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Onenote change page template order

Onenote change page template order do my senior capstone portland state university where i am from poem student examples of informative essays [Music] hey guys welcome to another video today I'm going to be using my decadent pie set by prima marketing again I've kind of been loving it since yesterday's video and I really wanted to use it again for this new project and I got this little eyedropper to help me activate the colors ahead of time and it's been surprisingly useful so today I'm doing something that I've been wanting to do for a really really long time and somehow I've never done it and that's painting a building which seems kind of simple but I have so many artists that inspire me with their building paintings you may even recognize the style that I'm doing this in from a couple people who actually have YouTube channels here and many smalls does incredible industrial style buildings and she just finished a building a day for inktober which was incredible and also Mateus I can't remember his last name he lives in Japan and has his incredible Tokyo storefront series which it's very possible that you guys have seen and if you haven't I will leave Lix links to both of their channels in the description and you should definitely check them out because they are my two biggest inspirations as far as the painting of buildings go they're just incredible amazing artists and they've inspired me a lot so the biggest reason that I didn't do this sort of test piece sooner because I've known it was like one of the main things I wanted to do this month and now we're down to the last couple days of the month and I'm just now doing it and one of the biggest reasons that it's just now happening now is that I have a lot of trouble deciding on what kind of building I want to draw or paint and I looked through tons of references and I was thinking about local buildings close to where I live and I just kept going back and forth about what kind of thing I wanted to do and I just nothing seemed right but then whenever I would see paintings of any building by any artist or when I would see someone choosing references and they chose buildings that I might not have thought of to choose but they did it and it looked incredible and it looked amazing it kind of made me realize that it doesn't matter exactly what I choose as long as I do it and I really do feel that way about buildings it's kind of the same way with drawing people like you don't have to find the most beautiful person to use as a reference like as long as you are creating something it's going to be unique and I could have picked an exact storefront that mateus has painted or I could have picked one of the exact references that many smalls used for her October series and it would have been different from what they did now of course I didn't want to do that I didn't want to just explicitly copy these other artists but I did want to do something that I would enjoy and that would just make me do it without getting bogged down by too many details and I'm pretty happy with this one it was definitely one of those pieces where I got towards the end of it and I could tell that I was feeling burned out I could tell that I was feeling tired and I was just thinking about this challenge as a whole and this month of making videos every day during the week and posting new videos and doing a painting every day and ultimately I'm definitely ready for this month to be over I have so many longer-term projects that I want to be working on but all of my work day has been going towards these videos so I haven't been able to dedicate time to some other things that I'm really excited to do and I hope you guys will be excited about those things too and the time comes but overall I'm I'm just starting to feel a bit burned out from doing this but a good thing that has definitely come from this which I was thinking about today was the fact that I now feel comfortable editing the video in one day let alone the fact that I've been recording and editing and publishing a video all in one day and in the future I'll be able to spread those things out over multiple days and still have days left to work on other things so I've definitely been able to become more efficient in producing content which is really exciting and I want to wait until the very last day of this challenge to talk about all of the things I've learned and the biggest you know biggest kind of milestones that I feel like I've crossed and I'm excited to share that with you guys cuz somehow this challenge is coming to a close we only have a couple days left today's the 28th so after did today there are only two days left so if you guys have any recommendations for something you might like to see me paint in the next couple days I only have one thing planned which means that for the very last day I have no idea what I'm gonna do yet so you guys have any recommendations for something that you would like to see me paint it can be anything at all I would really really love it if my last day of this month-long challenge was something that was recommended by you guys that would be really cool so I'm planning to kind of keep this week as a non-person painting week so if there's any non-person type subjects or that you might like to see let me know I'm really love hearing from you guys I just also I know I say this all the time but I want to say a quick thank you to everyone who has been leaving comments and suggestions and tips and all kinds of things on previous videos it's like so encouraging for me to get to hear from you guys and now that we're pretty far into this video I'll mention I don't know if you guys can tell but I got a new microphone today which is pretty exciting so I really don't know what to say for the rest of this video I guess I should talk about how I feel about this piece I wasn't really going for any specific color palette I just kept using random colors and sticking them together however I wanted to and I feel like it came together a lot better than what I may have done a few months ago just from my knowledge of watercolors and I've been trying to learn about colors in general and also the fact that this watercolor palette all of the colors kind of go together and they're all they kind of work pretty well together they're very earthy tones and even when I had them watered down a lot so they were lighter and they work together pretty well and I didn't do a ton of mixing of multiple things together I tried to use a lot of the colors straight as they were and allow them to just blend into each other I think that works out pretty well overall we're coming to the end of this piece pretty soon I do feel like I kind of got burned out with this one so I got towards the end of this piece and I knew that I could have given it more time and it was definitely the point in the day where if I was working on this piece for multiple days like if this was a weekly video sort of thing I would have been like okay I'm gonna stop painting for today and I'm gonna go work on something else but because I needed to get this done today I feel like I worked past my like optimal work time like I feel like I have a certain amount of time where I can effectively paint every day and anything past that just isn't gonna be as good of quality and I feel like that definitely happened today and I think it happened yesterday too but anyway it's gonna be good to get back to a point where I'm a bit more relaxed and a bit more working in a piece where I feel like I can give each piece the time that it deserves so I'm overall I'm just looking forward at the future and I'm excited about what the coming months will hold and I hope you guys are doing really well and thank you so much for watching this video it really does mean a lot to me I will see you tomorrow only two days left in our month-long challenge thanks so much for watching guys bye [Music] phd research topics in waste management Brooklyn College.

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