don't you know middle it was kind of asset test early in the season but copperas cove isn't what copperas cove used to be and you know they haven't played Bowie yet so their first couple games and district haven't been the toughest a game so I think Charlie Brewers may be played in one fourth quarter this year so it's tough to exactly tell how how good this team is what we're going to find out on Friday because they'll be this less like 10 is definitely a test them the lake travis offense obviously starts with Charlie brewer but how important is what Abe willows does on the ground to this lake travis attack when the season started we were all asked to our preseason picks for our awesome Texas Player of the Year award Abe willows was my pick just because I thought it was really underrated back he opens up a lot you can't you know you can't do devote all your attention to stop in the the past feedback that I think he's averaging 11 / 11 yards per carry this year and kind of disappointed that he just hasn't got the carriage because um coach Carter doesn't like to run up two scores I think he only has like Kia's less than 60 pairs this year but he scored 11 times so he's really good and if they want to play up front maybe that preseason tix gonna look good for me but he's really important to them what they do he sure is on the other side Westlake a squad that has been tested a squad that has been you know has run through a bit of a tougher schedule and they've got their quarterback Sam Mellinger as far as what in talking with Todd Dodge how does how does he compare or how would you compare Sam Ehlinger to some of the other quarterbacks he's obviously groomed in the past I know he's on he's had Todd's obviously had a lot of good quarterbacks over the past few years and you know just uh Sam starting as a sophomore says a lot about what he thinks to them I think Brennan Wooten when push Dodgers at Rob marble the first ever sophomore to ever start for him so obviously doesn't start a lot of sophomore so really talented I don't know how you stack them up against you know the taste Daniels in the world but he's done really well and he's been everything they've asked him to be in you know he's just improvement he's going to be he's gonna be a month next year I think we're talking with Danny Davis of the austin american-statesman here on the day of camels Texas football radio hour we won't harp too much on lake travis west like although that is the biggest game in the state or at least in the area and certainly in the state another gimmick catches my eye here in thirteen six a round rock takes on pflugerville Hendrickson Hendrickson squad that's kind of really both these quads round rock and Hendrickson flying under the radar what do you make of this one it's all those games is on paper I mean they both have one lost both their losses were close losses than three-point losses stay ranked teams round our class in the first week the temple Judson got Hendricks said I thinkpad score was 12 to nine first weeks I mean they both been playing well since I was opening losses and those listening losses aren't anything worth shaking your head Haddad I think rounder has been playing great since on the last over the last month of season kinda reminding people why you know they want a district championship last year Henderson has had some interesting scores the only beat McNeil by 10 the starting point was an onside kick away from we having a chance to tie it against them so Hendrickson says has some questionable scores but they're still in the feed in district play and they can run the football and they have you know does 60 deal on kids on the roster so that is a talented Hendrickson team and it's going to be it's going to be fun to see how that shakes up i think Round Rock's gonna win this one cedar park their big win last week over Austin Vandegrift in my mind solidifies themselves as the top team in class 5a and almost certainly puts him in the definitely put them in the driver's seat to win 25 5a assuming you have cedar park at number one in the district is Vandergriff still your your undisputed number two I think so I mean the vanagon you know that n scored is not you know thirteen point loss may people make people think that they're in two different categories reinvented group had a lead and they had the ball Cedar Park territory with seven months ago and this phase fell apart and can't fumble in the football and or maybe trying to you know rip rally too much and make big plays instead of you know is pounding the football getting it down the field so you know these two teams played again this week I feel feel comfortable taking van der grift I think they're see the park deserves to be one in that district i think and i guess the clear number two and then this surridge the clear number three and we can argue about who's number four but I don't think Vanegas fans should be freaking out about that loss last week oh whatever they should be freaking out we're talking with Dani Davis of the austin american-statesman here on DCT a flood get involved with the conversation hashtag d CTF live Danny I want to ask you about Round Rock Cedar Ridge a young program that gave Round Rock really all they wanted last week kind of very very nearly knocked off round rock is this a team that is you know how dangerous for people who don't know about this round rock seeding rich team tell us a little bit about them like you said they're young team you've had success that they reached their this is our fourth varsity season and they're going to be going to class for the third year won a playoff game in the first year last year bowie got him in the first round and save had some success they had a lot of turnovers this year on their offense um had a new quarterback can't come in a kid who played a little bit last year was actually a starting safety for most of last season until some injuries forced into place in quarterback and you know they needed new piece on their offensive just work well and I'm the defense's plan alright I know they're pretty high on a defenseman season but you even really lost a round rock that lost it a lot because last year they lost by i think is 46 points and lost to Round Rock last year and the year before they had a really hot started and played Henderson got pounded so they needed to play well against one of those top teams and I did only lost by three and you know came down to a botched snap on a field goal attempt at the end so i think cedar ridge sent a message to some people that they're here they're here and i think they're probably going to draw was like in the first round it looks like so that could be a fun bi-district playoff game could be fun Danny one last question before we let you go best press box food in the Austin area well I think you have to go leander isd they seem that we I gave us torches at gupton last week hmm if you go to Bible they usually had some chicken stuff and I know and cedar or vandagriff associate Vista Ridge they had a steak house catering so leander isd does as well but yeah I live in this city inside I wish for us the audacity to you know uh feed us but at least you given us water now that that's a step up again he is Danny Davis of the austin american-statesman follow him on twitter at AAS danny and check out his fine work at be fair to Danny there's not actually any room in the house park press box for food there's barely enough room for extra bodies for people accurate to that is accurate Danny thanks for joining us but thanks for having me do my capstone treatment center cost Adirondack Community College.

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